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Dream Interpretation Glass 😴 dreamed of why the Glass dreams in a dream


If a glass is dreaming, this means that soon the dreamer will decide to abandon his patterns. He is burdened by the monotony at work and in the love direction, therefore, there was a great desire to start all over again.

A dreaming glass is a symbol of bad luck and regret. Such dreams promise a lot of trouble and sad news.

Many cups – usually warn of a fun feast. Perhaps this is a desperate attempt to escape from the primitiveness of life circumstances, lack of goals and motivation.

What happened to the glass in a dream?

I dreamed of how they crushed a glass ▼

I dreamed of how you accidentally crushed a glass with your foot – this can lead to anxiety, regret and bad luck. Life has driven the dreamer into a corner, business beginnings end in failure. Romantic relationship is at an impasse.

The dream book advises: you need to radically change everything. Change the focus of the business, sort out personal issues.

Glass with what you dreamed about?

What a glass looked like in a dream?

Why is a dirty glass dreaming ▼

If you dream of a dirty empty glass – a person who you strongly interfered with in the past is planning a provocation against you.

The dream book warns: be vigilant and balanced, do not react to incitement from others.

Seeing a clean glass in a dream ▼

If you dreamed of a clean glass, great luck is coming to the dreamer. Good news soon. Dream interpretation promises a calm, happy and prosperous future.

Why is the new glass dreaming ▼

If you dreamed of a new glass, it means that the dreamer will face a sad picture, which entails despondency and disappointment. You will soon find out that your buddies, whom you consider to be close friends, will turn out to be completely different from who you imagined them to be.

What glass did you dream about?

Dreamed of a cracked glass ▼

A cracked glass in a dream predicts parting with a loved one. This is a period of bitter regret for the dreamer. There is a possibility of illness in children. It’s just a stage of bad luck.

The dream book recommends not trying to deal with the past, but try to concentrate on the future.

Glass tumbler in a dream ▼

I dreamed that you were holding a glass glass in your hand – a sign that predicts the dreamer’s indecision in his actions. It is not known where this uncertainty arose from, but it has no basis at all.

Dreamed of a faceted glass ▼

What dreams of drinking from a faceted glass predicts about the need to communicate with people unpleasant for you. The dream interpretation predicts: an unpleasant meeting cannot be avoided, be patient and do not succumb to tips.

What did you do with a glass in a dream?

Look for a glass in a dream ▼

If you dreamed of looking for a glass, it means that you are trying to resolve existing troubles. The dream interpretation interprets such a dream as a desire to end past failures and start all over again.

I dreamed of wiping glasses ▼

A dream where you wipe glasses promises complete consent in a romantic or marital relationship. Your future looks cloudless, harmonious and promises many pleasant experiences.

How other dream books interpret?

Interpretations of similar dreams:

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

I dreamed about a Glass, but the necessary interpretation of sleep is not in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out what the Glass is dreaming of in a dream, just write the dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

I ran away from my own wedding, did not marry of my will, ran away crushed two glasses to smithereens, cried, eventually returned to the wedding

I dreamed that I was collecting shards of glass, but I don’t remember exactly what was broken there, like a glass, I collected it for a long time, I pricked my palms, but I didn’t cut it and there was no blood.
The action took place in the house of the grandmother who died a little over a year ago, there were relatives there (there are mostly men in the hall, and women in the kitchen).
When he threw out the fragments he apologized, as if in jest (t.To. understood that it was okay:&# 187; think glass broke&# 187;), apologized to my mother, in response she asked what they broke, I answered. Everything.

I dreamed about New Year’s preparations.I am married, but my best friend stopped by (he is now in St. Petersburg) and we went to the market with him.In general, they did not take anything there and went get home, we had to go by train (in life too) on the way we were presented with apricots.when we returned home, food was being prepared there and we were sitting in the kitchen with him and decided that 31 I would be with my family and 1 would take a walk with him.and while we were talking, I was washing the dishes and accidentally broke my glass.and almost all the dream I really wanted to go to the toilet.

I dreamed of a transparent glass with ice. Someone whispered in your ear if the ice is transparent then you will be pregnant. The ice was transparent. I had a dream from Friday to Saturday in the morning.

Hello! I had a dream that I was peeing in a small glass. Splashes appear. Realizing that the vessel is small, I stop urination.

I was holding a glass full of blood in my hands and was going to drink it, but did not have time &# 8212; woke up. I don’t remember what was going on around, t.To. all sleep focused on this glass. Whose Blood Was It &# 8212; Do not know.

There is a person with whom we have been trying to be together for more than a year, but it does not work out, and he and I are married enough (a dream with his participation)
a dream that I’m in his house for some reason I’m sitting in an armchair gathering in it and sleeping out of my clothes I’m only wearing panties and wrapped in a sheet, there is also our mutual friend, he just woke up and was drunk, surprised that I’m here but not upset about it. Then his parents come, I did not see them and they must be elderly, but in a dream they are young enough, we get acquainted, I see that they liked them. We go to a restaurant, there he gives me a glass with something translucent liquid, there is a little of it in the glass and paper money is floating in it, I take the glass and understand that the top is beaten off and I cut my finger, a drop of blood flows out

My late father and mother.she is alive.gave me glasses.I wondered why I needed them.Clean glasses with a pattern.Father dreamed young

I dreamed of an empty glass, I took it in my hands, I don’t remember how, but the edge broke off. It seems that it just cracked out of the blue, but the crack did not go further, it just broke off the edge.

dreamed of a whole glass of sperm in which white sprematozoa floated, when I woke up there was a strong erection.. then fell asleep again&# 8230; live alone..generally alone

In a dream, I accidentally touched a glass with my elbow and it crashed. The glass was empty, and I was near the house where I lived about 7 years ago. What is it for?

Choosing a glass (beer glass) to pour someone a beer (like a bartender). The first one that got caught &# 8212; turned out to be dangerously broken. After examining the others, I found several more of the same broken ones that fit this type of beer. But as a result, I chose a whole, more stable, the same volume but not the brand of beer that I was going to pour.
Why would this?

i dreamed that a man colleague stole a glass cup (cup) from me on a leg from which I like to drink tea

Was visiting a friend.There was some kind of mess everywhere.And also there was a lot of glass, wine glasses, crystal, as well as a lot of broken glass, I collected myself a lot of wine glasses and glasses and also removed the glasses.

I left the car unlocked, came back, and in the car there is a large plastic glass empty, no keys. I began to look for someone who drank in the car, it was getting dark on the street, night was approaching, the keys were in my hand, I remotely locked the car and went to the store, or maybe not to the store.

Empty faceted glass cracked. At first I am worried, but I look around the kitchen, I see that there are three more glasses and I say to myself: &# 171; It’s okay&# 187;.

Hello! I dreamed of a kitchen measuring glass (I also pour water into the iron from it), plastic, transparent.It became not completely transparent from the water. I LOOKED AT HIM AND WITH THIS DESIRE REMAINED.Thank you in advance.

I broke something into small pieces and collected everything so that none of my relatives could see.

I dreamed that my mother had 2 beautiful measuring vessels of the same capacity, and I asked for one, she suggested that I choose which one I like.

Hello! My name is Svetlana.Today I dreamed of my ex-husband (who died 16 years ago) I was running away from him, but he caught up with me and squeezed my hand tightly and said that we would go to nature.Then we find ourselves in the forest, in a tent.He hands me a white bag full of plastic glasses and leaves, leaving he says: "And now I’m leaving, and you wait" I am left alone and wake up.

The dream that I dreamed is more like a fairy tale. Time &# 8212; somewhere in the 18th century. Summer. Europe. A lot of bright colors. Colorful dream. I come to a strange city with my blacksmith father. whom I have never seen before. Father and his family immediately set a rich beautiful table. Everyone is celebrating my arrival. During the holiday my father’s brother comes &# 8212; a robber, and begins to insult his father. I don’t hold back and challenge my uncle to a sword fight. I win the fight, but I can’t kill my uncle. Upset, I go to my father’s house, where they are waiting for me to celebrate some holiday. The table is richly set again (many colorful dishes, white tablecloth). Frustrated, I sit down at the table and put two glasses with compote in front of me (one full for 2/3, the second &# 8212; almost under the neck).

I dreamed of guests at the table and one of the guests did not even smash a crystal bakery in his hand

offered to change glasses in a dream, a little girl was dancing nearby

good day. I dreamed as if I dropped the glass and thereby broke the glass and two more drunkards. And also dreamed of apples of incomprehensible shapes. Waiting for your response. My g.p 27.05.1987., my email.address [email&# 160; protected]

I am sweet to locals and uranil a glass of Niveski.on top a piece broke off

Someone put an egg in a glass, but I could not pull out an egg.

I dreamed about my grandmother, she died a month ago, forty days were not yet. It was near her house. She swept, cleaned near the yard. She asked me to take the glass from the road near the house to her house, put it on the porch, she walked behind, I understood that she was no longer there and said why she did this, I do not remember literally what she answered, but I understood what was needed, I put it on porch, and she held out the glass to my lips so that I understood that the glass was sticky, I remembered that she used to drink water with sugar, then I left the yard and she, I left, she looked at the trail and went on. The dream is bright, sunset, the road is unpaved yellow, leads to a hill, there she went, in that direction there is a cemetery where she is buried.

i dreamed of a glass in which my grandmother poured a drink for me і my girlfriend і said drink і suddenly a second grandmother appeared і took a glass in my girlfriend і looked at me with such a bad look that I felt very bad and I became very angry screamed with the sound of a beast і crushed the glass in hand &# 8230;&# 8230;. from this I woke up

I saw in a dream how I carried the cupboard with dishes and dropped the cupboard, the dishes broke and in the basics I saw broken glasses glasses

I dreamed that I was polite and went to work in the store where the dishes are and I played glasses and glasses and they all sank into me and I stayed.then I got angry that they had to pay for them and quarreled with the authorities and left they told me not to come back &# 8230; all

I saw in a dream that I take from someone a lot of empty glasses in boxes. Among them I notice glasses with cracks and I return the glasses with cracks to this person (man), and in return I take others.

hello Tatyana, I dreamed that my neighbor gave me an empty glass in one bag and several mugs in another bag, two of them were without handles, I was not very happy and said that I would give her back

In a dream, I discovered a missing glass mug
someone washed it and put it on
I told my brother where did you find the mug .The dream was colored

dreamed of a great-grandfather, the deceased great-grandmother, alive, went to him during the tent, and I was sorting through the glasses in the house, they were dirty, I was looking for a clean one&# 8230;.

I dreamed that my wedding and I wanted to drink a glass in my hands for health slaves and cuts the veins and there is a lot of blood all the wedding dress is in blood and the blood does not stop .but I got married a few days ago in reality and two days later I see such a what does this mean ?

He brought the girl a tray with different food and two glasses on it, did not hold a lot of the tray and one of the glasses with juice overflowed, but still managed to pick it up, and she took another glass with clear water.The dream is over

A filled glass of carbonated drink bursts and splashes fly into the face, the glass is gradually filled and at the very last moment it burst and splashes flew into the face while the glass was between the faces of the husband and wife

I went into the hall and saw a naked husband lying and in a rude tone asks to bring a beer with a glass, and I take out a cold glass from the refrigerator, and it falls from my hands and breaks, and several glasses that were in the refrigerator were broken and cracked, and I could not bring him a glass to drink beer

In reality, problems in the female part. I dreamed that I was taking tests for the next treatment and I was holding a plastic glass of urine in my hands. I look at it and the contents turned into seeds from apples and then into flowers

I stole 2 50ml glasses from the store and two large 200ml cups, they didn’t catch me, I left. I put small cups in the inner poop, they are with a leg and large as faceted

Hello, I wanted to know the interpretation of sleep: in the kitchen I wash my glasses, beautiful, faceted, but they are terribly dirty and inside there are a lot of flies and insects, I throw them in the trash. A handsome man stands next to me and talks to me, will play with me. I am 45, I have been divorced for a long time and I have difficulties with my partner. Tell me what this dream means. thanks.

In a dream, I drank water from a glass in which there was a half-broken bottom. The water poured out, but I tried to close the broken part and continued to drink from it several times

I dreamed that my mother came to visit me, THEN she was sharply going to my sister, supposedly something did not suit her with me, I was very upset, but I took her to my sister and when I went to my sister’s house I saw my glasses for juice on the shelves on her shelf, I got very angry with my sister and began to take my glasses, while swearing with her&# 8230;

I bought a new glass, beautiful with rhinestones. He had boots in the set. I chose from two sets – I chose a glass on a leg, like a glass, but I asked to change a pair of shoes from another set

I went through the barn style behind the seat of my knowledge, and there were 2 empty glasses, I took one of the passing ones, and said to me: &# 171; I am aware of you, I follow you&# 187;, I filled my glass and went to check out!

I went through the barn’s barn, behind which there were two empty glasses, and I took one of them in passing, but then I said, I didn’t sound, I followed me, I took a glass and I went!

Hello. Today in a dream I saw a large hall of many people and the balls are red and green. Then I saw how I ended up in a very beautiful hotel room. There was a man in a dressing gown and a girl, and I actually found a glass and poured water into it.

I saw in a dream that I was standing at the stop and they gave me a full glass with some red drink, I started drinking and my hair began to climb into my mouth, and then I saw a twisted bun of hair in the glass

I was standing at a bus stop and a man gave me a glass with some kind of red purple drink as I began to drink it and hair began to appear in my mouth, that is, they fell out of the glass, and then I saw a bunch of curled hair in the glass

I dreamed of a plastic disposable cup filled with tea with four distinct plastic spoons.

I won the drawing, but I didn’t like the prize, we were told that they could change it and somehow we had a lot of plastic glasses and my grandmother and uncle rammed them, then we had to go for another prize, but we never got it.

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