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Dream Interpretation Gopher 😴 dreamed of what the Gopher dreams of seeing in a dream


Gopher – symbolizes the accumulation of large stocks, because problems await you.

Interpretations of similar dreams:

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

Gopher dreamed, but there is no necessary interpretation of sleep in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out what the Gopher is dreaming about in a dream, just write the dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

In a dream I see a live gopher. The son tries to catch him several times. The gopher breaks free, while not biting his son’s hands and ear hard. The son still catches it and gives it to me almost without a skin, I cut off the legs, take out the internal organs (the stomach and intestines are missing), with my right hand, it seems, I take out the heart and lungs, holding the gopher by the neck in weight. Everything.

Hello, I dreamed that many guinea pigs, a gopher and 2 raccoons live in my apartment. And in my dream the gopher bit me twice. I am very afraid of what it might be, because tomorrow I have a very important day, the defense of the diploma

I was holding it in my hands or someone was holding it, I don’t remember exactly, he was very beautiful blackish, but he was very angry and wanted to bite

Two crows arrive and when they land, they turn into gophers and begin to bite me

I dreamed of a trip out of town, to a recreation center. On the way, I saw huge pods with tulips, mostly red. Then we accidentally almost knocked down the mother and baby gophers, but I noticed them in time and everything worked out. I saved them.besides fields there were pine forests. The dream was calm, pleasant and colorful

I dream that a gopher is sitting on a hill, next to a mink, mice come out from there, and he devours them, I look at it with horror, but I cannot stop this terrible action

Gopher crawled out of the basement. I helped him to get out a little.Began to examine him. I tell him:&# 187; You gopher?&# 187; He replied:&# 187; Yes, I’m a gopher&# 187;. Then I helped him back to the basement again.

At first, the gopher was small and seemed to be dying, and then he quickly became an adult and grabbed my hand with his teeth, but I could not unhook him

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