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Dream Interpretation Funeral service 😴 dreamed of what dreaming funeral service in a dream to see


Seeing a funeral service in a dream is a bad sign, your hopes will not come true.

I dreamed of a funeral service in a church – this is a kind of hint that you have moved away from God, you should visit the temple.

Interpretations of similar dreams:

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

I dreamed of a funeral service, but the necessary interpretation of sleep is not in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out what the dream is about. The funeral service in a dream, just write the dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

Hello! I dreamed that my 2 older sisters died (which actually do not exist, I am alone in the family) and moreover, they are the children of my grandmother (who in reality recently died), I need to tell my grandmother about this and I am worried that she will be upset.we went down from some tree or mountain for a long time and on the way I told her, then I see how we are all standing in the church – not crying, but standing with candles, and it’s like a funeral service, we don’t see the dead, we just stand with candles and pray.
please explain the dream

LILYA, most likely your dream is connected with the recent death of your grandmother, thus, through the dream, your subconscious mind is trying to comprehend what happened.

Hello! I dreamed that my father told me that I needed to sing a service to the deceased with him, I say that I do not know how and that I only know our Father, and we chant this prayer together with the priest (there was no one else around)&# 8230;

Hello.I dreamed about the church.there are several coffins.there are people I don’t know are dead.on the right side a woman in a coffin.but alive.funeral service.many people.I stood and crossed myself and went out.

Hello! I dreamed that I was sitting and having dinner in the company of some pleasant people, on some kind of large ship, or it was a two-story building. An unfamiliar woman came up to me and accusingly told me why you sit here and have fun when your child is buried on the second floor&# 8230;&# 8230;&# 8230; I was terribly upset or mad, but for some reason I attacked her with fists and tried to beat her very hard. Here is a very big question about the funeral service, because I actually have a small child! thanks!

I dreamed that I was a church, there is a funeral service, I don’t know the deceased, I don’t look at him and I only pass by I noticed that the father was a temple. Went out of the church and saw her cousins. The deceased was carried out and he moaned. What does it mean. Tuesday to Wednesday.

Hello. Today, January 20, 2014 (Monday) I had a terrible dream. There are two coffins in the house, one on top of the other. In the upper one is my son (in reality he is alive), in the lower one is a long-dead man. Father comes, only his son begins to perform the funeral service. He says about the other that it is too early for the funeral service. Later, this person in the coffin suddenly begins to show signs of life. In the same dream, I covered my head with a black scarf.

Hello!I dreamed that I was in a church or a temple, but the walls were empty&# 8230; no icons.I began to ask the Lord God to help me marry Andrey (my friend).At that moment, a minister of the church came up to me and said that this is the place where they put for the rest.And now I need a funeral service.What is it. If you answer I will be very grateful to you!

I dreamed that I adopted a boy 3 years old. Then his own grandmother came and said that his biological mother had died. She said she was inviting me to a funeral service in churches. I went, but I did not see the deceased. But there was a priest in a very dirty cassock. I bowed to him, but I didn’t like him. Then I woke up in a cold sweat. My address [email&# 160; protected]

I dreamed that I was going somewhere and saw a temple, I decided to go into it, although I didn’t need to go there, but there was a thought in my head &# 171; Since I’m walking next to the temple, I need to go&# 187; it is noteworthy that I am dressed in jeans and some kind of jacket, although I go to church in a skirt and during sleep I see myself, sometimes from the side, then I see everything with my own eyes. Climbing the steps I go into the temple out of the corner of my eye I see the situation (icons in gilding, wooden walls and the floor, everything is so massive, heavy of wood, at the same time the feeling that this church was recently built or renovated), I see the people, my father, and I see, that they put two stools and I understand that now they will bring the deceased and there will be a funeral service, I don’t know where to go, I’m scared (I don’t like everything related to the deceased in my life) and I go behind the back of one of the grandmothers who came to the funeral service. I don’t see the process of the funeral service itself or I don’t remember, I only remember that when it was all over, I hurriedly try to leave the church, for some reason through another locked door, I unlock it, out of the corner of my eye I see that the deceased got up and went, for some reason through the same door as me, but still people came out with me. I go out of the church to the street, it is light there, I calm down and on this my sleep is interrupted. (the deceased is not familiar to me, this is a man, but I know that there was someone else with me in this church, but who exactly I did not see)

I dreamed that some building was big, and as if my mother and I went there on business to a lawyer we know, and when the door to his office opened, there was some kind of body that I saw only half.The body was dressed in a very rich suit.And behind the other door there, like a bootd, it would be either a church or a burial hall.I very distinctly heard the singers singing, I was almost drowned out even in my sleep.And they sang not like in Russian churches, but in European &# 171; Aliluya, Aliluya, Aliluya&# 8230;&# 187; It was very creepy in a dream.Then we found ourselves on the street, I saw how a big black, lacquered coffin was put into a rich black car, as in American films, when they are buried, and drove away.The female singers accompanied this procedure with their singing, very loud &# 171; Aliluya&# 8230;&# 187;

good day!
I dreamed that my mother died, I had to cremate her. Then she begged the priest for a very long time to do the funeral.

I dreamed of a funeral service at my dad’s church . He died almost a year ago. There were so many people there . There were a lot of candles and it was necessary to climb to the very top of the stairs to the coffin. When I looked at the deceased, he was hay &# 8212; black. I kissed some kind of silver tray and the edge of the coffin three times and cried a lot.

I was in Red Square, behind the mausoleum there was a monument to 3 heroes, all the time I tried to take a picture against the backdrop of all this. And behind this all was the sea, a beautiful calm blue sea, I went into it up to the boat and walked along the coast, almost at every step I found gold jewelry, gave a ring to a friend, and left a bracelet for myself. When I was walking around the square, I came across a building with long corridors in which dead people lay on a flat surface, many of them, in clean clothes, light pink, white and blue, nuns walked with candles, I got scared and ran out into the street, after that someone said that they were buried.

Dreamed. that the funeral service for a stranger without legs.
The man in the coffin was alive and could not speak

I don’t remember the dream literally, I remember there are two coffins, in which my mother-in-law puts me, gives me a candle and asks if I remember what prayer to read in the next world (but I was ALIVE).then they start to sing for me, but in the second coffin I don’t know who was.then I flew around the apartment like in a centrifuge and ended up in what seemed to me heaven.there was green grass and&# 8230; a lot of swings (ordinary children’s) and here I am sitting next to them, supposedly asked God to save my children (I have two of them in real life

I dreamed that I was going with a priest and my boyfriend to 2 graves and they began to read prayers, I was crying, I looked at the graves and on them the images of the mother of God were cracked and dirty, everything was very shaky. The graves in the clearing, where I run away from the snake, she began to crawl over me, but I caught her. My boyfriend in a dream launched these snakes and frogs, then he released many red little snakes and I ran away from them, the grass was tall and green, I swore at him in my sleep. WHAT HE IS DOING ABOUT.

I do not remember dreams well, but I remember that they were burying the funeral service for the deceased, whom I also do not know. then I dreamed about a horse, someone rode on it with obstacles, but still darted away&# 8230;

In a small room, there were my friends, who were sitting on the couch, who went to smoke on the balcony, constant fuss. I cover my grandfather, who passed away 2 years ago, with a blanket right over his head, and then the funeral service begins

I dreamed of a girl who died and she was buried in a church! She’s like the daughter of my mother’s friend! She is about 3-4 years old. I stood near the church while the funeral was performed. I cried very hard, but the mother of the deceased did not shed tears! And then my ex-boyfriend came up to me and kissed me! What is it for?

I dreamed that I was going home with my husband (they put me in the hospital and I left, and my deceased mother put me in the hospital) I go barefoot, I see the funeral service, the priest died and in everything black lies in the coffin, I know this priest, but at the Nengo the whole face was cut off and the forehead was sewn up with leather, we looked and went on

Hello! Please help me explain my
very strange dream! I dreamed of many corpses (massive
some kind of mortality), they were buried in Muslim, the guy on
on my knees before everyone recited prayers, speaking to the ear
every deceased, and held a rosary in his hands! Of the dead
funeral service for three people, then they threw off somewhere (for
three people lay on the ground). All the dead were
young, from 20 to 25 years old. At some point
being in a dream I understood that I was dreaming, but for some reason
moved away in a dream so that the nail of the deceased would not touch
me, although in a dream I stood and watched from above and nowhere
lay. Help please, I want to understand what it is
means! Thank you in advance!

Good afternoon, Tatiana! I dreamed that some priest was putting or wanted to put it on my back, I don’t remember exactly, or on some stove my name was written in English letters. And I understand that I should already give consent to leave this life, but I ask him not to do this, in view of the fact that I have two children&# 8230; , what I don’t remember further, but it became somehow scary.

double-leaf brown high doors I open them and enter the church in front of me one more same closed doors turn around and close behind me the first inside the church looks more like a hall with rows of chairs in which people sit on &# 171; scene&# 187; funeral service for mom who actually died 8 years ago I pass along the aisle on the left near the wall to &# 171; scene&# 187; some woman in front of me on &# 171; scene&# 187; says something, but maybe my mother is not praying to me for some reason, not in the coffin, her left leg is bandaged and bleeding a little, and suddenly I see that my mother is still alive, she says something quietly and her lips move and her legs tucked slightly &# 8212; all i woke up in the middle of the night

Me and other people, strangers, were in the church. I looked under the dome and heard the singers read a prayer for the deceased. Then I turned my head to the side where people were standing and saw the edge of the coffin. Glimpse. The coffin was closed. Lacquered, light brown. Then everything was quiet. The next night I had another dream. Someone else’s lost teeth without blood.

i dreamed that my former friend was being buried, it was not in a church, but in some kind of gray room. there was his mother and twenty more people. before leaving, they gave me a kiss from the Bible, but it turned out to be a book similar to a woman’s novel. I said goodbye to his mother and left the premises. there I ended up on the banks of the winter river and saw my brother &# 171; deceased friend&# 187;. he was sitting on a tree above the water. he jumped into the water and was pulled under the ice. I tried to find him, but through the ice you can hardly see anything. a minute later I saw him, broke the ice with my hands and pulled out alive. woke up

I DREAMED A CHURCH, BUT I DON’T ENTER INTO IT, STANDING AT THE ENTRANCE AND THE PRIEST SOMENTALLY ANNOUNCES&# 187; TANYUSHA MONEY DIED&# 187; THEN THE BEGINNING BEGINS.I DO NOT LOG IN.A river flowed on the side.It was very beautiful outside.This girl is my friend’s daughter-in-law.She is pregnant.

good day! I had a very strange dream if I saw in a dream how a 4-year-old girl was being buried in a church.and she seems to be my daughter (but she doesn’t look like my child at all) saw a lot of church candles, but at the same time it was somehow gloomy, she saw the priest, and when I entered the door I saw the coffin with the girl, but when I came closer I saw how she lights candles for herself, roofing felts for health, roofing felts for peace&# 8230; creepy scary.I want to hug her, I tell her, give my mom some hands, I will warm you up, and they are cold as ice.she cried a lot, and the girl smiled, did not talk to me, but in her eyes there was a feeling that she did not understand what was happening, like a game, she smiles at me, gives me a candle to light&# 8230; generally scary, creepy, grandmother had an anniversary of death yesterday, maybe it has something to do with it.I am very afraid for my child in reality.

I dreamed that I was lying, wrapped in a cloth (like a shroud), on which clods of earth were already flying, and at that moment they kind of sung me. It was a state of half-sleep, I was afraid to open my eyes, because I was afraid that this was actually happening.

I saw my deceased father in a dream. He lay on a high couch, without a coffin. In the apartment. We were worried that he needed a funeral service, t. To. It was the second day and there was a specific cadaveric smell. I thought how I need to say goodbye to him.

in fact, my ex-husband is very sick, the disease is considered incurable. And today I dreamed that he died and I personally read the akathist and the gospel of the already marked pages by someone and cry. And the coffin with him is at home, somewhere the music was playing, I went and turned it off. And read on.

I saw in a dream the funeral service of my deceased husband, which took place for three days in a row.As if in church I receive a large sum of money in the form of a bonus.My deceased mother takes her breastfeeding daughter from my arms.I looked miserable, but my mother-in-law at the same time looked self-sufficient, surrounded by two stranger teenage boys, whom she recognized as her grandchildren. And at the same time I say, I’m like a phoenix that will rise again from the ashes .

Hello! I dreamed that I was in church, I came to someone’s funeral, whose funeral I don’t remember&# 8230; left the funeral, I go to church, I see a lot of coffins, among them, I understand that 3 or 4 of those to whose funeral I came. I turn my head away and leave the church

this is not a dream as soon as I close my eyes I immediately begin to sing a prayer which the dead are buried in and the body is cold I even feel it I really want to sleep but I’m afraid as soon as I close my eyes a prayer sounds in my head what is it?

Hello. I dreamed that my grandfather and grandmother were being buried in the church, my grandfather died long ago, and my grandmother 2 years ago, during the funeral service, my grandmother began to cough and the priest told us to pick her up. Why such a dream can be dreamed? [email&# 160; protected]

dreamed of a cemetery several coffins and a pop who sings . a lot of people and my friends and I pass by. those who are not familiar to me in coffins

Hello.Today autumn had a strange dream that terrified me.It’s like I’m in the company of guys (Timuravites), walking down the street and looking for someone who needs our help. Walking along the lane, I saw a forest garden overgrown with grass.There was a man in it.For some reason I thought it was some kind of old woman, although I did not see who it was.But I saw that this man was in white.And then I heard a prayer, as if they were singing a funeral service for a person, and the sound was increasing. We went into the fence of this house, we needed water, but I don’t know why. And then I had to walk past this forest gardener to get to my home, but I was terribly afraid. But in the end, I just ran a run past him.

First I saw the priest, then the coffin, people dressed in black. We are in church, the priest says, he holds a censer in his hands, I don’t smell incense in the air.

Hello! I dreamed that I was passing by the house in which the deceased was buried. The house and the people who were there are not familiar to me.

Hello.I dreamed today that I bought an icon and 3 candles in a church shop. I also dreamed about the church and that I was at the funeral service.

We were going to funeral service for two babies, like girls and three kittens who turned out to be alive and I took them away and didn’t give them a funeral service and woke up

good day!I had a dream already in the morning, did i wake the apartment I swore at my husband (and it’s like it’s my birthday), he is trying to leave somewhere (I myself understand what is behind the flowers and the gift), but I must pretend that I don’t understand this, and I am trying to impose go with him..quarreled a little, he went out to the landing, I followed him.and on the floor below, we hear how the priest conducts the funeral service (the deceased is not visible). there were people on the site, mostly men, some..did not like that my husband almost fell on the site, literally out of the blue.but stayed on my feet..we they laughed with him..and don’t know how to behave at the same time..eventually woke up..the dream was alive, and the aftertaste was not pleasant (precisely because of the funeral service, death)..
but in general, sometimes the deceased grandmother dreams, and recently the uncle who died in the summer dreamed.I go out into the yard, and he stands, alive..hugged me tight.says that he came for a while, he wants to go to my father (brother), I first said that we would go together, and then I didn’t let him in, I understood.that he is dead..he can’t..
I’m tired of such dreams already.honestly..

i dreamed that I had a funeral service for a witch for 3 days, and 2 coffins

i dreamed that they were performing a funeral service for me on the street. but I ended up alive. got up and went home. there I met my parents who had already died. . the house was my parents’ house so I went to my house but did not find shoes I tried to put on my father’s but then my colleagues came and brought money for the funeral. then I went home through the green fields in my opinion I was already walking in the next world

I walked through the door, and I understand that this is a temple, three grandmothers are sitting and they say that one has already been buried and carried out, I walk on and see three children lying asleep, some on their side, some arms up their legs on the back, all white hair, I cried God such babies . then abruptly kudo then the children disappear and bring another person, he has no teeth and these teeth are inserted into him with some kind of grin, I look at him trying to remember whether I saw him or not&# 8230; wake up

The funeral of an already deceased grandmother was dreamed of, and the funeral service was long, her coffin stood on the street for 4 days, and everything was actually dark, if the night was or what. About 50 maybe hundreds of people came and went. The priest from the church beat me who I clearly remember saying that the ritual at 4 days of the funeral service is very special.

My husband had a dream: he went to church and prayed, candles, calmly. Decided to join a group of people. And it turned out that the funeral service for the deceased. Wonderful baby in a lace envelope. The husband became ill both in a dream and in reality from what he saw. And suddenly he notices that the leg has moved. And the child came to life. But after such tears and pain, I was not even happy.

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Hello!help me please. I had a dream today that my mother was reading me a burial.And I ask and cry that I want to live.And she continues.I have a panic.And there is my coffin, and it seems like I even lay in it at first.Then I got up and stood next to him and looked at the new boots, as if they would be wearing them (((((((((&# 8230;&# 8230;.In some school class, all this happened, and there were only me and my mother and, as it were, a funeral coffin with everything in it&# 8230;&# 8230; Creepy.Then I was on the railroad, a lot of,&# 8230;.trains from all sides are like a straight intersection, some cars fly off the roads, I walk away, I was not affected, but there was a threat, then I am on the bus&# 8230; (In real life, my dad and younger sister died), but I dream that I get on the bus, and then dad sit in front of me,.from behind I look at my mother and sister sitting and she is very small, and I seem to be standing in the middle of them&# 8230;&# 8230;&# 8230;&# 8230;&# 8230;&# 8230;&# 8230;&# 8230;&# 8230;&# 8230;&# 8230;&# 8230;&# 8230; Not long ago I had a dream that the crosses in the Sarai church fell, and I retreated so that they would not fall on me

Good afternoon, my daughter had a dream, she is 15 years old, the questionnaire is filled out with her words. She dreamed of the circumstances of her own death, her funeral service and life after death. She is very scared and does not stop crying.

I dreamed of a funeral service for my grandmother, who died almost a year ago – November 28. at the funeral, my deceased dad was also present, but as a living. During the funeral service, my grandmother got up from the coffin and grabbed my leg with her hand and began to pull me to her. I began to be baptized and read some kind of prayer and asked to finish the funeral service. then everything stopped&# 8230;

I dreamed that my mother and I stood in my bedroom and there was a priest who was singing a funeral service for someone I don’t know&# 8230; but I can’t remember if there was a coffin&# 8230; know that the room was empty at all was without furniture&# 8230;..

I dreamed that I was walking through the cemetery, and there was a coffin with the deceased and they were being buried. Then I also dreamed about the cemetery and also with the deceased, but I did not go there. What does it mean?

The funeral service for my long-dead grandmother was performed in the church. The coffin stood close to the wall, and in order to stand with a candle on the other side, I climbed over the coffin. After finishing the funeral service, I climbed over, throwing my legs one by one over the coffin.

I arrived in Moscow to the Church of St.blzh. Matrons, venerate the relics. I stand at the service, my turn is coming, I go to venerate the relics, but I see two coffins in the middle of the Temple, in one of which, a man with a mustache, according to those present, a church minister, who did not even look in the second coffin. I understand that I was at the funeral service, and, frightened, did not kiss the stranger, I went to the exit, looking around, I see that the premises of the Temple are small, there are icons all around, in warm colors, but I don’t see images, candles are burning, then I left Temple, in order to go to another on the adjacent territory, where the relics of Matrona are located, but when I left, I understand that I found myself on the street, where people walk here and there, and one cannot look around and return to the Temple, is not welcome in Christianity. So I left, regretting that I did not venerate the relics of Matronushka.

It’s evening, it’s already dark, I’m going home (my grandmother’s house, where I was born and raised) (now I live in another. city). I go home on the way to dr. house and I hear that there is a funeral and did not enter. I am going home. I go in and see that my late grandmother is lying on the couch and the priest is singing her funeral, and my mother is sitting on the floor and crying, she says that she went out and came, and my grandmother has already died. And I am so bitter and insulting to tears, my soul is crying, and in my head there is a thought: again she died. I woke up from a terrible state.

Prayer funeral service at the graveyard and, moreover, they cut down the trees&# 8230;

I dreamed of funeral services in a cemetery and at the same time they cut down big trees in the same place

walked through another city in another country, went into a church on the way and there were 8 families and each coffin probably had a funeral service, and one family called me their child was having a funeral service 2 months old as if alive I looked crossed myself and left

I dream of a temple, the people are going to the funeral service, but there is no groa . and dream that a thin wife is standing next to me and talking to me &# 171; thank you for everything&# 187; and then I wake up

from Friday to Saturday I saw myself in church, I am alive, but in a coffin and I wanted to perform the funeral service, I say that I am alive, but they do not understand me, I want to get up, I lay down

This is not the first time I dream. I don’t see anyone in my dreams. But I hear and wake up from this The monotonous sound of a male timbre is dreaming.It’s like a monk’s funeral service. I wake up with such a feeling that someone is singing a burial service to me and this is done by monks. Can’t find the answer anywhere.

Hello! I dreamed that I went to a church service, and there was a funeral service for several unknown deceased, I could not see their faces

the baptism of a child was discussed in one room. i know him in real life. I should be godmother in this dream. and in the other room they answer the person. completely unfamiliar to me

Voices, as if the grannies were singing a funeral service or just singing something sad ((but they themselves are not visible, just incomprehensible voices

With my daughter’s young man, we ran somewhere and I ran into the hall where there are many children and in a solemn atmosphere two babies are being buried, I was horrified. the day before I asked them to decide on the relationship. I am very worried about my daughter.

Hello. I dreamed that I was attending the funeral service for my husband’s grandmother. But in fact, I never saw her, she died 3 years ago. Simultaneously with the funeral, the christening of a newborn girl was held. I don’t know whose. The grandmother was carried in her arms by the godmother, then laid on the floor. And the girl was put on the bench. I wanted to cry. Then my husband and I went to get married. There were a lot of people in the church, everyone was making noise. And my husband was not serious. Even church officials acted as if they were not in a sacred place, but in a shopping center&# 8230; But I saw ancient icons very clearly

I’m 30 today.12.16 had a very bad dream: and so, I dreamed of my house in a two-story apartment (I have been living with my grandmother for several months and I have been helping her, but I don’t have time to go home) and as if in front of a two-story apartment, our windows overlook the neighboring street, there is a three-story building and a fence between them, and near this fence there lived one person, a blessed one, or a very strange person who did not leave the fence and all the time chatted something&# 8230;
Next to him was a dung heap, a long-dried novoza. And once I got tired of all this and I approached him, I did not know this person, I saw him for the first time&# 8230; when I approached him, grabbed his hand, then my younger brother ran up and we began to hold him with all our might, but for what? &# 8212; I began to sing his funeral service, read various prayers (our father, the Mother of God, I believe and something else&# 8230;) he really resisted, and yelled, but we kept and kept. Our neighbor, who also knew him and us, walked by us, looked at us in silence with surprised eyes and went on about her business in the garden. And I sang it all &# 8230; and now he began to turn into &# 171; corpse&# 187; or very &# 171; brushed&# 187; man, he became some kind of green and very, very thin, flat, like a leaf of a tree.
After that, my mother runs up, asking what I’m doing here, I said &# 171; -I totally scolded him&# 187; !
And mom said &# 171; – I hope he didn’t touch your soul &# 171;, I interrupted sharply &# 171; – touched, I felt him, as if he entered my memory (soul) &# 187; (somehow I put it this way)
At this point I took either him &# 8212; this &# 171; tree leaf&# 187; or something from him&# 8230;
And carried it to the trash can (it is very close) and threw it into the tank.
After that, he turned his back to the trash can and got up, literally rose 2 meters above the ground, and in the meantime, my relatives were looking at me &# 8212; mom and brother, someone else, but I don’t remember. And they all at once screamed and sighted! Seeing behind me (behind my head) some big and fat insect, or a big fly, a bumblebee, maybe a bird &# 8230; I abruptly turn around and wave, but I can’t notice him and drive him away. And after that, I suddenly find myself in my grandmother’s bed (just like I am sleeping for real), and the buzzing continues, I can barely, toli sleepy, toli without strength, drag my right hand to my head, slowly like this&# 8230; and it feels like I’ve resigned myself to this buzz, and this &# 171; fly&# 187; sat on me, and fell silent.
After that, I suddenly open my eyes and find myself a little in a state of shock.

Please help me decipher this dream, I will remember it for a long time !
I will be very grateful.

Hello. I dreamed that the deceased was being buried in a church. Deceased young man. It seems familiar, but I don’t recognize it by sight. And during the funeral service, the dead man suddenly woke up and looked at me. I ran out of the church into the street out of fright. The weather outside was rainy roofing felts just cloudy.

I dreamed about a church and many dead people, mostly men, I didn’t see women, those who died in another country, but they were brought to us for funeral service .

dreaming father is singing kokgo I don’t know because I see one hole then there is a river and then there’s blood along the river the snow is covered in blood I crossed the river with the child but it was dry and the mountain flew over there we started to run and from the top I shouted back to them and they turned around and started run away

I dreamed of a funeral service in a church, the church is large, old there are a lot of people, noise, conversation..ave a man unfamiliar to me, the coffin is closed in
, in a beautiful decoration&# 8230;, but the most important feeling that I was led to this funeral service by an elderly woman who, as I understood, is a great seer (in good clothes, in a lilac scarf), I had a great desire to follow her, since not all of her I took it with me, I was lucky, at the time of the funeral there was a man behind me hugging me&# 8230;.I had no fear, I was comfortable and calm

I dreamed that they were performing a funeral service for me, although I was alive and I remember how I was talking, they were performing a funeral service for me in the cemetery, sitting, I was bitten in a dream by dogs, blind, they had no eyes, please interpret my dream, with best wishes.

I went into some church, in my opinion, not Orthodox, twilight, I try to make out, there are two black coffins, dear ones, I understand that the funeral service, I felt uncomfortable like that, but I pulled myself together and went on to church.

Night. I see the funeral service through the window my late neighbor’s funeral service in the temple. And I go to this temple with my mom. But I didn’t make it, made me wake up

I saw myself in a dream in a coffin, and
The priest served me the funeral service, straightened the blanket, my daughter was standing near the coffin, she was 4 years old then I got up and left

good day. This is the second time I have had the same dream. In front of the cemetery (I do not see him) a strip of land where the burial service for the dead is performed. Except for the priests, no one can stand there. Me and a couple of people (no faces are visible) are watching how the priest is burying the funeral service for a young man, next to an elderly couple, a girl and a woman (I don’t know anyone). And in the process, I see that the woman is alive, but she has bandages on her arms. I start screaming that she is alive, do not sing the funeral, but they do not hear me, and one of the people next to me said that she had an illness &# 8212; she is almost dead&# 8230; on this I wake up&# 8230;.

Wife dreamed of a large room with furniture, on the floor a dead old woman in a black bag. A man from the church, but not a priest, noted calm, read prayers while closely examining people, looked at his wife for a very long time, she was sitting in an armchair.

I dreamed that at first I was in the house of the deceased great-grandmother, at night and could not close the front doors, they were plowing, and 2 black cats tried to enter the house, I was scared and I prayed, and then I ended up in church and ordered a requiem or a burial service on my own and prepared for death

Today I dreamed that they were singing me alive. It was at my house, in the hall. There was a table, my relatives were sitting at it, they ate, talked, drank, as at some ordinary family gathering, on opposite the table I was lying on some kind of wooden platform, lying alive. No one walked, did not read prayers over me, I just lay there, but in a dream I was sure that they were singing for me, and everyone present too. As if I had to die soon, but I felt good in my sleep.

I dreamed that I died, and from the sidelines I watched as they performed the funeral service in the Vladimir Cathedral, I observe it all from the sidelines, my whole family is around, they are very upset. I am lying in a coffin, and on my forehead I have a bandage for the deceased, I look like a real deceased. And I can see that I really died. I had a dream on the night of Epiphany. I woke up terrified at 2 a.m.

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