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Dream Interpretation Former Boyfriend on the other 😴 dreamed of what the former Boyfriend on the other dreams about

I saw a former lover with a new passion – in the near future, a worthy person will appear in your life who will help you forget old grievances and mistakes, and look with confidence into a bright future.

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

The former guy dreamed on the other, but there is no necessary interpretation of the dream in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out what the former Guy is dreaming of with the other in a dream, just write the dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

Former boyfriend with another girl, the girl has a child, in a cultural institution, like a cinema, he walked, hugged, laughed. I was like with colleagues in the movies. I recognized him in a dream, passed by. Then she turned up at work, went there, as if, on the Internet, looked at Her profile – she turned out to be a simple girl. Well, I went on to do my job. I had this dream from Friday to Saturday

Uvidela byvshego parny vo sne s drugoj krasivoj I molodenkoj, daze Kak budto na meny pohoza, on ee obnimal ocen krepko Kak meny a smotrel na meny, on meny uvidel a ya ego, v rukah u devushki byla kosh nelenka, chernay lubit pitomcev v dome, my possorilis 20 noyabra I do sih por on ne hochet vosstanovit otnoshenia, predlagaet osstatsy druzjyami

Former boyfriend who broke up a long time ago,
I dream that he is sitting opposite me and looking into my eyes crying. At the same time, I got up and left, and when I returned, there was another next to him. I walked away from them and began to get shoes out of the bag, and change them. The shoes are all clean, but there are a lot of them. When I changed the bricks, I threw some kind of bottle in the direction of the guy and his girlfriend. And she left

I dreamed of a former loved one, he was sitting on the couch, a girl came up to him and hugged him, he smiled, and I began to scream and cry how he could give me, then I calmed down abruptly and he said that this was a joke and there was nothing between them.

In my room, I did makeup in front of the mirror, and in my own room, my ex was on my bed, he was lying from the beginning one corresponded with someone, I went to see who he was texting and saw the contact where it was written &# 171; Indivisible&# 187; (girl) because of this he got mad, swore, even fought with pillows, I got out of resentment, but soon after some time I went on my bed with a girl, she was beautiful, they kissed, I decided to leave, but why did I want to leave my own house leave, but my ex’s parents complained a lot about the new bride that she is a bitch and capricious.But by the end of the dream I had not yet had time to leave the door.The dream was dark black and white

Hello! I saw in a dream an ex-boyfriend with a girl and a small child, he kissed me on the cheek, and said that I am this girl will become his wife, he was so handsome, he was already handsome. What does it mean? help me please&# 8230;

Good afternoon, the dream was on Friday morning, I dreamed that I was walking around the store and looking at shoes but did not choose anything, then I walk along the garages along the road and I see a former guy with a new girl riding a bicycle, he has a strange hairstyle, he is bald and like a forelock at the Cossacks earlier, they stop and he puts her shoes on her in her own white shoes, we recognize each other, say hello and I walk by, quickly leave, because I feel great pain and chagrin because I saw him on the other

I dreamed that I met my ex, at the moment it will soon be like 3 months do not communicate at all. At first we quarreled and then he asked if I was bored, I said that I love until now, he said that we also made up and kissed and he said that he would not let me down anywhere else

My ex-boyfriend offered to meet, I agreed. Walking with him, I noticed his beautiful new sneakers, I don’t know why. We walked in the direction of some house, he said that with a new girl because of pity, that he misses me, and I began to tell how I was without him. Approaching the house, I saw a flower fence, and then in the window my ex-girlfriend, who was very close, and now lets gossip and hates me. The guy got a call from the current one, he dropped it, later we left the house of an ex-girlfriend so that she wouldn’t call his girlfriend. Leaving, I saw a wedding dress

I dreamed about the supposedly current girlfriend of a guy with whom we broke up badly, she told me in a dream that they had been dating for a long time and I was upset

Dreamed of a former lover with another girl. He was fascinated by her. I was just there and he left with her. I had a dream from Sunday to Monday..

I dreamed that I was on a holiday. It takes place on the street of the city. Suddenly I notice among the crowd my ex-boyfriend with my childhood friend, with whom I no longer communicate. What is strange, I didn’t think about him or her. They are very happy together, but they do not notice me. I just watched this and I was offended that he was with my girlfriend.

I don’t remember at all how and when we met, I was constantly haunted by a feeling of hope to return the relationship, with which in the present I had already come to terms. This is probably strange, but he liked another girl, and I was already his friend. That is, both in reality and in a dream, we are friends. (We parted on June 7-8, met exactly one year). We made some kind of wax figure for this girl, I don’t remember how she looked, that girl had some kind of holiday, we were in a hurry, ran to her at 2 am, it was dawn. They’re kind of together, and my ex decided to take goodbye photos. (I don’t remember how, but we had a fairly large group of friends). Took photos, let the balloons go to the sky. I then thought that &# 171; I will be able to communicate with him further, it is only to them that he makes such a goodbye&# 187;. Then he went to that girl and hugged. He treated me normally, but as a friend. And the feeling that something else could be returned did not leave during the whole sleep. But in fact, I understand that there is absolutely no point in returning the relationship. thanks

Hello Tatiana!I dreamed that my friend and I went to him and saw his new passion with him in his house.And as if at the same time his neighbors had a holiday to which my friend and I went, but he and his new Girlfriend did not go .When we went to his house again I asked her why she didn’t come and she told me something like she needs to wash the floors.A very strange dream.Please help me figure it out.My e-mail [email&# 160; protected]

Dreamed of an ex-boyfriend and his girlfriend. In this dream, he told my mother that he broke up with his beloved for a long time and wants to return me because he loves very much. And a month ago we communicated well with him, but stopped because of his bad attitude towards me, now he is trying in every possible way to keep in touch with me, therefore, he even dreams of.

I wrote to my ex-boyfriend on VK . Go to the cinema? &# 171 ;, he answered me . I will go&# 187;. The next day we met with him and with my friend-friend, who in reality also liked this guy. He ignored me. We were sitting at the table: me, my mother, an acquaintance-friend, he. I handed him a note with the same question, he looked. As a result, I did not see what he wrote there or not. Smiles, laughs, gives to a friend.But I take.

The first dream was like this, my ex-boyfriend and I are fine, we love each other and lie at home on the bed hugging, and then the dream switched to another, where my ex-boyfriend meets my girlfriend

I saw a former boyfriend, with a new lady, I don’t know what I was doing at their house, but I was lying with them on the same big bed, and I was so offended that he was with her, then I saw my current one and tried not to cry in front of him in my sleep

I saw my ex-boyfriend chatting with another girl, but at the moment my ex-boyfriend and I are texting, after he put me on the black list, and communicated with the girl

I watched from the side how the ex was with his new girlfriend, for several days, they did not see me, I kind of spied.

Dreamed of a former boyfriend, he was walking with a bouquet of red roses and with another girl who also had a bouquet of red roses

My ex-boyfriend proposed to meet my ex-best friend in front of my eyes and then started dating my ex-best friend

A guy left me without explaining anything and today he dreamed of me, he was walking with some girl on the bus, maybe this girl was his ex

I dreamed about how we went into the store with my ex, and there was some kind of girl, he decided to go to her house for a drink, and he sent me home, and a fight began between me and that girl

I had a dream where my ex was with a new girlfriend, when I saw it, the first thing I felt was anger and jealousy, but when he came up to me in confusion I wanted to explain the situation, I said we all decided not to worry, you are free and you can do whatever you want, and I felt relief.

I dreamed of an ex-boyfriend with a strange haircut under a pot, with his current girlfriend and a baby girl, he smiled and said that he loves his beloved because she loves him, and was happy with the child as a daughter, said that she was beautiful like his beloved.I dreamed about his apartment and his family.

Dreamed of ex-husband with new wife . He hugs her around the waist in a dream . Smile and look at me .

I want to start with how the relationship began and why it ended with my ex-boyfriend. My ex from the beginning of the relationship was not familiar, after we met, we started dating. Having met for a month, I entrusted him with a decent amount of money, after which we parted and the money was never returned to me. In a dream, I dreamed of how I saw my ex, meeting another girl in order to cheat just not for money. In a dream, I feel hurt. And I decide to turn my ex to the police, but nothing comes of it

An ex-boyfriend dreamed with a girl he likes in a dream.
She is my friend.
There are still feelings for the guy.

I dreamed that my ex-boyfriend began to work with a familiar stripper in boxing. And then in front of you they slept.

I dreamed that I was at my ex-boyfriend’s house and there were a lot of people there and my relatives were there too, we were all waiting for him and his grandmother. By the way, I’m afraid of his woman in reality and never saw her in reality, but we talked to her on the phone, she is hysterical. Psychopath. In a dream, he came home with her, my sisters were near me and there were a lot of people. She screamed something. But I don’t remember what exactly

I went into the apartment, sprinkled myself with perfume and from this they woke up, my ex-boyfriend and my friend.She immediately began to throw a blanket over herself, and he apologized. By the way, I have never been attached to the carrier and I rarely remember him

In a dream I slept with an ex-boyfriend in an embrace and his girlfriend comes to pounce on me. Scratches my face screams at me and swears at me and he leaves with her

I had a dream in the morning on Saturday.
Dreamed of a former boyfriend, with his new girlfriend. In reality, they are now together too.
For some reason we sat at my house, me, my ex-boyfriend, and his girlfriend.
When I found out that he loved her, I burst into tears, and could not calm down. I even woke up in tears, but then I fell asleep.
And I ask him you loved me?
He replies, I lied to myself, I became even more uncomfortable, then his girlfriend reassured.
I was shocked.
She and I are very big enemies.
Well, he says all the same we will communicate.
And all I woke up

I dreamed that we were in some kind of house there was a former boyfriend, some kind of girl by communication, I realized that together he stroked her cheek with his hand, then she left

I dreamed that I saw an ex-boyfriend with some girl, they were walking from somewhere with bags and it was not cold outside, only spring, warm, only autumn, well, he was in a leather jacket and she was in jeans and a T-shirt, I went up and started asking something, he began to say that this is just an acquaintance, and she looks at him and says yes, I am a friend, and who dragged me into bed, I stand with such a Tass in my soul, he looked at me with sad and sad eyes, shrugged his shoulders and the whole dream ended .

I was on the bus and saw my ex-boyfriend with our mutual friend. He was lying on the seat, and her hand was on his side. On the exposed part of the body. Seeing this picture, I asked "what does this mean, because you told me that she was just a friend and so that I would not worry". He didn’t answer, just looked at me indignantly. And the girl said, "Well, I haven’t seen him for so long.". At the same time, I almost cried. In the dream, we went to the airport. Then the picture changed. The girl walked along the Border, and the ex held her hand. When he saw me, he immediately let go of her hand.

I dreamed that I was in a grocery store and met an ex-boyfriend there with his new girlfriend, and the ex-boyfriend, noticing me, did not look away.

Hello, I won’t say that every day, but quite often I have a dream with my ex-boyfriend, I dream that we are walking with him and it happens as if a reminder, then he tells me that I already have a girlfriend, then I see them together in a dream , the feeling as if my subconscious mind remembers that he has another girlfriend even in a dream.
Today I dreamed of how they were driving together in a car, I clearly see her face (although I never saw her live, only from a photo), and I also want to go to the place where they would see me and pay attention, I could not go to them because something happened to my car, I don’t remember exactly what, but definitely not a breakdown, and then I dream that we are walking with him in an embrace and kissing.
This is today’s dream, and there are many such dreams, I also dreamed that I was at his house, everyone was glad to see me, and when he arrived home, he didn’t even get out of the car until I left. Different dreams happen to him

My ex-boyfriend was sucked on the neck by my friend, and he&# 8230; The dream was realistic, I seemed to be offended at it and tried to make sure if it was for sure, then I kind of resigned myself.

My ex-boyfriend talked nicely with the girl, they laughed, and at the same time, as if I was not there, but I walk around and see everything, there are many people I know around, relatives and other unfamiliar people all gathered as if they were going to celebrate something, the situation calm but these two..

Dream: I was flipping through the Instagram feed, when I suddenly saw the story of my ex, I decided to look. He was wearing headphones, a blue T-shirt, but what he said, I don’t remember. And there were also buildings that I had previously seen in his old photograph. Then I saw new photos of him, they were the same as the story itself, and then there was a video, I decided to watch it. There was him and some other girl, she is a brunette in a school uniform, but as I understood to study at the university. In the video, they were holding hands, he pressed her to the wall and tried to grab her hand, but at first she did not want to, and when she noticed me quickly took his hand and kissed him on the lips, and then left with a laugh. And the strange thing is that she noticed me when I WATCHED VIDEO and did not participate in its creation&# 8230; then I sent this video to my ex, wrote something like: &# 171; The video is cool, but why did you forget me so quickly?&# 187 ;, When I wrote this, I had a feeling of joy but cried very much. But he just read my message and when he wanted to write something, the dream was interrupted. About such a dream.

In a dream I saw an ex-boyfriend and his girlfriend. It was their wedding, I was a bridesmaid, I was in shock. But the girl had no dress and the guy was a little sad too. And suddenly the girl’s mother told me that they would give me money if I left. And she looked at the crying guy and left

My ex had sex with a friend of mine and as if I can see it through my phone on social networks
All this happens in training, after what I saw, I wait for support from young children

I dreamed that my ex-boyfriend dedicated a love post on social networks to his ex-girlfriend and already a real one (he left me and returned to his ex).
I heard him reading this post in his own voice, and even with such love, as if he was happy as never before.
I experienced feelings such as sadness and jealousy.

I was going to a party, there was a room in one of them lay some man, in the second my ex-boyfriend and his friend, and at 3 I.And when I started to get ready, my ex-boyfriend came out and we hugged so nicely.He called me somehow affectionate.And I was looking for some thing and then his girlfriend comes in, and I start to tell you what I lost, I can’t find, she then started throwing everything, I freaked out and started to fight with her.Then I calmed down and went shopping.And when I left the room, my ex-boyfriend was kissing his girlfriend.

I dreamed of an ex-boyfriend with his girlfriend, they have been together for a long time. But in a dream, this girl smoked a cigarette in front of her boyfriend, and he is very negative about it.

The ex-boyfriend was lying on the bed with the new girl and they were smiling .He was wearing a white sweatshirt and a white jacket .They filmed all these on the phone and seemed to be smiling with me .

I dreamed of a former boyfriend who came to me in a dream and wanted us to go to my friend’s house together, but when I went to take a jacket, he disappeared.

I dreamed of an ex-boyfriend with another girl and this was his new passion was Tolstoy and he kissed her, and I was very jealous in the distance I stood and could not come up &# 128557;

I can’t forget my ex who I broke up with half a year ago. Today I dreamed that he was now meeting with my classmate, and it hurts me a lot. His parents and he himself are happy about this relationship and only I am unhappy in this dream.

I, my mother got into the car to my ex-boyfriend, we went to the house, most likely his, there was a new girlfriend of my ex-boyfriend, I saw them lying together on the floor, then I said that I wanted to leave here to my mother, my boyfriend started getting ready, I went out into the yard, stood for a while, my ex-boyfriend came out, brought a branch with a flowering tree to his face (in the spring) and kissed me, then his new girlfriend came out, I don’t remember further

good day.
I dreamed from passionate Friday to Saturday, my former beloved man with the girl with whom he is now, in this dream I was with them and communicated calmly, but then the girl left with another guy, when she left with another guy she had an open back, and I stayed and watched the girl leave with another man.

You are not an ex-boyfriend with another girl
They were talking and I didn’t want to be seen and stood looking at them

I was in the building where his office was located earlier. Apparently, I worked there. For some reason he came. In life, he is not one of those who returns something for which he himself and refused. He tried to talk to me about something. And then there is such a sharp passage where his phone number and there are messages from a girl I know. She says how she loves and wants to meet. And he responds also warmly. I never found out what he wanted to talk about. I begin to cry very hard, that even through a dream I then caught my cry in reality. I cry and as if I ask to return, and he follows me and says that he will not return .

Ex-boyfriend with another girl, he kisses with her. I ran after him, looked for the ego’s phone number to call, but when I found the number not already with another one, it’s not clear whether it’s a friend or another girl

I literally broke up with a guy the other day, and he immediately dreamed of me with another girl at my house
He talked to her, and played as he did it all with me
And the main thing is that they did not notice me, but I saw and heard them, I just followed them and watched them having fun at my house

Dreamed of an ex-boyfriend with his wife. At the train station. I saw them from the back. They split from me. Then he dreamed of his three-year-old son. And he told me that his dad called him and scolded him

at a party, the former kissed our mutual friend, all his friends were intently at me and at that moment I had a fake smile, although it was insulting and unpleasant.
at the end, his best friend told him and her that they should already tell everyone about their relationship, at that moment they kissed again, but even then, I was sincerely glad. after that, he stood somewhere in the corner, away from her, and we crossed eyes. such a strange feeling that he regrets or, on the contrary, is glad that I saw it
Well, after that I just left there

Hello, I took a store with groceries, my husband and I met my daughter’s ex-boyfriend, he was with some bright girl. The girl hugged him and he just stood there. Then they took a drink and they didn’t have enough cash at the checkout. He decided to ask my husband for money. He gave him money and he said that he would return it later. Then we opened the doors and left the store and I woke up.

I dreamed of a girl’s ex boyfriend. He was with some bright girl, and she hugged him, but he was not. He just stood. Then they took a drink and they did not have enough money, he turned to my husband and my husband gave him money. And he said that I will return later. Then we left the store and I woke up.

In a dream, I texted with an ex-boyfriend. And he suddenly happily informs me that he has a new girlfriend, and like he is now going to meet her. And suddenly they both called me on a video call. But in a dream I had a state like that indifferent.

My ex-boyfriend was walking out of a party with one girl hugging his waist. And I know this girl only we don’t communicate in life. After which he accompanied her, and we suddenly began to quarrel. And I sent him fuck. A girl who he saw off came, allegedly she began to threaten me, give advice such as for my ex, she gives. And with that I woke up 🙂

I saw in my ex’s dream that he had another, we talked to him in a dream, he said tomorrow he would go for a walk with her, then in a dream I see another girl’s phone ringing he calls I answer the call and he says I never called and I call why you don’t pick up a I answer, but you never called me and cry and he says I know you want to kill her and I tell him you love her stopped loving me he did not answer. Then I began to cry a lot and one woman in a dream tells me to tell everything to Ruslan and I say no, not knowing what Ruslan is

It was cloudy, my ex was sitting somewhere with another girl in his arms. Although he has a girlfriend

I came to my ex-husband, and there is already a young girl washes the floor, and he is so happy, happy and says that this is his wife
And the whole thing started to beat me very much, and there is such pain in my soul

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