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Dream Interpretation Go 😴 dreamed of why Going in a dream to see


According to the dream book, walking and observing the most beautiful landscapes around is an increase in property, unexpected and very rapid enrichment, without the slightest effort on your part.

Where do you go in your dream?

I dreamed of walking across the bridge ▼

I dreamed that you were walking along the bridge – your environment does not understand you. Take a good look at it. Perhaps not who you never counted on will suddenly help you.

Walk on rails in a dream ▼

Walk on the rails – soon you will be crazy about a job well done by you.

Go through the railway crossing – a dream promises you some worries and a lot of work.

Walk through the swamp in a dream ▼

Cross the swamp – expect some difficulties, if it is water – soon you will be incredibly lucky.

Walk on ice in a dream ▼

If in a dream you walk on thin ice – in reality you can succumb to temptation and get involved in some dubious pleasures, at the risk of losing the honor of the people around you.

Dreaming of walking on a tightrope ▼

I dreamed that you were walking along a tightrope – soon you will get involved in some kind of adventure, but you are lucky and you will get off easily.

Dreaming of walking in the dark ▼

To see yourself walking in the darkness of the night – great difficulties and hardships await you, and no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to prevent anything. It remains only to endure all the trials staunchly and wait for the holiday to come on your street.

Move successfully in pitch darkness – you will be able to occupy the once-abandoned positions, restore former glory, or return the one who is dear to you.

If at the same time you constantly stumble, feel insecure and eventually fall, you will have to face great difficulties, which you will not be able to get around.

How do you walk in your sleep?

Go fast in your sleep ▼

A dream in which you go very briskly promises you some kind of interference in real life.

For a girl to go, speeding up her step in a dream – to achieve tremendous success in business, get fabulously rich and at the same time find real happiness in her personal life.

Walk slowly in your sleep ▼

If you walk slowly in a dream – in reality you can waste a lot of time, which is why you will regret later. There is even a chance of losing your lover.

It’s hard to walk in a dream ▼

You feel that it is difficult for you to rearrange your legs, and all your efforts to overcome the path faster are in vain – which means that in reality you should not take on the implementation of the business that all your thoughts are occupied with, since it will not bring you anything but disappointment and losses, or now it simply will not the best time.

Where do you go in your dream?

Go up in a dream ▼

A dream in which you have to go up all the time means that you will achieve much more than you have now, you will be able to prove your worth and even superiority in some matters.

Go back in a dream ▼

Dreams that you are coming back – expect a lot of spending.

Walk in a circle in a dream ▼

Going in a circle means that soon you may meet some old friend.

How other dream books interpret?

Interpretations of similar dreams:

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

I dreamed of Go, but the necessary interpretation of sleep is not in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out what you are dreaming of Go in a dream, just write the dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

Hello.I had a dream that a guy and I (an acquaintance in reality, but no relationship) were walking along the road holding hands, and then he took me in his arms and carried me across the road to the other side to his car. What does this dream mean. Thanks to.

Hello! I dreamed that I put on special shoes (like a slap) and walked on the water. I didn’t feel completely confident, but I had a feeling that I needed to come somewhere. thanks!

Such a story&# 8230;.as if we were walking with a company at a birthday party, at whom I don’t know, and absolutely in a strange city, suddenly I find myself in my&# 8230;.I don’t quite remember this period&# 8230;..I remember that I supposedly see a road flooded with water and, as it were, I was going to jump into this water, but there was no action itself! And it takes some time I find myself in my city in shorts, gloves and some kind of incomprehensible boots&# 8230;.I see people carrying bird cherry branches with horror I understand that I was not there for half a year. I meet a friend and she decides to walk me home, and now we come to the yard, and she leads me to our door and says that all friends are there&# 8230;.supposedly fooling around! Passing by my windows, still undressed, I see my father in the window, he still sits as usual, looking out the window, I covered my face with my hand (she is in a black glove) and passing seemingly where there should not be a sandbox I see that the children built everything up with their sand houses, I tried my best to jump over or go around them, but I could not&# 8230;..broke a few.))) But when I approach the arch of my yard to get out of it, I understand that there is snow outside. I began to crawl and saw my friends rolling snowballs, they saw me &# 8212; were glad! And I was lying on my stomach in the snow, covered my face with my hands and cried a lot &# 8212; in a dream I was glad that I finally found my loved ones.
I also learned that during this time my wife began to live with someone else, but I don’t remember the details of how it happened!
This ended my dream&# 8230;&# 8230; headache and two cigarettes in a row!
Please explain what it is.

Hello!I dreamed that I was walking along the road, I met my ex, he was also in my direction, we walk together, talk, then we start kissing. Why is this dreaming?

there is a girl whom I love very much, but for some reason we are not together.dream: we are walking holding hands under the downpour, on the bus through the mud.Help me understand the meaning of this dream!

I dreamed that I was standing at a bus stop and waiting for a bus. it’s late and most likely there will be no bus. there are other people at the bus stop. without waiting for the bus I go on foot. I wanted to catch a taxi, but he refused to go in that direction and I quickly walked along the night lit streets and was close to home

I followed a girl, this girl is a good friend of a dream I did everything she said.I was influenced by her

in a dream I went up the stairs with my deceased grandmother, then we stopped to rest, I told my grandmother, maybe you’ll rest, we’ll stop, but she didn’t go further and I woke up abruptly

The late father dreamed of how I, my son and my brother and mother are in the parental house, my father appeared in the middle of the room and says to me scared, very scary, I tell you why you’re scared and we ended up on the street and we go, he says we need to clean the drains to remove and there were men 5 people on the road, he became frightened and disappeared

Hello.I saw in a dream that I was driving a car. For various external reasons and under pressure from people and circumstances, I have to get behind the wheel. In a dream I feel fear, because I clearly know that I can’t drive, cars are rushing towards me and I’m also afraid of traffic cops. But I manage to get to my destination without accidents in a miraculous way. I saw this dream twice in a year. I don’t know how to drive in real life and I don’t want to. thanks.

Good morning! Sleep: I walk along a narrow path lined with small tiles, it is long. There is water around, a lot of water. The water is calm, standing. I’m going with someone, I can’t remember with whom, but it seems there was a daughter. Strangers rarely go towards, there is a fear of getting off the track and falling into the water. One family was walking towards and their daughter fell into the water, but they took her out and I realized that it was not lumpy there.

On the way to work, I got four employees, two went somewhere and then we went together. The road was asvalted and straight, then a bus passed us, in which there were many people and his wife, but we did not get on it.

Hello! I had a strange dream. I can’t understand what he means. it all started with the fact that my mother helped me to pack my bag for the trip, I knew where I was going and why. at first I was driving in the car with my sister. then it somehow happened that we took our bags and went on foot. the path was far away and it was very hot. I had some kind of new best friend, he was always with me. and my sister walked far ahead of me and my friend, but alone. in a dream, I had a fight with a girl I knew because of something (we are not very much with her in reality). this is where my dream ends. thank you in advance!

I dreamed of aunt Lena (this is Alina’s late mother, died 4 months ago), and there was Alina (daughter of the late aunt Lena, and my girlfriend)
and now in a dream
I stand near the path, and at the end Alina stands and calls me to her, but then Aunt Lena comes up and says, Vitalik, you are a good boy, look after Alina, do not leave her, be always together, you love each other, and do not part.
and then I woke up abruptly and bleeding from my nose, went a little and stopped.

I followed my acquaintances on the rails, and I met many people with bouquets of flowers.Then I suddenly find myself in an apartment with my boyfriend and his brother, and my boyfriend has torn underwear, I told him to take off and give him clean underwear from the closet.Then I woke up abruptly.
Thanks in advance for your reply

Hello, I dreamed that I was walking on a flat asphalt road with 3 guys around the road, everything is gray and forest planting. Then I find myself at home, I wash my clothes, and in the evening I go out, it’s already getting dark and I walk along this road alone to the place where my things go to those guys. In that place when I came there was a horse and it was mine and I fiddled with it, that’s all.

I was driving in a car with a man with whom I have a relationship, but now we are in a mess and I want to part with him, then I got out of the car and went in the opposite direction, but it’s very hard for me to walk . I saw yellow and green

Supposedly I am walking with a friend on a wide, flat road, cars are going to the meeting .but at the same time around the desert. When I saw myself, I was naked, only in a plain, transparent, white dress. When I raised my head, we were already against the wall, there is no further way, after my friend turned to the left, she said: come here. I look, and I see that the road there is without asphalt, off-road, brown.

In a dream I saw that I was going after a guy, but not as if I was chasing, but I just want to be noticed and that I overtake him. I wake up this guy is familiar to me

Hello. for several days I have a dream that I am allowed to carry borscht in a container from under a cake (plastic), when I start to carry, my legs start to get tangled and I spill not much borscht.

I dreamed that I was walking along a road that is familiar to me in reality. There is no asphalt, the road was dry and clean, and in front I saw mud, as if after rain. I went through it, but my legs were like cotton and it was very difficult to go further. But it wasn’t far to the stop I was going to. I woke up&# 8230;

Hello! I dreamed that I was walking along a very illuminated path, arm in arm with a man with whom I once simply corresponded on the Internet. (At the moment, he already has a common-law wife). In a dream, he had a bright blue shirt on his other arm.and the hands were very soft and warm. What is the meaning of this dream?

Walking in the snow with my ex-boyfriend in the snow. He still cannot step on one leg, it seems like it was and I will help him, and he is leaning on me.

I climbed the steep stairs up, it was very hard to walk, my legs were moving with my hands, and when I finally got there, a person I knew was sitting upstairs and looked at me contemptuously and angrily. what does it mean?

I dream that I was driving somewhere, but I don’t see the trip, but as if I was already in revenge, like I came to my relatives and I know roughly where to go, but at the same time there is no road along which I always go, and I went through the arable land through the landings , the arable land is not plowed, but as if there are traces of a caterpillar tractor and glimpses of green grass on it, and I am walking alone and I feel that a loved one is with me, but I do not know who he is. and we start to run away from someone and run like an unknown village. and people are coming towards us, this village is not familiar to me and I don’t know people, and I have a feeling that I’m calling someone from my loved ones, they come to my aid because I’m scared, I feel someone’s closeness but not I see no one.

I walked along the road with a man who I really like, he held my hand, I wanted to know what all this was about, I hope for your help

I arrived in an unfamiliar neighborhood to my friend who rents an apartment there. Due to the fact that I did not know where to go, I met a girl. She kindly agreed to accompany me. She and I walked across the bridge with a dog, but the dog was kind and affectionate. In the end, I met with a friend and we paid this girl, since she lived in a completely different my friend’s new apartment, we met the owner, he was with a woman, and he was very rude to my friend that she took off her shoes in the wrong place, I could not stand it and was rude to him too. And then I received an SMS on my phone from some fortune-teller, that she knows how to help me.

In the evening, my wife and I along a wide road and a tired woman accompanying the children (teachers accompany children with flags when crossing the road) were treated to bread and bacon.

Good afternoon, I dreamed that I was walking with my grandfather through the same door along the same road, foot to foot, I went through the same doors, we stood on the same steps, then he went to the left, I to the right and we wish each other a good evening. Please explain what this can mean. thanks.

Hello! I had a dream that some girl was taking me to work by bus. However, she drove on and promised to take me. When I got tired of waiting, I asked this girl to show me where to go to get to my job. She pointed her hand past the cemetery. I walked for a long time and ended up in someone’s private property (many houses, but not rich), I could not get out of there and one old man (it seems, the owner of these properties) showed me the way.

I had a dream that I was walking by the hand with a person and the oncoming people could still separate us, and his hand seemed to slip out, I understand that I would not want this, but now he takes me tighter again and we follow on! The dream was in cold colors or even true white!

I go up across the bridge, but it is grassy and not fenced with me, my friend is with me, but she presses me to the edge, and I rested and passed almost over the edge, but did not fall

I have an acquaintance with whom we have not communicated for some time. I dream that I am in a building with corridors and many doors, more like a school or university. I do not see this friend of mine, but subconsciously I know that he is somewhere here. Suddenly he appears in the corridor, nods to me barely perceptibly and walks past. In a dream, I did not understand what his nod meant &# 8212; just said hello or made it clear &# 171; follow me&# 187;, and carefully followed, he turned around, and at these moments I tried to hide behind passers-by or wide open doors. Then I woke up and did not catch up with him in a dream.

i dreamed that I was walking home with my boyfriend, and he was talking to someone on the phone all the way and smiling

I dreamed that I had used something (narcotic) and my legs were taken away, I gathered myself with all my strength and began to walk while I had to take the bucket to the distant toilet, I fell and understood, went to the kitchen and met the watchman and began to hide the bucket and talk about nothing with her

I walk along the path and there is some kind of calmness, and it is as if someone is shaking everything with their hands and a feeling of anxiety. Everything is black and white and the state of rest and anxiety alternates.

good day! I walked hard, my legs hurt, but despite the pain, I still walked, despite the fact that people looked at me askance, and came to the right place

I walked across a huge bridge, on which there was a lot of water, and a lot of people passed this bridge.I was not alone, but with my mother and we also crossed this bridge.On the other side of this bridge it was very beautiful, the fanari was burning.

I dreamed that I was going with the girl I was seeking. While we are walking, different guys come up and try to talk to her, and she turns them off.

I walked with my ex-girlfriend on the road, she talked about her boyfriend and our former relationship. Then we went on some kind of transport, like the metro

I dreamed that I was walking with a girl hugging her waist and then she took my arm and showed her fingers and asked &# 171; Am I Ready? and am I ripe?&# 187;&# 8230; before that, I covered her with myself from some painted urk on the street

I’m in a military uniform on the rails, a deceased friend was walking to meet me, I greeted him and went in the opposite direction and met a classmate whom I hadn’t seen from school, and continued walking with the deceased, he showed me his house, and I he was led to an abandoned church in which my friend lived, which one I don’t remember

several times already had a dream that I was walking along the road with a man (we have a sluggish relationship). He is on the right, I &# 8212; left.

I dreamed that I was sitting with a guy, then he got up and went, I followed him, went to some store, he bought something for himself and gave me something that I liked

crawled with his girlfriend along the road, then got tired of crawling, then walked along the road, talking about something, I don’t remember further

I’m going for the guy I like, it’s light outside. Walked for a long time and at some point, the road diverges. It keeps going straight. I roll to the left. Help I beg.
From a dream, I only remember this.

I dreamed that I was in the park with friends and parents, we all ran and frolicked, and then when I wanted where &# 8212; then it was very difficult for me to move, it could not even be called walking, I fell a couple of times, but then I got up and walked on, I don’t know where I needed to, but I stubbornly walked there. I thought it would be easier with crutches, but I didn’t have them. Once again, when I fell, it was very hard for me to get up and a guy came up to me and offered to help, I agreed. He helped me to get up, and then instead of hobbling, I was walking normally. We took a walk in the park, said goodbye. I returned again to that clearing, but no one even noticed that I was not there, only my friend told you where you disappeared, I already wanted to look for you. I said that I had gone for a walk and instead of going and sit down with them, on the contrary, we left, an hour later (in a dream) I began to hobble again, but my friend helped me to walk, when I started to walk normally I quickly reached the house and lay down sleep on this dream and ended

I walked with a limp, on my left leg, my friend walked on my right side, and at some point he took my hand and we walked by the hand for a short time, after that he let go and ran forward to find something for me, then we ended up in a store, and I really wanted to kiss him

Hello. I dreamed that I was in a city, let’s call it G. (My beloved lives in this city, with whom we did not see live, only virtual communication) So, I do not know how I got there, but I immediately noticed my beloved, let’s call him Dima, sitting on a bench with friends. He did not see me, and I decided not to show myself in front of him. Opposite the bench on which Dima was sitting, there was a sidewalk, and a lot of rails. At first I didn’t even understand that these were rails, because cars were driving along them, like on a regular road. There were several rows of these strange reads, it seemed to me that, having crossed them, you could get on the sidewalk located on the opposite side of the street, and so, I followed them, crossed several rails and realized that there was no sidewalk to which I was going, instead of it, another rails appeared. There were about 10 of them. When I realized that there was nowhere to go, and I was about to be run over by car drivers, I just returned to the place where the dream began. What does it mean?

I dream that I am going home, but not where I live now, but where it is registered, in principle, not far away, it was either night or evening, I remember I met my sister’s friend, I don’t know her at all in reality, I just know her and that’s it , and now I just as I saw her immediately stumbled, then, while talking with her home (she went with me), I stumbled again (in both cases, she fell right to the ground, with her face straight, and when she got up she said something like &# 171; oh my, I’m probably tired)

Hello. My son dreamed that he went to the cemetery with his nursing son, but then his wife came up and took the baby from the cemetery, and the son went on to look for the grave of his wife’s father, although my son never saw him. The weather in the dream was good, the trees were green. Please explain what this means? I had a dream from Tuesday to Wednesday. I’m very worried.

Basically, as if I come to Ukraine (as a child, I often was there with my parents, they were born there) and see relatives (but they are no longer alive) and I constantly go somewhere and I can’t find my way back, and I lose money, and I try to run to catch a train or plane, but I do not succeed, and I am very worried

He walked along a sandy road wrapped in a blanket with a large and heavy bag, fell lying on the road and breathed on the prints of car tires that crumbled from breath, got up and walked on, it was hard, went to some kind of Lyuba .then woke up

Hello, every time I follow a girl in a black robe in a dark forest, I myself am also dressed in black, and it looks like a robe, I cannot catch up with her, but at some moment of sleep, she stops, and I, too, and in this moment she begins to turn her head, the dream immediately breaks down, and I wake up in a cold sweat (I have been dreaming every day for a month already) (and I wake up precisely between 04:00 and 05:00)

I walked for a very long time through some village, there was no one in the village except one guy who followed me. he walked slower, but he was catching up with me.

I stood and then I saw my friend&# 8230; I loved him before. He called me for him and I went, I told him &# 171; Wait, I don’t have time&# 187; and he turned, smiled at me and said &# 171; Follow me&# 187;, well, I walked and was so happy, I felt warmth and joy and in a dream I loved him again. But then for some reason I turned and thought all the time &# 171; Why did I do it, he is waiting for me&# 187;, but then I walked, walked and met him again, I was happy
(in the beginning I followed him along the path, it was sunny and warm)

I dreamed that I was walking with my classmates in the evening Vinnitsa and we were carrying some kind of beetle, very poisonous! And one girl who decided to go home (by the way, I like her). And I decided to spend it!And then the dream ended!

My brother and I went along the road where cars drive, but there were no cars, buildings and people in the neighborhood were all white, we were wearing suits, I was wearing gray, my brother was black and we had patent leather shoes, black glasses and dark hair, even though we the fair-haired themselves, we were about 30 years old, although we were almost 20 years old, we walked quickly and with serious faces the road led into some kind of white and endless distance. Thank you for your attention and I hope you will help to sort out this dream.

I and my recently separated boyfriend, we walked all the time together in cloudy rainy weather, and we knew that having crossed many roads together, we would reach the bridge and disperse along different roads. And so we reached and stood near the bridge, we looked at each other and did not want to disperse, but we must, since everyone had a meeting. But in the end, we stand together near the bridge and I wake up. What does it mean? How is it interpreted?

good evening! The dream was like this&# 8230; Dark night, I’m on the seashore, by some building. Like a breakwater, but high. With stairs and railings. I’m alone. The sea is shallow, transparent, I turn to the shore and see a huge high wave. She moves in my direction. I understand that she will sweep everything away and I need to catch on to the railing, I try to run to them, but I can’t, my legs barely come off the ground, the fatigue is enormous&# 8230; almost benefit and I think I won’t have time. Then somehow I was already upstairs, grabbed the railing, but the waves were gone.someone unfamiliar is nearby, we are looking at the sea, an isthmus is visible in the distance and flashes of shots and explosions.but not scary.admire the stars and flares in the sky.

I dreamed that I was walking with a friend for whom I have feelings, we walked along a clean, asphalt road, it was warm and sun, we walked by hand
What does it mean?

at first we walked along the road with a company, everyone went and I didn’t want to go, but I went in this direction, then we stopped the cars and then the truck slowed down and spun knocking everything down in front of us and in the end it crashed into something I don’t remember there was an explosion people were hurt I no, but people moved and then I drank orange juice with water

In the beginning, I was looking for shoes, then I was on the street of the city where I grew up, leg pain, it is hard to move my legs, I can hardly see a black dog under the flooring, she looks at me with surprise and fear, cars on the road, a girl who I liked at school overtakes me, and it’s still hard for me to walk I go from tree to tree.

I dreamed of how fussy I was going to a meeting with a girl, although I have no girlfriend. And I studied with her at 1 university.

At first I ended up as in a children’s camp, only people there were of different ages, they were like team competitions, but I seemed to be alone and won, but then I went after a girl (pretty) and in my opinion it was an ex, she walked at a distance from me , I followed her and saw how they were selling clandestine weapons, from somewhere I had a green grenade in my hands, I pulled the pin and threw it back, but the grenade rolled next to me, a few meters while I walked, but then it stopped simultaneously with me, I looked at this grenade, but it did not explode. This is where my dream ended&# 8230;

I’m walking as a lady in a dream, but I can’t get there! at the beginning of my journey, I walk normally, but the closer to home, the slower I can move my legs, it feels like I have periods and against this background my legs start to fail. and all I wake up.

I had a dream about walking to Moscow&’Forty degrees of frost boots with thin soles&# 8230; walked 20 km&# 8230; in Moscow, I got an incredible job there they disliked me and I wanted to go home&# 8230;

I dreamed as if I was going home very late, at 3 a.m. to be more precise, and it was winter, I supposedly walked against the wind, although there was no wind, but it was very difficult to walk and I called a taxi, and so I got into a taxi and I woke up but with a good feeling like it’s over

It started like this, as if I was returning home on foot at night, my path was rather short, I was walking and walking on the way home and then I got tired, decided to lie down, climbed a tree and when I got there I had a blanket and a pillow with me. I lay down and suddenly I see strangers walking along the road, they seem to have lanterns, they saw me too, I got scared and when they came I went down and we greeted. They said the type they saw that someone hanged himself on the tree, I looked at the tree and in real life it was as if someone was hanging there! Well then we went to their house! I sat at their house, and then I woke up! why this dream? P, S sorry for mistakes)

Today in a dream I saw how I was wandering near the house and suddenly I noticed a hole-shaped rada in my right leg, and a tick crawled out from there, I was frightened by the thought that the eggs of that creature could remain there&# 8230; after which I remember the masquerade after a rich girl offended at me with her mother stands barefoot at the bus stop feeling guilty for their litter I take their shoes and bring them to them putting them in front of them I take off my shoes I put shoes next to them I put the rest of their things and take care. I’m wandering around in a familiar area, I also went barefoot into the booths with things and everywhere everyone was choosing something and everyone was happy. Going into another store I notice my dad with his ex choosing a backpack. I am surprised and immediately leave the tudov. And then with every step it hurts to walk. I spot a tent with food and hot drinks. I go up there before I have time to place an order when two guys start to stick to me&# 8230; I try to talk to them peacefully, but nothing helps, as I suddenly notice a person I know, he scares them off and evaluating my condition asking what happened to me? And why am I barefoot? Not knowing what to answer, she just shrugged her shoulders and then he led him to a friend in a bar and offered to drink. I sit down at the table. Then we began to remember the past and then I woke up.

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