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Dream interpretation Genitals 😴 dreamed of what Genitals dream about in a dream


Dreamed of genitals – the vision reflects your incredible abilities. You are a creative person with many talents. Let your abilities show their best, try to develop and maintain them.

Whose genitals did you dream about?

Seeing male genitals in a dream ▼

A dream about male genitals for a woman is a sign of a lack of male attention. According to another interpretation, such a sign means a mismatch of interests and desires with a partner, which will cause conflicts. Touching male genitals – to unwanted sexual intercourse.

Dreaming of animal genitals ▼

Why dream of animal genitals? A vision portends the appearance of serious problems or the onset of a serious illness. The larger the animal was seen, the more serious the future problems will be. It will take a lot of effort to solve them all.

What did you do with your genitals in your sleep??

Wash genitals in sleep ▼

Washing genitals according to Felomena’s dream book for a man means taking care of his own reputation. You try not to publicize past actions that may negatively affect your current affairs and affect the opinion of others about you.

How other dream books interpret?

Interpretations of similar dreams:

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

Dreamed of Genitals, but there is no necessary interpretation of sleep in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out what the Genitals dream about in a dream, just write the dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

I feel like my genitals are growing long hair. My ex-lover says to me: Look, you look, so after me you didn’t have sex with anyone. Kept faithful to me. I touch myself on the genitals, hair on the genitals and I realize that there is some kind of lump that looks like a big poke. It turned out to be a light, milky large spider, it got tangled in my long hair on the genitals. I threw it off and began to look at it closer. He lay on the floor, dead, shattered, and his insides lay next to him. They were made of screws and other parts.

I dreamed that I cut off a penis from my body with scissors, but there was no blood, no wound.

Olga, a dream in which you cut off genitals that are not inherent in you probably means that you have to get rid of what is stopping you in your real life.

Olga, who may have dreamed of long hair, in the form of a spider, on your genitals, symbolizes that you should be more careful in intimate relationships in the near future, otherwise you may have difficulties.

I dreamed as if my friend and I had a male member, rather large. in a dream for us it is natural and normal, but at the same time we are women. I had a large elastic penis. what can this dream about?

Katerina, seeing genitals in a dream can mean sexual attraction.

From Wednesday to Thursday, I had a dream about childbirth (I gave birth)&# 8230; moreover, in reality this is not yet planned&# 8230; My mother was present at the birth and the presence of my man seemed to be felt (the face flashed somewhere)&# 8230; Mother took birth&# 8230; At some point, she asks: &# 171; You always have such enlarged labia? Somehow not normal&# 8230; Something I don’t like it&# 187; Then she lay down, spread her legs and showed how everything should look NORMAL using her example&# 8230;
How to interpret this dreaming nonsense? We have a wonderful relationship with my mother (but recently I have not devoted her to the details of my personal life), she is not familiar with my man&# 8230;

Your dream, in which your mother behaved like this, most likely indicates that you can receive advice from your mother where you do not need it.

The dream was based on the fact that to save my beloved I had to forcibly engage in oral sex.But with a girl who has a male penis, while I needed to lubricate it with salt.

Yesterday there was a dream: in a dream I saw my genitals ugly prepared, Shaved in pieces, my boyfriend came and we made love, I was worried in a dream why I left everything so ugly and did not shave to him. )

In a pool with blue water, I swim along the paths in one direction and back in my hands I hold a penis, then I give it to someone and they must attach it to its place

i dreamed that before leaving (he has a traveling job), my boyfriend leaves me his genitals and his phone and I stay in his apartment (we do not live together), I protect his penis under the pillow, and I connect the cable to the phone and watch how prostitutes please in the brothel men mouth

Hello. I recently had a strange dream. I don’t remember the exact details, but the essence of it is this: I dreamed of three men of different ages, from whom I tore off (or cut off the genitals), but then sewed on one of them and it seemed like he got accustomed to him, and &# 171; farm&# 187; I kept the other two for myself. Help explain it. thanks.

I had a strange dream, I really wanted to know what it was for.Sorry, but you will have to write as you dreamed.I dreamed about my ex-husband, with whom we have not lived for the second year.,I kiss with him, and through the pants I feel his cock, I climbed in with my hand, and he is wet.My husband said that this was only with me when we lived together.Forgive me, maybe it’s gone, but maybe explain why such a dream.Everything happened on the street, as if they met by chance.

I dreamed that black hair began to grow on my genitals. Moreover, hair growth occurred every second. While I was walking to some place, they literally grew to the floor in the form of a ponytail, and from under the linen they literally stuck out with a fur ball (it felt like I was really overgrown with fur there). In a dream, I just could not believe that my hair had grown to my heels there and I could just take it in my hands.
Thank you in advance for your response.

I know that the dream is quite obscene, but this is a dream.I dreamed that I cut off my penis in a dream.But I didn’t see anything like that there, then after a while it came up that it needed to be attached back, I was looking for a toilet, but there was no free toilet.I was looking for the whole dream at the end, found it or not, I don’t remember, I seem to have found it and stuck it in place, I don’t remember exactly.Somehow I already had such a dream, tell me what it is?

I dream that I am tearing the hair off the labia Hair is black, glossy I Tear it off without difficulty And I roll it up, I wind it on my finger I feel some slight disgust

25/04 Russian-Ukrainian conflict in a dream, I know this, men captured other men and cut off their genitals, so that they could not continue the race, I do not remember which side the termination of the race belongs to. The second dream had a dream on 29/04 the same topic: the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, but the heads are already being cut off. dream gray. horrible,

I dreamed how I cut off my dick.I was nervous, more precisely, even in panic, I ran to look for a car so that they could take me to the hospital and sew it on.The last thing I remember was taken to some school and there they called an ambulance.By the way, my dick was surprisingly big, very much even.

The wall of the old fortress / square / around me are men in white long shirts like the Arabs&# 8230; Masulman / hanged men in white long shirts / genitals cut out &# 8230;

Write your dream here for interpretation..I dreamed about my husband who left me 3 months ago.I looked at his scrotum from below

I live alone for two years&# 8230;&# 8230; I dreamed of an apartment, which I do not know, but in a dream it was my apartment&# 8230;.a stranger was fixing my TV in a small room&# 8230;..the door is open&# 8230;.me and my husband on the couch in the walk-through room&# 8230; we have very passionate sex&# 8230; when he gets up from me .his crotch is covered in thick blood&# 8230;.he runs away to wash&# 8230;.

in the arms of a stranger baby girl 6 months.she peeing off the sliders wiping the genitals.I’m going to wash&# 8230; then I see that something white has flowed out&# 8230; in a dream I think to leave the girl to myself&# 8230;

I dreamed that I was asked to shave and clean the horse’s genitals. The root lay on its side, in my opinion it was even tied. The horse is brown, even chocolate.

Last night there was a Skype lesson with an enlightened person, and at night I dream that he is thrusting his penis in my face. Then he behaved inappropriately. Then I go and seem to be looking for him, and the woman next door says that he sleeps drunk with her.Here’s a dream &# 8212; mystery.

i dreamed of female (my) genitals with pronounced white fungi (most likely it was a thrush)

On my genitals there was some kind of scab, husk, brrrr unpleasant.but now she came off the peeled skin, and the organ became clean and tender like a girl’s

Not so long ago (a month ago) I gave up a very bad bad habit! Today in a dream I dreamed that they tried (by physical threats to life and health) to force me to return to her again, there was a moment when I almost gave in, but realizing in a dream that the life of my family (wife and daughter) does not depend on my decision, I was doused with some kind of liquid and after that the penis was cut off&# 8230; I screamed strongly, although it seems I did not feel pain&# 8230; after that, these evil people said that they would return and left&# 8230; wife (in a dream strongly supported me) after their departure.

Pose yesterday I dreamed that I allegedly cut off a third of my penis in order to give it to a friend ! And today, as if he grew up again and at the end had white mucus like leucocytes during healing, and the strangest thing is that I did not have skin on him and saw tendons and so on! Full of delirium

she seems to be dreaming of how the shop seller became ill she was taken to another room, she turned out to be familiar, the walls are light chairs or lava there are many women sitting on them, and opposite the man and the woman lies sideways, pressing her chest leg against him, and to make it better she pushes her hips deeply with a roar, and I closed my eyes ashamed

in a dream I tried to show my genitals to a girl of about 8 years old and she wanted it too, but we couldn’t find a place where to do it, so it didn’t work

dreamed of how the trial of three young people was held, they were accused of rape of some girl and the crowd sentenced them to cut off the male genitals. and it happened

roommate with a long (in the form of a thin sausage) penis of red-brown color with light spots along the entire length.his thin legs are spread apart.He rubs his penis with his hands and it hurts a lot, says an allergy to some medication, squirts from pain

I cut off my ex-husband’s penis, cleaned it of some dirt and after a while tried to put it in place.And he (ex-husband) asked me if I was pregnant?

good day . Can you tell me why this bad dream
On the night from Wednesday to Thursday I dreamed
I see my penis in an excited state, I take a knife and cut it off almost to the root and hold it in my hand, while I did not hurt and there was no blood either
Why would this dream ?

Hello! I dreamed that I was standing near the mirror, completely naked, my genitals were covered with abundant hair, then I covered myself with a towel. There was also a guy naked in the shower, I saw his genitals too. Even in the same dream, there were my acquaintances – relatives of my ex-husband. Even in a dream I saw a bathroom, I liked it. Thank you in advance.

moia svekrov trogala moi genitalii vo sne. v zizni mi ne ladim i krome togo, ne znaiu na skolko ona sviazana s magiei. ona peruanka.

Hello! I dream that I’m on a ship with a stranger, but I know that he is my husband. He catches a lot of huge shells with mussels and wants to open them all so that we can be better (his words). And I am very angry with him and close all these shells. I know that one of them is a pearl. In the end, I closed them all, but he still opened one, and there was a lot of soft substance, like a sponge and he did not get the most precious thing in this shell. thanks

I dreamed that my ex had his penis cut off (there was no blood), he walked naked and we started making love with him and he really liked it, he finished quickly, and I’m glad that he was cut off and said that maybe so you will start to appreciate life.

dreamed . that the ex-husband has a hairy dick and he is in old clothes

i dreamed that my beloved girl showed me a video that was filmed before my appearance in her life: &# 171; the beloved on stage, dressed in some kind of pink mesh, touches her and inserts her fingers into the vagina by the presenter, at the same time she is very aroused&# 187;

I saw in a dream that supposedly my son had something wrong with the genitals, since I never pulled and washed the head of my son, which some mothers do. and in a dream it turns out a hundred there is some kind of cyanosis

severed penis with his own hand. it was joyful. that he did this and did not understand the bewilderment of others

Looks like the scene there is a young woman from her husband’s work why you can clearly see her naked genitals and belly. Husband in the hall And few people with him. Clap their hands. I watch from another room. The husband feels that I am there and stops clapping. What does it mean?

I dreamed of an ex-husband, completely naked and with a big dick . Our daughter was in the background. I quarreled with him very much and shouted to him to get dressed, because there is a child in the house and she should not see him in a state of disrepair.

My blood on my hands with ice from my gunshot wound on my arm&# 8230; I picked the bullet myself from the wound&# 8230; I was shot

I dreamed that I was washing my genitals, but I see it as if from the outside, and at the same time I know that I was washing myself, the dream was black and white.

Good afternoon, I just had a dream, I see myself in a dream with my former lover, everything is fine with us, and suddenly I don’t remember why he cuts off his penis, but there is nothing blood.I’m shocked to say why, how?and he speaks with us and so everything will be fine with you and hugs as if nothing had happened, why do not I dream of dreams, and then there is such?

I am 24 and since adolescence I am in love with my aunt, respectively, I have more than once imagined how I have sex with her, for three years now I have been married and I don’t bring my aunt into my dreams anymore, then the other day I dreamed that she in panties and bra came to me wake up and kissed her on the lips, after which I began to hug her and we had sex, in a dream I finished and in reality, too, why such a dream?

I dreamed that they tore off the genitals of the she-wolf and suddenly a fox appeared, waving her magic wand, she put the genitals of the wolf in place

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