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Dream interpretation – to get

If in a dream you fell into a trap – this portends a divorce in order to marry another person. To fall into a monastery in a dream means that mental anguish cannot be drowned out by any means until you plunge headlong into work and forget about everything else in the world.

A dream in which a fox somehow got into your apartment is a warning to beware of envious colleagues, otherwise your reputation will be jeopardized. Falling into an unfamiliar city in a dream means that you will painfully experience the indifference of those you love with all your heart.

Getting to the point with a well-aimed statement or witty remark is a harbinger of the fact that your rash and offensive words will cause a sharp reaction and leave one of the family members. If in a dream you hit the target – this means that you strive for a wealthy life, which seems to be created for you, but circumstances invariably prevent this.

Dream Interpretation – Go to the past

Dream Interpretation – Could not get into the house of a deceased friend for jewelry

You may be trying to find answers in your past. You know that precious experience is hidden there (earrings, pendant) and you are trying to get it, remember. But you are hindered by recurring situations that block your path. These can be symbols of your present, some kind of daily chores – anything that can prevent you from getting this legacy experience. But there may also be some negative experiences from the past.

Later, you run out of energy to study the past and are forced to leave.

Dream interpretation – I can not get home

The dream shows the dreamer’s desire to return inner spiritual stability and security, but not everything is so simple – the usual way to her home is no longer there (childhood-adolescence is behind), and the new one is not yet ready due to the lack of understanding of her Way home (the house is undergoing repairs, and workers are not visible).

Meanwhile, everything is very simple – you don’t need to set yourself too high a bar, it is too difficult for a young person to meet it, because life experience is still not enough, it remains to learn and learn, gaining experience and accepting yourself as you are, and the Road Home will certainly manifest itself.

Regards Libya.

Dream interpretation – I can not get home

Dream Interpretation – Fly with the groom, get caught in the rain, dome

In this dream, the main thing is a stool, you focus on this subject, everything else is the background of sleep, the stool has its own interpretation, and it is very exotic, it means secret sadness!

This means that after this dream, in reality you will be seized by a secret sadness, that is, you will remember the person you really loved, and this is not your fiancé, this is a person from your past, sometimes even thoughts will flicker that you still love him. and there is no better in the world

Dream Interpretation – Fly with the groom, get caught in the rain, dome

I completely agree with the interpreter of Valerio – a dream about a certain secret Sadness, because in a dream there is a TABOO-ret in the hands – this is some kind of forbidden taboo, information, personal, and the Rain always symbolizes some Results and sadness (I myself often am under dreams – it means Waiting and not waiting, or enjoying what Is..).

Why does TABU-ret appear in this dream – this is a kind of Inner Zap-Ret, inside the Family-House (Stool is a household piece of furniture).

And nevertheless, the Dream is positive, since at the end of the dream a Flying green Machine appears – the transformation of Events into acceleration, improvement.

Dream Interpretation – Fly with the groom, get caught in the rain, dome

French stool to the word "drum". Taboo from Polynesian. So what about speculation "to sadness" here rather, as they say, "devils pumped up". The dream is very light. There is no sadness here and close, as you just noticed an important detail about the Drops, which are pleasant and there is no dampness from them. The stool in the hands really looks like a confusion of sleep, stands out from the atmosphere. I think this is just an element of some kind of. WITH. H. O. V. NS., some indication that the dream itself is not at all vain, but solid and immediately fabulous and at the same time true. The basis, as Taburetina slips out, that is, love becomes more spiritual, eternal, conscious. And right there the Sky! Damn, what a beautiful, harmonious dream. Next green car. To material prosperity, stable material prosperity. Hmm. I envy. You refreshed me. Wow vertical flight. I had one similar dream of vertical flight upward and takeoff in the form of birds over a super avalanche, but a long time ago.

I will add that Perhaps your dream is purely figurative, where the groom is the heart of eternity, and the green car is a certain forest of elohim, like the bliss of the beginningless, but this is hidden from us while we are on earth.

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