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Dream Interpretation Graduation 😴 dreamed of what Graduation dreams about in a dream


The prom dream calls to analyze the mistakes of school years in order to leave yesterday in the past. The sins you have experienced haunt you, do not allow you to exist normally in the present.

Ask forgiveness from the offended for the mistakes made, start life from scratch: mentally constantly returning to childhood, you will never grow up. Enter with ease into a new phase of life – you will immediately feel the changes for the better.

According to another interpretation of a dream, what he sees can portend a wonderful future full of luck. The coming days will be the time for the fulfillment of innermost desires, the embodiment of extravagant ideas. Grandiose plans are destined to come true, and dreams will have to be invented anew, for the current ones will soon turn into reality.

Who dreamed about graduation?

A girl dreams of graduation ▼

If a young girl saw a prom in a dream, she can count on an improvement in the situation on the love front. Soon personal life will be marked by unexpected fateful events.

Single girls will have a romantic acquaintance. Do not reject the fan that has appeared – a fleeting impression is deceptive: a man who is unprepossessing at first glance will turn out to be a long-awaited prince, prepared by fate.

Young people in permanent relationships are waiting for a marriage proposal – don’t let pride and ambition get in the way of happiness. With the chosen one, a long, materially prosperous and happy future awaits you, you will never have to regret your chosen life partner.

The dream of married girls promises good news related to the spouse. A loved one will try to surprise you by making a gift or inviting you on a romantic date. Graduation in this case can also mean imminent motherhood.

Why is your graduation dreaming ▼

Being present in a dream at your prom promises success. The goal you strive for will invariably be achieved. Through your efforts, you will be able to get what you want for a long time: a new job, material well-being, a man’s heart.

Fate will bring a pleasant surprise: good news, a sudden gift or a stunning surprise – the event will leave a lot of positive impressions and a lot of memories. Seize the moment.

What prom did you dream about?

Dreaming about graduation at school ▼

Young people, having seen a graduation at school in a dream, risk making the most monstrous mistake in life, the consequences of which will turn their whole existence. Pass your decisions through the prism of objectivity: do not take rash steps, otherwise you will have to regret forever.

For older people, a dream symbolizes nostalgia for times long gone. With longing remembering school years and youth, you understand: the past is gone forever, and this gives grief. Think about the benefits: the years have endowed you with wisdom, and there are still many pleasant things ahead of you on the path of life.

Dreamed of graduation at the institute ▼

Felomena interprets graduation at a university or institute as a sign of absolute culmination. At work or in personal relationships, the limit of possibilities has been reached – there is a dead end ahead, there is nowhere to move further.

Don’t cling to what has reached its climax. Stumbling in one place, you will forget about growth and self-improvement forever. Think: are you ready to sacrifice ambitions and dreams for the controversial pleasure of feeling stability??

Why is someone else’s prom dreaming ▼

A dream about someone else’s graduation is a symbol of mutual assistance. When you find yourself in a difficult situation, you will be pleasantly surprised by help from an unfamiliar person. The situation will change the worldview, you will have to re-prioritize – love for your neighbor, mercy, friendship will top the list of values.

Sometimes such a dream reflects significant changes in the fate of relatives. A loved one today is at the crossroads of the old and future life – do not leave him alone in a difficult situation, your presence is very important to him.

What exactly did you dream about graduation?

I dreamed of preparing for graduation ▼

Preparing for prom dreams of a landmark event. Very soon, an event will take place that will make fate turn to another road – more joyful, prosperous, happy. There is time to prepare – mentally and physically – for the upcoming changes, accept them with dignity.

Appreciate the gifts of fate at their true worth – you have drawn out a lucky ticket, luck is a changeable lady, only she decides whom to turn to face. Thank heaven for a generous gift – you have a chance that many unsuccessfully wait all their lives.

Why do graduates dream ▼

Seeing graduates in a dream is an auspicious sign. News is expected in reality, promising to deliver many happy impressions. Do not neglect moments of joy, they are infrequent guests in the whirlwind of everyday worries and problems.

The near future promises a lot of joy. Whoever comes to visit, he will be deeply sympathetic to you, the time spent together will be unforgettable, the soul will be filled with a sea of ​​positive, and a great mood will become a constant companion of the coming days.

I had a last call ▼

According to Felomena’s dream book, the last bell at school reflects the connection between the present and the past. Real life will be marked by a date with the ghosts of days gone by – school or student friends, forgotten friends.

Fate presents such a meeting with the aim of returning you for a moment to the past. Think of something that will come in handy today. Perhaps your ideals have changed for the worse. Are the views and values ​​that previously selflessly defended are lost forever?

What actions did you take in relation to the prom in a dream?

I dreamed of going to prom ▼

The dream speaks of the desire to achieve exorbitant well-being thanks to the support of authority, if in dreams you were going to graduation. Do not expect to win his sympathy through hypocrisy and sycophancy – it is more effective to be yourself.

Do not take the success gained at someone else’s expense as your own achievement. Do not expect that everything will be easy – usually, the achieved result must be earned with the applied efforts, honest work. In the future, rely only on yourself, otherwise you cannot do without disappointment.

To be late for prom in a dream ▼

If you dreamed about how you are late for the prom, the dream symbolizes the beginning of a new streak. You are afraid of changes, even if they are for the better, regret in advance about what was done or not done, without waiting for the consequences of actions.

Stop being afraid that the next stage will be worse than the previous one – fears will not come true. In order not to degrade, you need to move forward. Do not try to artificially attract the attention of outsiders – authority in someone else’s company is earned by other methods.

Cry at the prom according to the dream book ▼

Why dream that I had to cry at the prom? In reality, you can prepare for a successful outcome of unpleasant situations. There are a lot of griefs around, the flow of which seems endless, but do not give in to difficulties – you will soon feel how the black stripe is replaced by white.

On the road of hardship and hardship, there is unexpectedly a person who will lend a helping hand. Know that at this moment a faithful and devoted friend appeared in your fate, you can always count on him, he will not let you down, he will not betray.

How other dream books interpret?

Interpretations of similar dreams:

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

I dreamed about Graduation, but there is no necessary interpretation of sleep in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out what you dream about Graduation in a dream, just write the dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

good day. I dreamed that I was having a wedding&# 8230;&# 8230; but it took place at my school (which I graduated almost 2 years ago). The action took place in the assembly hall, my relatives were behind the scenes, and there were no other friends in the hall except me and some of my other friends, and we were dancing the dance that opened our launch ball (and I was in my graduation dress)&# 8230;&# 8230;&# 8230;..Here is a dream) If you can explain it to me, I will be very grateful!

Victoria, perhaps a dream about a wedding, with a dance from the prom, suggests that you have to somehow plunge into the school atmosphere.

Hello! I dreamed about my graduation several times already)
I’m just turning to 11.
and every time in a dream something goes wrong: I am either late, or there is no dress, the hair is not done, or I forget about this day altogether! Tell me what it means?
Am I really going to be late for my prom? 🙂

Jechka, most likely such a dream about graduation, is simply the result of your subconscious fears that in reality you may also have difficulties, problems before graduation or during its reality.

Hello!please tell me I had a dream that I went to graduation with my friends in a white summer dress, but at the same time forgot to wear sandals.In the assembly hall, certificates were handed out only to me and my friends, and there were no more friends)

Diana, the fact that you went to prom with bare feet probably means that you are not ready for this event yet.

I finished school a long time ago. And today I dreamed about graduation, a lot of people. We are sitting in the hall. And I’m wearing a pretty pink dress.

Elena, the fact that there were scenes from the prom in your dream probably indicates that bright pleasant events await you.

Hello!I had a strange dream, supposedly during the day I was at my prom (although I still have it) and I see my dad dragging boxes of champagne for us (knowing him, he will never do that), and this night my friends and I celebrate a new a year at my house, for some reason I went out into the street, and when I went back into the entrance, the elevator opened and my dad came out of there, only with empty champagne boxes))) why would it be?

Your dream, in which the prom featured, most likely promises you very joyful events in the near future.

Hello, I had a dream in which I come to my graduation (I graduated from school two years ago), but I do not have a dress and suitable shoes, and all my classmates are already dressed up. I try to buy a prom dress and shoes in half an hour, but I manage to buy a dress, but instead of shoes my brother buys me socks, and in the end I decide not to go to prom at all. and then my mother (in a dream) tells me that tomorrow there will be another graduation, at other classes and that I will have time for everything.

Such a dream, in which you were not ready for graduation, most likely reflects your insecurity in resolving issues of your personal life.

Hello! I was only 13 years old, and I dreamed that I was dressing for my prom, and that I was late for it. and I go as if to the gym and everyone looks at me, and they tell me what a beauty!

Hello! I only go to grade 11 and I dreamed that I came to prom in a white dress with my boyfriend and instead of my dad with whom I should dance, I danced with a guy.what is it for?thank you in advance.

Hello!I am going to grade 11, recently I dreamed that I was going to my prom in a white dress.

Hello!Today I had a dream that I came to the 9th grade graduation (now I myself am going to the 9th grade) and we had fun, had fun, but the place was strange, it was a small room with stands, there were a lot of people sitting there, but not one parent!What is it for?Thank you in advance!

Today I dreamed about my graduation, although I did not finish school, I went after 9, I sang with my brother a song by Yulia Savicheva &# 8216; ships&# 8217;. My parents weren’t there, but then my mom came at the very end. By the way, the brother forgot the words in the song

I dreamed that I was at a prom (although he was 18.06.11, and now it’s already 25.06.eleven)
I’m in a completely different dress, fluffy, peach, I’m at school, but not in mine, and here everyone is congratulated on graduation, and me on my wedding!)))
explain please!!

Two days ago I had a dream about my prom. Only for some reason he was in different offices, and not in one large hall or cafe. I dream of the first office and that, such an office, which, in comparison with our school ones, is nothing like. We dance together with Volodya (although I rarely had a couple at school, let alone what was in my dream with Volodya), we confessed our love to each other, in my dream I had a special attraction to him. At first he pleasantly bit me on the neck, then he kissed me there. I told him how nice it is. And there was the whole class around us and we stood out with him very much, because no one had a pair, like both of us. Then, in another office, we sat at our desks and wrote. The teachers explained to us, each his own topic. We listened to them attentively and recorded everything. And so there were a few more offices. When there was the last office, something strange happened there. When the next material was explained to us, Sasha (one very hooligan guy) for some reason got up from his seat, screamed at the top of his lungs, his scream was like a scream. And he fell right to my table with his head (which was dyed black, and his medium length hair, which he wore in grades 9-10, and in the 11th he shaved his head). His head lay right next to my feet. All this time, as we found ourselves in different offices, our parents came to us and fed us all sorts of cakes. So this time, when they came in, they were with little meringue cakes. One mother, with whom we are very familiar, put me only one cake and, as I noticed, it was smaller than other cakes and only one, when some had a little more: two, three. And after all this, I dreamed about the same office, only empty and our corridor on the first floor, on the way out of it.

A dream in which there was a graduation, most likely, suggests that you can soon experience very important events for yourself.

I dreamed of a rehearsal of the waltz that opened the prom, we danced, but I did not know a single movement, as if the dance had been redone before I came, then the prom began. The graduates gathered at the top to solemnly go down later, and for some reason I stayed behind the curtains and changed into my dance, although I shouldn’t have danced it. Graduation began, I quickly began to change, but the graduates were not announced for a long time, on stage, as if some kind of concert had begun instead of my graduation, different numbers, songs, dances.

The fact that your dream was a graduation most likely indicates that you can go through an important moment in life soon.

Hello. I dreamed as if they told me in 3 days that there would be a graduation in 3 days. I cried all night because I was worried that everything would be good at the prom. As a result, I choose a fluffy white dress, very similar to a wedding dress and wake up) please explain what it is))

Hello! I had a dream today that I was going to the prom. I paint carefully, I do my hair, but I am not standing in a dress. I didn’t get to the ball itself, I woke up. T.e. I only dreamed of fees for him, and I did not even see the dresses.
and in fact &# 8212; I didn’t have a prom in my life. I left school after grade 9.

Hello.I graduated from school 5 years ago. I had a dream in which I was looking for my red (although I had white at the prom) dress, but I could not find it and I did not get to the prom. School often dreams. What does this mean?

I often dream of a meeting of graduates, but in my life I did not even have a graduation, I finished 8 classes. I come to my school as an adult, in my early dreams I had no place in the class, I left the class with a scandal, came to the exam, and the last time I came to the renovated school I was mistaken for a person applying for a job, but I said that I not to work, but to study in the 10th grade, they let me through, I meet with my classmates in an evening dress, an adult meeting of graduates, but I did not like the organization of the holiday, it was like a thundering nightclub, I went to a quiet place and told my classmates (with whom I was not friends in school) that I didn’t like it could have been better organized, then I went to another office and for some reason decided to change the dress for the wedding dress of a school friend I had a burgundy dress and she was wearing blue, I didn’t change it, and I saw another classmate mounted on the wall, but everyone was alive, healthy and for some reason model appearance.

This dream, in which there were such images, is most likely due to the fact that soon you will see your school friends and acquaintances.

I have been dreaming for 2 days in a row that today I’m not in a hurry to graduate there, then I have to take a suit from a friend, then some other things to do and I also dreamed that I was going to graduation in a white shirt and my classmate and her mother were walking on the ice and carrying a wreath how they walked to the cemetery far in front of me, I saw them from the foam, but I myself walked along the path on the ground and did not take it off on the ice, then I dream that I clean up the hay and drive home on a horse, what is it all about?

This dream most likely indicates that the events in your life are now too fast and you do not have time to react to changes.

Hello, I dreamed that I went to my graduation and noted like this that I only remembered the beginning and how I returned home, but I came completely sober.So I come home and ask my sister (we live in one room and she sleeps in another bed) how my graduation went, she did not answer me, she just smiled.
I would like to know what this is for, released from me in half a year!

I dreamed that I was giving my prom dress to a friend with whom I did not speak for many years.. What can this mean?? I had a crimson dress and a bow to it in crimson hair I gave her everything. she also asked me for shoes, but I did not give them away, they are very expensive..

I’m at the prom. I watch as couples come out in a circle, in one of them with some girl in a white dress my ex-boyfriend. I do not take my eyes off them, he looks at me.We parted long ago 8 years ago, and now he is dreaming

today I had a dream that I was celebrating graduation, but not at school, but somewhere in nature, I was taking photos
and dreams that everything is colorful, bright
the girls were dressed in aprons and with large, white bows
also, I dreamed that I really liked one photo, and I ran and showed it to everyone, said that it looked like a wedding photo
but, she had 2 girls and a guy
but I haven’t finished 11th grade yet, t.e. haven’t been through this prom yet
what can this mean?

had a dream that at the prom at school I became the queen of the ball. but right after the tiara was put on my head from the ball, I left. then I dreamed that I came home and played for a long time with a dog that died two years ago. what is it for?

Hello . I had a dream: at first I came to a girl with whom I am not friends, but I know, we went somewhere with her, in the end I ended up at the prom, it was a strange very graduation there they chose the best mothers and one of the mothers was my mother, but for some reason she did not come to the prom although she promised me she had a day off it was Monday, when I called her and asked her where she answered at the dance and hung up, I started crying = ((((((((((((( ((((((((help me why I had this dream.
thank you in advance. =)))

Hello!I had a dream that on the day of my graduation my favorite singer came to my city, we walked around the city, then kissed.what does this mean?

Good morning!I had a dream that it seemed like I had a prom again, although the first was already 4 years ago, and I walk in the same dress, another guy was already paired with me, and it was all so real!

Hello, my name is Inna!
Recently I had a dream in which I stood in the school locker room, with classmates and changed into our graduation dresses and all the girls changed clothes, got together and left, and I seemed to be late, but then my friend came for me and said that graduation had not started yet and I’m lucky&# 8230;.what is it for&# 8230; I finished school 3 years ago&# 8230;

Hello, my name is Inna!
Recently I had a dream in which I stood in the school locker room, with classmates and changed into our graduation dresses and all the girls changed clothes, got together and left, and I seemed to be late, but then my friend came for me and said that graduation had not started yet and I’m lucky&# 8230;.what is it for&# 8230; I finished school 3 years ago&# 8230;

As such, the prom was a glimpse in a dream, but I feel that it was not easy
So here.
I dreamed of a private wooden two-story house. I no longer remember how it all began, but in this house, besides me, there were people. Different people, different ages, there was a woman with a child of about five. There was also an elderly couple. But the bottom line is that the house was attacked, people with weapons, several people, they did not hesitate to kill, cut the throat or stab with a knife. Anyone who tried to leave the house was either badly wounded and he returned covered in blood to the room where everyone was locked, or died on the spot. I was sitting with the children (there were three of them, in my opinion) in a separate room, when the door opened and my colleagues unfortunately brought into the room a woman (young, dark-haired pretty) with a slit throat. They in a hurry tried to explain that she only wanted to let her daughter out, so as not to harm the child. I tried to do at least something, try to stop the blood, somehow bandage it, but she only whispered to bring her daughter to her to say goodbye. Said goodbye and died.
I remember how anger seized me, I grabbed a knife, such a long knife, a blade of 20 centimeters, probably, and leaving the room went to where that man would have stabbed a dark-haired woman. Having found him, I attacked, he severely wounded me several times, he managed to rip my hands, and I felt how painful it was for me, but at some point he hesitated, I was able to come closer and cut his throat. Then the picture changes.
I stand in a sky-blue dress, on the steps of the school, graduates line up in front of the school, they are congratulated, given gifts, given certificates and I can only hear behind my back that today is the anniversary of that event, and that I am the pride of the city, and the scars on my hands are evidence of courage and courage. Only I stand and understand that the graduates are being honored today, and all the seriousness of my act will pass by for them, they will not remember.
Here’s a dream.

I had a dream about graduation.I wore different clothes.The girls were dressed in skirts and blouses with no taste.The boys are gone, we are the teacher and a few parents.A girl came who finished 11th grade that year and tells me why we are not wearing dresses, not wearing hairstyles.And I tell her, wait now everything will be And I put on a blue dress that my sister gave me.It is very beautiful, put on black shoes, dyed her hair, made her hair.And I go to the teacher’s hall and my parents liked my outfit only our girls looked with envy.Sorry there were no boys.They called me to sing on stage and I smiled and went.At this the dream is interrupted

Today I dreamed of my first love prom. I stood crying because he leaves school and we will see each other less often. In reality, we are not together, but I love him since grade 5 and he knows about it and we generally have a very strange relationship with each other. This is a big problem. And he is drawn to me, but something stops him anyway. In a dream, he confessed his love to me, hugged me, kissed me in front of all his friends and reassured. I was happy. What could it be for?

we dress at home with my sister for our prom (in our life we ​​have 10 years of difference and she really had a graduation for a month) we are taken by two amazingly handsome guys, as I later feel these are our boyfriends, I ride a motorcycle with my boyfriend, sister with her own car. I’m not dressed in a dress, but in some kind of incomprehensible things, like the top of the jacket on top, something else. I know that after we arrive at the ball, we will have to get into the car of my sister and her boyfriend. When we arrive at the ball, with my inner instinct, I understand that all the people in the hall are vampires, I grab my sister, who does not understand what is happening and does not want to leave, and I try to run away. But we don’t succeed, they almost grab it and I wake up
After a couple of seconds, I fall asleep again and I have the same dream again, only we manage to run out of the building, and there was a girl (it seems to me that in reality this is my sister’s classmate) she gave us the keys to her car, we got into her and us caught again and I woke up
There was a third continuation of the dream, but I don’t remember it 🙁
Help explain, thanks in advance_)

hello, I had a dream that I supposedly had a second prom. but I didn’t know about it, so I pass by the school, and there my classmates gather and say why I’m not ready yet. I didn’t immediately rush to get ready. I had a dress at home, but what to do with a hairdo and make-up. and already I came just in my dress, and just loose hair!!why would it be?

Hello!) today I dreamed of a graduation at a military institute (my young man is studying there), but I did not see him there. and the graduation ceremony itself took place somewhere on the street.. the holiday was funny, the girls flew in big balloons)) I also tried) all the time someone tried to get to know me, and I ran away because I wanted to change, I had trousers under my dress)) in the end I took off these trousers and woke up on this. Maybe this is nonsense, of course, but suddenly it means something)

I dreamed about graduation as the graduates gathered &# 8212; for a long time we could not choose a table at which we would sit and then we all my hairstyle was worn out and I corrected it for a long time in the mirror and changed it, but for some reason it did not work out and at the same time my classmates were nearby. Then I dreamed that it seemed like my stepfather was seized by bandits with an unregistered cargo and they came to our house there are 2 of them and we knew about their arrival and our stepfather also met them and left with them and then I saw him in the basement where they stabbed him with something and he was guarded by one of ours and did not allow him to eat pills fed
I saw a man who was preparing injections and saw her stepfather through dirty glass . I also dreamed that at the prom, the boys asked me to change my shoes, first I came in white footwear on a high heel and then ended up in some kind of lemon-lime yellow roofing felts with low heels and I didn’t really like them&# 8230; and it was a little uncomfortable in them. Mom and grandmother also dreamed. Cars on the street I had to wait for a friend to arrive

In a dream it seemed to me that I had a graduation.A lot of people were walking, it was unpleasant cloudy weather, and I watched from the side as everyone was walking.I saw my late dad in the crowd.Who walked with flowers that were not very beautiful.I wanted to give them to me, but two steps away from me, I stopped and turned around and went back into the crowd.

hello, please tell me what my dream could be?I dreamed that I was going to graduation, I had a beautiful long dress, I’m all smartly going around, but I can’t get to the place where the graduation ceremony takes place.Thank you very much in advance.

I dreamed that I was going to the prom. I put on a short dress of pale pink color with a white border (the mother-in-law bought). And white, new high heels. And there are a lot of braids and big elastic bands on my head (then I took it off). and on the sidelines, my grandmother sits crying (she had already died, but in life she also cried at special events, she loved me very much)

came to the restaurant for graduation&# 8230; everything was fun, in the end I stayed with the girl I see for the first time, she undressed, but I didn’t want sex and sex..what is it for

I myself am now in school. And I have a dream that I have a prom. And decorated the class. I decorated it. And now a girl comes into my class with &# 171; A&# 187; Class. And looks. I was so offended by her. And then she smiled and walked out of class and walked with me.
What does this dream mean?

I dreamed about graduation with my former classmates, which I had in reality. I remember that we had a pleasant chat, everything was good and calm.
I had some kind of long dress, but I didn’t have a hairstyle, I came with a ponytail and called the guy to take me home and I redid it. Initially, I did not seem to know that about this whole event.
I am worried about the meaning of this dream, since in one place it is written that it is for the wedding and in another &# 8212; career. thanks.

I was standing in a village by the road at home near the matter looked at a large number of girls in a prom dress.They stood in an organized way in several formations, some of them were talking, and some were already leaving.In the distance, an announcer was heard from the stadium, he announced the start of the match, and behind my back I heard my father say twice that they must be playing football.

my husband and I were on the bus, I got off at the bus stop, and he drove on. I entered the building, went to the hall where our alumni meeting was held, everyone was beautiful, had fun, danced and I was left alone, no one talked to me, did not talk. I was so lonely, I felt it strongly, then someone came up to me, and I ran out the door in tears, sat down on the floor behind her, and someone came up again, began to say something and I answered clearly; &# 171; my god, no one cares&# 187; and woke up from resentment and loneliness&# 8230;

I have graduation soon and I think a lot with a vow&# 8230;..and for the second time I had this dream I had my evening before graduation that I was not ready and in a panic I have no money to buy an outfit for myself&# 8230;.and i steal money i buy an outfit but everything is not how i want it&# 8230;.

Hello. i dreamed that i was late for graduation in my college .It’s hard to remember all the details now, I remember very well that I run home from the street and the cycle of failures begins literally, I understand that the dress that I wanted to wear has gone somewhere, the shoes are some kind of bright, yellow chtoli, but in integrity with this dress does not satisfy me, it it was roofing felts of gray beige roofing felts, then a call comes from a classmate (a good enough friend of mine) and she says that the event has begun and if I don’t show up now, something terrible will happen that concerns me, like I’ll stay without a diploma.. and I remember very well that I look at the clock, I don’t remember the time, but I’m just sure that I have another 20 minutes, and my face is absolutely without make-up, and I will not have time to get to the salon, in general, in the fullest essence, chagrin and panic I woke up
thanks, I look forward to your comment)

I still go to grade 5 and I already have a dream: I come to school, it was the last day I finished grade 5.I go to the classroom, we gave marks.I go out and there are 11th grade graduates&# 8230;

my favorite person fought with his classmate at his own graduation, but only this graduation took place in the cemetery.

In the morning I got up and started dressing for school.Then I went for a friend and we went together.We come to school.There, our classmates are dressed smartly and ceremoniously.We went to the last call.The last call has passed.We walk on our way home and laugh.Talking about the prom night.I came home and started changing into a ball gown.Here comes the goodbye wrencher.We danced in pairs.The man I liked he danced with me.WELL, SOMETHING LIKE THIS!

I dreamed of a delicious day, girls without a partner at the ball walked along the passages and were looking for guys.I passed by with a guy, they wanted to call him, but I refused.but somehow we ended up there anyway and we were there together

Hello. I had a dream that I was at prom. but he is unusual. At first I didn’t want to go, then I went. All dresses were not festive. But everyone liked mine, they were still surprised to see me in it. I sat down at a desk with a classmate who I liked before, because there were no more seats. He spoke to me, I don’t remember what already. Itself has already graduated for 3 years. What does it mean?

I recently dreamed of my own school prom in a dream, I saw myself as if in reality there I was perfect different in my appearance I was wearing a long birch-colored ball gown with silver edging around the edges in this dream I was very happy since I am 14 years old and I crossed over in grade 8 I have 2 years left before graduation what does this dream mean?

I’m a graduate of this year myself. I had a dream about graduation. Not at all what he was in reality. In general, I vaguely remember the dream. But I remember such a detail as a photo frame with a black ribbon and the ribbon says &# 171; graduate&# 187; and within the photo of some graduates. And there were many such frames.

At night, I was leaving the cafe, had a fight with some kind of guys for touching my glasses of drinks, they snapped back, and I quickly left. And suddenly I heard the music, farewell, came closer, turned out to be graduation in someone’s school in the schoolyard.
There are several screens on the building, which showed life moments from school, and an orchestra played on the balcony. There were a lot of people at the bottom of the courtyard, everyone sang graduation songs, and some were sitting in cars like in an open-air cinema. End.

I myself finished school a long time ago, left after grade 9, then graduated from college, now I am defending my diploma at the university. Some kind of graduation was only in college, where my boyfriend was, (we were together with him for 4 years). A year since we parted with him, and I suffer.

What could a dream mean?

Hello Tatiana. On the night of Thursday to Friday, I dreamed of my prom night at school. In a dream, I was not with my classmates, but with students from another school. I dreamed how I was walking to the entrance to the recreation center on the red carpet and everyone was looking at me and applauding (my parents, friends, a young man who I like, but whom I do not meet). What does such a dream mean?

the fact that before the prom I had a lover, but I wasn’t fat, and he came to my prom, he found out that I had a boyfriend, got angry, we had a fight, and he began to say into the microphone that I had been sleeping with him since 12 years, and we had a fight with a friend yet (not because of a lover), and I found money a lot of silver coins.

hello, Tatyana, I dreamed of a graduation at the institute, we were sitting at a table with a group (people are not familiar to me in life) and among all there was a handsome young man who I liked and he liked me too, in life he is not familiar to me and I have the man with whom we have been living together for 5 years. in general I’m 23 years old. so, in a dream, this guy was from a wealthy family, and he treated me to various exotic wines, very tasty. then we went for a walk, and I ran very quickly past this guy, and he followed me, then I stopped and tears came to my eyes, and he hugged me and treated me to some unusual sweets, and also very tasty, like toffee something, there were a lot of them, but I wanted more&# 8230; although in life I am not so fond of sweets, I have no particular addiction to sweets. perhaps the whole dream. Thank you very much in advance.

Hello! I had a dream from Saturday to Sunday . in my dream I saw my graduation from school.. at the same time, I still have 3 years before graduation..
In a dream I was not happy, nervous because I had nothing to do with time .. that’s why I was late for him.. and it was carried over..

Hello, I don’t remember exactly a dream, I just remember that it was a graduation party at school, I had a long light beige dress, and a very good mood, there was only fun around.

In a dream, I was preparing for graduation. took a shower, put on a prom dress in which she was at a real prom.

I dreamed of some insects that they crawl into my pillow and crawl out at the sight of my black and white cat..And then abruptly once and graduation, with my former classmates..I saw my friend with whom I used to communicate, and now I don’t, but in a dream we also communicated with her..

I had my graduation a month ago. I don’t really miss school (I hardly remember it)
I dreamed that I was at graduation with my class (at school), but it was led by my first teacher (she is not the school that I graduated from). We were sitting behind a tulle by the window, and suddenly I broke loose and hurriedly went somewhere. The roof of the school was leaking and, one might say, it was raining in the building, they stopped me and asked where I was going, but I assured everyone that everything was fine with me and I would be back soon. Then I walked along the corridors of the school (but they were not the same as usual, but longer and the design was different) and saw the first graders, they went to school. I walked past them and was back in the room with my class. I just came and sat down. And that’s where the dream ended.

I’m just dreaming delirium or what’s wrong?I do not understand)

I dreamed about my grade graduation. my late teacher’s coffin was brought to this point, but it was empty and classmates danced around it

I dreamed that I was at the prom in a blue dress, sea color, there were people everywhere, a lot of people, some event happened there, but I forgot it, I remember that there was a feeling of anxiety, but everyone had fun, danced, then someone took me then I took you into the corridor and at that moment I woke up.

I dreamed that I had a graduation and I was proposed by a man who is 12 years older than me, but in a dream he is the same as at this time 24 years old .And after graduation on the same evening we went to a restaurant and kissed there.

I dreamed of a graduation ceremony that was already only he was also so warm and like that, but I graduated from the 11th grade in 2013 and now I dreamed of him again, why would it be?

I dreamed about my graduation, where my classmates and I graduated from school. I got a gold medal. after the end we all went to a bar and got drunk and went home.

I dreamed about my high school prom that hadn’t happened yet.I had a chic, fluffy light dress.I wake up in the morning, but I do not remember anything about my graduation, as if I got drunk and because of this I did not remember anything.This is all that I remember from my dream, thanks in advance!

I had a dream more than once, in a month I already finished the 3rd or 4th school, I am studying, but I entered after 9, and I dream about graduation at school, I dreamed that I was in a turquoise dress, and everyone praised him very much, so was my mother at the prom, the table, funny classmates, in general, everything is as it should be.

the sun was shining outside. I was wearing a long dress with a train . There were many acquaintances and friends with me. A lot of guys

watched girls in ball gowns, with evening hairstyles going to the ball. one of the groups of girls got into the car. at this time I was walking with my husband for a new T-shirt!

prom, it was a lot of fun, I saw all my the end of the party, the girls began to do things of a sexual nature.

I dreamed that I was on my graduation day in a white fluffy dress and holding in my hands a large bouquet of beautiful flowers . and classmates are standing nearby

2 times in my life, (not so long ago I dreamed 1 time) I dreamed of a situation as if a real person from my life split into two, that is, in fact, 2 fictional people brought in the qualities of one real one, and in a dream I try to remember how I found out both, what we did together, and how they differ from each other (despite the fact, I understand that they are similar) .

Hello ! I have had a dream about prom many times as if I constantly forget to buy myself a dress and do it the day before prom .What does this mean ?

I went to graduation to school, there I met my friends and a guy I like. we walked and talked, and then he took me home on a motorcycle and kissed me on the cheek in front of the house. at home I saw an ambulance and found out that my sister felt bad and on that I woke up

I had a dream. that I am standing at school with my classmate on the staircase, and opposite a classmate with a friend from another school, he apparently liked me, and that classmate became my best friend. Then I found myself on another street and this friend of a classmate was there. He told me to wait, but I decided to go, took my phone and his, and went. Then he caught up with me and we went with him. Then we prepared for September 1, he talked to me. Then September 1 came and my friend came up to me, her name is Anya. She said that he left, and I said: &# 171; So what?&# 187; and she:&# 187; Like What? He got me, he gagged me.&# 187; Then on the line we fell into place. Teachers stood next to us and began to talk about how they grew their hair, and I woke up on this.

I dreamed that I’d blame it all in pairs, I didn’t make a bet, I read the posters in my opinion..and here is a temryava, for another day I know the same day..and all so happy.I’m going to the boy, and my mother used to see him for me..і I trimmed him by the hand, then until the next time the little girl went out і was fed from kim win over, the lad saw me..and then the ceremony itself was honored

It was in Lodon. I was very surprised. Also, there were English students. They had a prom too. We had to go after them. We were dressed in regular white, cotton shirts and black pants. The hall was very beautiful. Something like a palace. Very large. Beige soft shades prevailed. Everything was top notch.

I dreamed as if I was looking for a school for a prom in my city, although I finished school, and I am already studying in institute, and in Java I cannot graduate from an institute due to the war, and now I have set my mind to find myself an institute to get a higher education arr. And I am looking for this school with my friend’s husband, and we find a school but not 7th but 8th

I had a prom, I was in a short (slightly above the knee) bright purple dress and high heels.And everyone told me that I was very beautiful

I dreamed of a prom, but not mine, where everyone was discussing me and it made me very angry. Then I dreamed of a shallow but calm river, along which things floated away, which I collected holding a neighbor’s child in my arms, he is 2.5 years old. When I packed my things, my brother went to see me off, he is 8. On a bicycle, our grandfather was walking to meet us, who is now very sick, he has cancer, but in a dream he was healthy and showed his brother how to enter turns on a bicycle. Then a toy snake crawled out to meet it, very bright, soft and fast, I was very scared of it, I knew that it was poisonous. I ran away from her, then balls of different sizes began to fall from the sky, on me, I was afraid to look up. and huge dolls began to appear from all sides and push the train, which I had to get on. They threw off the cars and I sat down to the driver, it was a woman, smiling, but especially beautiful. Then I woke up, very abruptly.

I dreamed about graduation at school (I want to note that I am already studying at the university), but not the solemn part itself, but a disco after. Everyone around me was familiar and danced, but I was apparently tired and sat talking with my classmate.

I dreamed of a wedding, like mine, but there were people whom I would never invite to my wedding, then I understand that this is a graduation, I see a graduation album, I was in a light dress, I’m not sure if it was white, and I dance with a young man waltz.

Hello, I had a dream that I was at prom..there is a boy, his name is Yura, I like him for 6 years, but he doesn’t know anything about it.then I send him a text message at school and he decides to call this number and the call breaks down for me, I quickly drop it..and I leave with my friend, he runs after me, catches up, we clarify the situation and it turns out that he also likes me for 4 years..then dream about graduation where we dance slow and kiss many times.and then we are elected king and queen.

I dreamed that it was graduation, everyone sat at the table and drank, then everyone disappeared somewhere and my friend and I rolled on the gate, holding onto the bars, and then a little green snake tried to crawl onto me

Good afternoon, next year we have a graduation anniversary at school for exactly 10 years, in the ninth grade I was in love with my classmate, I often dream of him. In a dream, I was at this meeting and talked to him, but he looked completely different from before, a completely different appearance, face, figure, etc&# 8230;..although I knew for sure that it was him&# 8230;.dream pretty bright mok red dress balls glasses with champagne&# 8230;&# 8230;.what could it mean? Why do I dream of him even though he was married, is now divorced&# 8230;&# 8230; first love why after so many years I dream of him&# 8230;

I dreamed that I was going to graduation (I graduated from school 10 years ago). I walk around the house and suddenly (. ) I remember that today I need to go and get a certificate. I start to prepare &# 8212; choose a dress, shoes, think about what make up (hair did not bother me). I had a choice between a golden dress made of light fabric and some other dress, I don’t remember the color.

I didn’t get to the prom itself, but I had pleasant sensations and experiences of something big and new 🙂

It was a cold May evening. Everyone gathered at school to celebrate graduation. Everything went fine, but then everything changed dramatically. A cold wind rushed into the school. I became very uncomfortable. Everyone has disappeared somewhere. I fell and woke up in some basement covered in blood. I have had this dream for a whole week and ends on the same&# 8230;.

i had a dream in which i was not at my prom. My classmates were also there, but we graduated from school a long time ago. Everybody was in prom dresses, I was wearing bright bright blue. And most importantly, I remember that in a dream I was pregnant. I woke up to the fact that a woman head teacher was killing me.

I dreamed that many graduates were under construction at the railway station.and I was constantly worried about my hairstyle and my appearance

From the beginning, the dream began that I met my girlfriend whom I had not seen for more than six months.And it turns out that we have graduation with her.But this dream was not attended by my classmates and not her.We get to meet her and go to the supermarket.She passes, and I run up to some graduate too (I don’t know her) and we watch some kind of video clip (I didn’t see what’s there) that she shows to customers.Then I went in and started running, just running and looking for alcohol.In this since there were no friends of mine whom I knew personally.There was only my girlfriend.Present there: from the reality show &# 171; Bachelor&# 187; (Ukrainian bachelor) Irina Skorikova and Roza Al-Namri.
Then after the supermarket I found myself on a ship, which is still under construction, there are many stairs and boards.The ship was not on the water.There, when we were about to go out, I meet Irina Skorikava, and Rosa Al-Namri comes down from somewhere (I did not see where exactly).Then I climb the stairs to the 2nd floor of the ship with someone (I didn’t see who it was) and it’s already dark.We look in some direction and I see that around us the sea or the ocean, the beach, and the sun goes down and we decide to celebrate there. And then it all ends.

School graduation, all the girls in white as in wedding dresses, walked all night, and in the morning one classmate sold flowers near the school, and we helped.

I tried to look much prettier than all my classmates and I succeeded, but all the time something incomprehensible happened to the shoes, it seemed to be getting old. The action took place in a large auditorium and most of the seats were empty. I wore gray pants, a white shirt, white shoes, and a blue wedding jacket. Feeling as if everyone around me and everyone has a question for me, but they are afraid to ask me.

Hello, I had a graduation dream at school, my classmates were all dancing and I was with a classmate and a guest of the evening, Boris Moiyev, a singer

I dreamed of a prom at which I was with my classmates with whom I was on good terms (there was no such thing at school), then we shared cigarettes and smoked, then my classmate’s friends said that I had short legs and I was not at all beautiful in a dress!
I was very offended, then one of them (the guy) burned my dress out with a cigarette and I started looking for new clothes in the closet (it was clean and beautifully folded)!

Hello, I had a dream where I am at the prom with my boyfriend and everyone needs to go on stage and I take another guy’s arm (everyone came out in pairs) his mother is present in the hall

I dreamed of a ruler at school after which we sat on the benches and suddenly everyone went out into the street and I was left alone at school

First, I dreamed that I lost my earrings and a good friend went to look for those who allegedly stole it, but then I found them.Then I move to my farewell call to school, where the girls and I have fun and take pictures, our dresses were especially clearly visible.
Next, I dream of a wedding at a friend-sister’s cousin, she and a guy in wedding dresses.

I dreamed as if I was finishing 10th grade at our graduation. warmly. summer outside. we are all beautiful, our whole if I say that in grade 11 I will study more history, I will never miss lessons as I want to study at the university at the Faculty of History.

The action takes place on a playground near the former school (but classmates from the new school). Everyone confessed their love to each other, one boy decided to make an offer to a classmate and consulted with me about the ring. After all, I’m leaving. The sun is shining bright, I smile. I don’t even know what such nonsense could have dreamed of. Thanks)

I was going to graduation, but decided to rest a little and slept through it, waking up in the morning, but I was in the apartment of my late grandmother where grandfather now lives

I dreamed that I had a graduation at school, grade 11 ..(but I did not have a graduation there, since the graduation was at the lyceum in 2008, at school I was up to the 9th grade) On the day when I graduated in a dream, I was in another place where my sister did my hair (she is my hairdresser), I was in a hurry for the start of the graduation concert and was half late&# 8230; when I came on the tables, half of the food was already eaten&# 8230;

I dreamed about the evening of the prom, it was a day and I was starting to decorate the stage for the graduates, and when they started to wear ribbons, then I had it short

It was the prom in November, I did not have time for the solemn part, I was in a white dress and was driving a car, but when I arrived, I forgot my shoes at home and did not know what to do

I’m 40 years old))) this is to the appropriateness of sleep))) my graduation, I’m young, I don’t recognize school, I like everything in a beautiful dress, but for some reason I change clothes right at school and it turns out that there are no shoes. My parents came, such as they are now elderly and say that they were not found. all this ends the dream

I go to the hall in which there should be a concert for the graduation.I see that only a few people are sitting in the whole hall and no one else came to our graduation

Hello!Dreamed of graduation.Everyone is beautifully dressed.I’m in a dress, I don’t remember the color, but definitely light.They took me in their arms and began to circle (man).Thank you!

I arrived at school early to prepare for the evening, a lot of people, everyone gathers, meets their parents, changes their clothes, I am waiting for my sister, who studies with me in the same class, she had to bring my dress. I am in anticipation when I will put it on as soon as possible, because it is incredibly beautiful, and I so want to look on this day, well, if not better than everyone else, at least so as to be remembered!My sister arrives and starts to change clothes too, I look forward to my dress, I ask her about it, she takes me aside and says that the dress is the whole problem, that in fact, at the purchase price, it costs only 1000 plus something , and we bought it for 7000, and only now it can be returned and this money will be returned to us, and my mother is going to do this, so my sister did not bring dresses. I start to cry, call my mother, and sobbing I beg her to change her mind, I explain how important this evening is for me, how important this dress is for me, especially since it all starts in a couple of minutes, and I’m not even dressed, and with red eyes from tears. And suddenly I have the feeling that now I don’t need this evening, even if I bring the dress, I no longer want a holiday, because my parents, knowing how important it is for me, still did so, sparing money for the dress. The dream was interrupted, I do not know what happened next, but I woke up with tears in my eyes.

I dreamed that I was at my prom, which, by the way, in a month. This is the second time I have had this dream, only they are slightly different. So I’ll probably tell you both. So, 1: It all started so that my friends and I got together on the day of graduation: we painted, dressed up, etc.NS. I had a white and pink dress (white top pink bottom). Then, when we were ready to go, some guy gave me shoes (black with a heel of about 10 cm.). I really liked them, I tried them on right away, and decided to go to them for a holiday. We went to the assembly hall, which was located in our educational institution and in which the event was held. We were supposed to perform, or rather dance the waltz. But I suddenly remembered that I also had a dress, only it was blue and to the floor, and I really wanted to change it. And the guy who gave me the shoes was sitting in the hall, and I asked him to make sure that they would not start performing without me. But I didn’t change the dress, I don’t know why. Then we set out and the dream ended. And now the second one that I dreamed today: Graduation day has come, but I have no dress, no hairstyle, nothing. And I’m already in the same assembly hall, all smart in dresses, but I’m not. I started crying, calling my mother so that she would come up with something, brought some dress there, but for some reason she did not come. I don’t know what to do anymore, and suddenly, in an instant, I’m already in a dress (in black, and some kind of white lining) with a haircut with everything, I’m standing on stage with my classmates and talking to some guy, I didn’t know him, but communicated with him as if I knew eternity. And the most interesting thing is that it was as if I was watching myself from the side, as if I was looking at myself, how I was communicating with some guy. Then everything started to disperse from the stage, I went to the wings, and the guy was quick, I talked on stage, stepped on my dress, and it slipped, and I remained in that white lining that was under the dress. She turned out to be very beautiful, with some kind of pebbles, knee-length, maybe a little higher. Then my friend and I (whom I did not know either, but communicated very well in a dream) went to the dining room, we were hungry. There we also talked to the graduates (I already knew them), ate and went back to the hall. And that’s where the dream ended. I don’t know whether it matters or not, but I had a second dream a day after the first. Thank you for your attention, I look forward to hearing.

I dreamed that I was preparing for the prom for a long time, and I did not notice how time flew by, I had a crimson dress, a classmate came to me with a guy on a red motorcycle in a blue dress, began to panic, why I wasn’t collected yet, I was in a hurry and then came again one classmate is also in a blue dress, when I came to the venue of the ball I don’t remember anything further

Hello!I dreamed of my own wedding and graduation on the same night.The colors took on warm.In this dream, my father was very happy at the wedding

Hello!I very often began to have a dream that I was at my prom, although I graduated from school 8 years ago.Why can this dream?

I very often began to have a dream that I was at my graduation party, although I graduated from school 8 years ago.Why is this dream?

Hello! I remember I was going to the prom. I remember my dress, it was turquoise and just below the knees, I saw very similar on one heroine in the series. So, I remember how I did makeup, painted my eyes with turquoise shadows, did a high ponytail (the heroine also had such a hairstyle). Then I found out that the ball was rather late and I had to take some flour with me (I don’t know why). The last thing I remember was I got on the bus. There was also a kiss, very tender, with my friend (we were sitting on the bus together, in life it is just my friend, in my life now the choice is between 2 people and he is not one of these people). Also, when I saw my dream, I seemed to be aware of everything, and by the way, the ball itself was such as it cannot be in life.

I was going to graduation, when I had to go to the appointed place where the graduation was supposed to take place, I went to the ball with my friends, but when I arrived, I realized that the dresses that I had prepared for the graduation stayed at home, and it was too late to go back
after which I saw a lot of strangers’ dresses that everyone tried on and took off, I saw my classmates, then I began to try on all the dresses myself one by one
and then I woke up

I dreamed of an SMS in which the ex-boyfriend asks to go out with him and then we get to my prom, which was attended by the ex-boyfriend, his friends and brothers, as well as my family&# 8230;

I dreamed of a prom at school, while I knew that my two graduations were already behind. I was in a light fluffy dress with a beautiful hairstyle and was very happy.

I dreamed about my graduation, although I graduated from school 2 years ago, I remember my friends on it, we stood on the stage, said some wishes, I spoke the penultimate one and when it came to me &# 8212; paused, was confused, but then she began to speak, read the words from a piece of paper, white woolen threads were wound on her fingers at that time. There was silence in the hall, there were few people, he was somehow almost white, at the end of the hall there were several people, including my ex-boyfriend, whom I met yesterday (in life), we had not seen for about a year before.he sat and smiled at me. then there was a break, I got out of the car in some kind of long blue or white flowered dress, went to the stage, but she never saw my boyfriend in the hall, he left. but the prom has continued

I dreamed that I was standing in a beautiful prom dress and without a ribbon, and I seemed to have forgotten the ribbon at home..Then I went home and took the tape.And returned to everyone..There they were awarded certificates and the fun began.

I kind of move to grade 8, but I dreamed that I was already in grade 9 and I needed to buy a dress for prom and I’m most importantly not happy that I was leaving school, I told everyone I don’t want to leave, how it happened quickly and then I woke up

Hello! I am 15 years old. I moved to grade 9.
I dreamed about my prom. I was very beautiful. And then, after the ceremony, I went for a walk with a friend.
What does it mean?

I dreamed that people were going to do a graduation point for us (graduates) (teachers, parents). my grandmother was there.she is alive now. she invited some artist to the graduation and prepared some strange gift, I didn’t like it all and I decided to run home. the prom itself was supposed to be in another city.and I started to get ready to escape&# 8230;. I don’t remember further. but the dream was not like that.worries&# 8230;

I dream about the very preparation for graduation. Just a couple of hours and graduation will take place. I am already in appropriate clothes. The most interesting &# 8212; on the street I met an old friend who simply forgot me and betrayed me more than once. For some reason, we went with him to the rest of our friends and they VERY joyfully met him, they did not pay attention to me at all. And I freaked out (because in reality they didn’t really need me) and told them what I think of them, because I wanted to do this for a long time, especially when they exchanged me for a girl (not in terms of relationships, but friendship) and forgot about me at all. I told them everything and left.
And then a senseless conversation with classmates began, I showed them my new phone (at that time I did not have it, but it was already broken even more than it actually was) and immediately lost the old one, but soon found it at home ( although I had both phones in my pocket at that moment), apparently teleported)))
Please tell me the meaning of this dream

I went to prom with my husband and daughter (who are not there).Then we split into groups: me with my husband and daughter and girls.We needed to take food, so we went to the store.There we stole food and when I ran out the saleswoman said: Yes, you are very famous with your husband.Then we met the 2nd group and ran to the house.we climbed over the fence, but then I felt danger.And so it happened.There was a grass bed and we all hid in it.We were attacked, but we turned away from his attacks . Then this little man came up to the flower bed and began to catch us.I was the very last.Then he brought us to his boss (he brought us to that house) and we began to fight with the soldiers.My husband and daughter and I were protecting the girls. There were many warriors, but we defeated them.The boss chose us as his warriors, and let the girls go.We stood in the shirenga and our daughter and my husband turned out to be the tallest.Then there is a scene with a short man who talks to a professor about kefir.The professor said that kefir is dangerous for the troops and showed this on a doll, whose finger fell off after that.The short man smiled and told the professor to take the kefir to us.The professor smiled and said that he would bring.Then I felt danger again. This ends my dream.

I dreamed that I was going to prom, but not even my own&# 8230; it seems.
but due to some strange circumstances I did not have time for it, I was late and did not get there.
in the end, I got upset and went and lamented the rest of the dream.

Zdarova Tatyana, too, is so zavut! I had a prom dream and there we all thumped

Hello! My name is Tatyana. I had my own prom today. The holiday was very modern: with all the show programs, but I was late for it, because.To. My dress was with a classmate who still loves me after 20 years. He hid it on purpose so that I would be late. As a result, we went to prom together with him, but my current husband intercepted me (he is my first love). That prom guy wouldn’t let me pass and ended up kissing. Tell me why such a dream? But that is not all. My classmates threw a dead mouse in my dance.

i dreamed that i was at the prom, but not in my city and not with my class. then I ran home and saw that the old man dropped the ring and the coin, I picked it up and ran after him to give back what he had lost. But suddenly he fell, I ran up and started a conversation with him, then I helped him to get up. then I looked up and saw that people were crowded in the window and all this was filmed. then I accompanied the elderly man to his home, and as it turned out, the whole city hates him, and tries in every possible way to kill him.

I dreamed that I was at home, going to graduation, and then I remember that I do not have a dress.. and so my friend and I go to the bazaar, we select dresses, then the other classmates come and take all the beautiful.. I liked 2 dresses, so long and not very&# 8230; I chose a short one with flowers (I don’t think it’s that important), in general, I go and start smoking out of excitement, then I find myself at home and start preening with my best friend&# 8230; she has already called a taxi, everything is as it should, and I have not had time to put on makeup yet&# 8230;. I scream hold the taxi, I’ll at least paint my eyelashes.. she says no, it’s already time, Yana, faster, I can’t hold him (taxi driver)&# 8230; I dye my eyelashes and wake up
This is what I dreamed about today

I’m in the 11th grade. I dreamed from Saturday to Sunday graduation in January. Graduation Day. When all the preparations are in. But for some reason it was the fifth. I didn’t have makeup and hair. Mom says that you will go with loose. I’m why so. She says there is no money. I say then I’ll go home. She says where the toni lie. I come, dad at home, I say dad give 670 rubles for a hairstyle. He gives 1000 and then I wake up unexpectedly. Everything as live

Hello! I dreamed about prom, but as I understood it was not mine. I was in ordinary clothes, I had a little child with me, my son. But I haven’t given birth to him yet. He was calm, smiling and even talking. Nearby there was a carriage with my godson, but I did not see him. I also could not pass any exam or subject at this school, I had to pay, but I could not. And at the end of the dream, my ex-girlfriend with her stroller is trying to empty the stroller, which I wrote about above, and the cradle with my baby, I made a remark to her and went to see if she had woken up my son.

I see myself in a beautiful white dress in a dream, I paint myself in a dream with a beautiful hairstyle and I’m going to the school ball

Today I dreamed that I was late for graduation (I even forget about it), but in the end I manage to come, while in a hurry I am preparing for it, and in a white dress I go to the concert, but for some reason I go down the school steps when I already finished school 6 years ago. As always delirium.)

I dreamed that a small group of my real classmates and I were preparing for graduation. Most of the preparation was in the kitchen of a small restaurant of one woman. A classmate called me to write down the number and amounts. Then when (as I understood) a small presentation menu was ready, everyone began to take home. My dad also came and I collected the most food in the bags.

I dreamed that they were late for graduation, so many things still need to be done, but there is no time

i dreamed that I disgraced myself at the prom and for this they wanted to beat me after the holiday&# 8230;

We ended the concert (but he was not in a dream, there was only such a feeling). We were waiting for our parents, they stayed to give gifts, I remember that my mother decided to give a silver bag, and inside there was a box of chocolates, like Raffaello (or whatever they are called there). We were told by our parents not to wait. We went to the dressing room, we didn’t change there. I decided to change my shoes, although it was spring. I was shod in ankle boots, but for some reason then I started to take them off, one I took off, and in the second &# 8212; the lightning stuck and it was not possible to remove it, both my friend and the head teacher helped me, for some reason she was well acquainted with my mother, although in fact this is not so. She told someone to bring me new shoes. I do not understand why? After all, I can’t take these off. But in the end, I left the locker room in new shoes, they were some kind of fashionable, with very high heels, they were black with gold jewelry in the form of rhombuses. We went out and there we met my classmate, he was standing with two friends, he asked what time the film begins. (After the concert we had to go to the film, I don’t know which one) We all went separately. When my friend and I left school, for some reason we ran and I fell, but it seemed like nothing WE turned around the corner of the school and walked, filmed video on the phone and took pictures. It was 4 o’clock, sunset. That’s all.

Hello, I dreamed of a graduation in my sister’s school, why would it be?

The whole class passed the exams, then once and graduation was all at the table, but I was not with my class, but with a parallel

The son showed an album with photos from graduation. The girls were in different beautiful dresses. First, in white, similar to wedding, and then in colored with sequins. They lay on the floor with their heads in the center. Then on the sofas. The son in the photo was in a jacket. How little the guys were seen. Girls are mostly overshadowed by their outfits.

I dreamed about my high school graduation, I graduated from school 8 years ago, but at the graduation I looked like now, and not like at school. I don’t remember that someone was next to my classmates in a dream, I remember that I was alone, smiled, I was wearing a green dress (I was wearing a blue dress at the real prom). Why dream?

I saw myself at someone else’s prom, but in what clothes I did not see

I had a dream in which my graduation is taking place, with a dress but no hairstyle, makeup and other preparation..And it also felt like we spent it early without preparation.

Hello. I dreamed that I was late for my prom. On graduation day, like all girls, I went to the salon. I had a manicure and pedicure, but did not have time to get my hair done. I look at the time and the clock shows that I’m already late. I understand this and run for yesterday. I run to school in a dress, but no shoes. Mom leaves school this time. I ask her where are my shoes. Oa answer, so that I go to these, in which I ran. Looking at them, I realized that they do not resemble at all. But it felt like I was already late. I’m running to school. The last couples enter the assembly hall, but mine is not. So I’m too late. I look into the hall, and it is empty. Only my classmates, graduates, sit in it. I slowly go in and sit in an empty seat.

Hello my name is Dina and I am 11 years old. I dreamed of a VIP and he was hitting the wrong one, but the other one on the next street. He beat strange on him my parents were late, and then I woke up.

graduation in college, everyone was in black, I was alone in a blue skirt and a pink blouse and at that moment I was talking to my ex-boyfriend on the phone and swearing with his new girlfriend, running from place to place with a friend did not have time to put on makeup. What does it mean ?

I dreamed about how the class and I were leaving school, and a person I like was walking in front of me, the song was also about graduation.There was also another fragment, at night by the fire, I sat down sad, and a guy of my classmate sat down next to me (this is a different person) and offered chocolate, and then the girl herself came. I don’t remember anymore

Hello.I dreamed that there was a photo shoot from graduation, but I have not yet had a vykusknova. What is it for?

from the beginning I dreamed of murder . But not mine . It dreamed several times . and the killer cut off my hair! Then the picture changed dramatically and I was at school at the graduation, but the graduation was not my but a friend with whom I do not communicate now ! I sat in the stadium and cried when I remembered the murder, he came up and sat down next to me and began to calm down . He told me a story about himself in return for the fact that I will tell you why I cry. I told him and he left to dance . so we made up and then corresponded in social. the network !

I dreamed that I was going with my boyfriend to the prom, he was in a suit and I was in a dress

dreamed &# 171; laneika&# 187; at school &# 8212; last call, we lined up near the school entrance. My ex-boyfriend came up to me from behind and gave me a chocolate bar, I was surprised to see him. I asked him what he was doing here and where my husband was, to which he replied that we would be together and I could forget my husband.

very often I have a dream from my prom. although he was last year. every time I dream about him, it happens differently. and always some kind of fun. I think I dream about him in this way, because I didn’t really like the prom. and every time the picture is new. as if i had a bunch of proms.

I dreamed of preparing for graduation, I was getting ready, preparing.And when it was already collected, I remembered that this was not my graduation, but the 9th grade graduation at the school where I work

For the umpteenth time I dream that I do not have time to get ready for graduation. It’s like I wake up before graduation, and I have neither a dress nor a shoe, my hair and makeup are not done. Running hysterical and trying to pull myself together. I always ask my mother to help, but she sits indifferently and just looks at me. I never got to prom in a dream.

I dreamed that I had a graduation or some kind of celebration, I come to my friend, and her velvet dress is prepared, but I understand that I have no dress, and in general I’m not going to

I dreamed that a man stole my bank account, and I understand that this is forever and I cannot return it, but some woman appears who knows where my child sympathizes with me but does not speak and I offer her money so that she would take good care of him (this is all happens near the kindergarten).Then I sit there and paint pictures in series colors, but I like them.Then in the store I try on a ring that I really like, but on the counter it is the same as my engagement ring, I don’t choose it, the purchase is due to the fact that I have graduation on this day (I graduated from school 15 years ago), the weather is good, I’m cheerful I am waiting for my husband and when I meet him he is not very well and neatly dressed.We come to the schools (in which I really studied), but the steps are very high there and I start to push my husband so that it’s very hard for him to do it, he pulls himself up with his hands, but the steps like a swamp will spread out under him when I drove behind him I saw a lot of people upstairs who climb the steps and look at us.

at first I dreamed that there was no foot on my right leg, but I don’t remember exactly it was vaguely either it was there or it wasn’t, and then I suddenly dreamed that everything was fine and I was preparing for the last call to school everything was fine

I had a dream that I was walking in a beautiful school uniform and on top of an openwork white dress with small red satin bows. Walking down the street with other graduates. We came to some building where there are two halls. In one boys . We drove them to another hall and we ourselves stayed here. But they left the video camera and watched us from under the quiet&# 8230; all the girls began to change their clothes and I overheard the boys and knew that there was a camera . Told the girls. For some reason all the boys dreamed about being drunk. I was sober. And I dreamed of a boy from childhood who again tried to court me at this prom&# 8230;

my boyfriend was going to graduation, and I wanted to give him a gift, t.To. right after that, he had to leave. I came to his house and gave him 2 dolls and a ring. he like it very much. then he had fun . and then he went to his grandmother, she lives 5 stops from him. I went to the courtyards there on foot. and then we looked for a tram route to go somewhere

I dreamed about my prom with another class (there were people I know, but they are older than me), we walked down the street, then went to some building, and took out barrels of gold chtoli, and on the way I found 4 phones, but 2 did not take it, then this building began to collapse from the snow, we ran away, and the boy and I began to fall, but I clung to a stone and we landed softly, then we went there with my mother and brother and my mother said, you need to get it out carefully from the bottom and everything worked out..

I dreamed about my graduation, which in reality already took place, and I have been dreaming of graduation for the third time already. what does it mean ?

I dreamed of a bar that I go to, my best friend came up to him, drunk people began to pester her, and I took her away from the hustle and bustle, and in response she took me to the house of culture in which someone’s graduation was, after the holiday she confessed to me in love, I agreed to be with her, and change for the better for her

Hello, I dreamed that I came to the prom and everyone was wearing black ribbons and my inscription turned upside down is not visible

My best friend and I were going to prom. I met my boyfriend (in reality I don’t have one). I was wearing a beautiful yellow dress, it was knee-length. After that, we went to the premises of the kindergarten, which I used to go to. Since we messed up the place we quickly left there. On the way, we met a security guard who took us to the right room. Behind was decorated with beautiful warm tones. I met my classmate there and wanted to sit with her, but she said that she would sit with her parents, and then I went and sat down in another place.

Hello, I am a college student and graduation will be in the month of July, I have not really thought about that yet. Today I had a dream, we are sitting with a group on a couple, our first curator comes in (he is not working now) and speaks warm words about everyone, he approaches everyone and hugs. At this moment I start to cry and understand that this is the last pair . We leave the office and, together with a friend, go down to the assembly hall (we are both nurses in white coats), we enter the assembly hall, we find our seats, and there are my classmates sitting next to them (with whom I do not communicate), they kissed me on the cheek and sat down next to me. Then I decided to go out and see my parents who are walking towards the exit, I call them and run up to my dad, he hugs me and we went into the assembly hall .
So somehow)
Thanks for your reply in advance)

Hello, I dreamed that I had one prom a week ago and I was in my white dress (as it actually is), and then again for some reason I had a prom and I wanted to wear my best friend’s dress, since it I really liked. why did I want him, if deep down I knew that my dress was gorgeous and all the other classmates would be in the same outfits as at the first graduation (as I mean above, I have two of them in my dream). why could it be that I put on my friend’s dress for the second time? she has a gray dress.

Hello, can you please tell me what I dreamed of the following: I am at the graduation meeting, at the present time we are all 26 and we are all smart and in dresses, and I am in a wedding dress!?

Good afternoon, Tatiana. I dreamed that I was standing near the intercom 1 of the train of my house and dialing the password from the intercom with the numbers 3468, although I never knew it, but before that I had a dream that I was leading a graduation ceremony&# 8230; what is it for?

I dreamed that I was attending the celebration of two events at the same time and in the same place, it was a wedding celebration and a graduation party, after that I talked with friends and they joked with me and I showed the wedding ring on my right hand and said that I am already married.

In the house of the deceased grandmother, someone else’s graduation of the current 11 classes was celebrated. There were many of our relatives, the house was used as a dining room, the dream was positive. In the house, we were like waiters were setting the table for graduates, then three separate graduates were brought compote on a tray. Everything happened in the house of the deceased without his participation. The house was in good condition.

Hello! I dreamed of the last call, all in a full dress uniform with ribbons, a graduate, and I came in a sweater, jeans, I was not allowed to dance in such clothes, in general, I stood on the sidelines, looked at others and decided to go out (to run away). I go out, I was about to cross the road, and suddenly my class teacher calls me and threatens to call my mother if I don’t come back right now and I had to come back. Explain, please, I will be very grateful to you.

Hello, I dreamed about my graduation, which has not yet happened. But on it I communicated only with the same guy, even though we had not communicated before. And he touched me often. Tell me what it is for?

I am a graduate walking along the big street, everything is bright and colorful around the performance is different and I am very surprised

I was as if at my prom, but I remembered more that I was wearing the same red dress and hairstyle, but the school seemed to be not mine, I had a dream from Friday to Saturday . And the classroom leader asked me to bring something, either to bring a type of liquid, or to pour

I dreamed how my boyfriend proposed to me at the prom. I was in a yellow and orange dress. I was summoned to the stage, the guy came out, got down on one knee and said come out for me! And gave a diamond ring. He himself was in a blue suit and a white shirt.

I dreamed that I was pulling out a needle from my tooth when I pulled it out and bleeding.and dreamed of graduation with strangers.

We had our graduation . There was my class and parallel. My mom was leading the prom . There were many contests . A guy from my class constantly came up to me and constantly touched me (and I hate him) . And then a guy I like came along and we went to some attraction together

We took pictures at the prom, rejoiced, I was in a dress on the floor, I was introduced as a tenant

I dreamed preparing for graduation. Several of my classmates. But everything happened as if in real time, that is, I already had children (I did not see them in a dream, only their clothes). The already pregnant younger sister of my friend dreamed of (now she is expecting a baby). Mi in a dream rode bicycles around the village, helped this pregnant woman to echo. I didn’t have my own bike, I rode with my friends. At the end of the dream, the friends drove to their homes to get ready. I got off the bike near my friend’s house (she lives maybe, if it matters, and my good friend, we still keep in touch with her) and went home on foot. How I got myself together I did not see. And when I got to the school, where the event was supposed to take place, I saw only the teacher and a few people, the event was over, although I was not late for it. In a dream I had a very good mood, pleasant troubles. And when I saw the school bus that was supposed to deliver everyone from the event, I was not upset. I myself was going to wear one of the dresses that my relatives brought me (I have not seen dresses either). I was going to do the hair myself at home.
I graduated from school in 2007. I had a dream from Friday to Saturday in the morning at 7.00 I woke up and the dream was interrupted.
Thank you in advance.

I dreamed that I had a prom in a couple of days, but I had no dress, was not registered for a hairstyle and was not ready at all, then I began to choose some dress, for some reason in my dream there were many long.I really should have my prom in the summer.

Hello, I dreamed that we were rehearsing a dance for the prom.
The song was familiar, there was a rehearsal in the desert. Earlier there was a dream about prom, but there was a purely ball in a dream

I had 2 hours before the graduation, I did not learn a verse or a song, before the graduation they put an exam in English, I passed it, but there were a lot of tears

A couple of days ago I dreamed about the last call, but today &# 8212; high school graduation. I only go to 11. At the prom, I didn’t like my dress, my hair was disheveled, I didn’t like my shoes.It seemed to me that the dress was not chosen by me, that is, I did not remember how I chose it.And it was preparation for the evening, we filmed something there, photographed. And the parents deliberately left the graduation.

I didn’t have a prom, but today I dreamed of a not very successful graduation . In the beginning, everything was fine, even fine, but in the end some troubles went, I missed the bus that drove everyone to celebrate further, then I lost my phone . I don’t remember further, but something like that .What does this mean?

Hello! I had a very bad dream, like a movie of some kind, but with my participation. I see myself as if through a mirror in which I look. I there, firstly, lost weight, secondly, the hairstyle is chic and hair in a different color, thirdly, I have makeup, but in my life I rarely do it, fourthly, I was wearing a lacy light white or beige dress, I am not I also saw stiletto heels, and in my life I never wore such. Then the picture goes to another review. I have an accident and see my body lying in intensive care, but now I walk like my shadow, but I feel that it is me. Then my lying body disappears and a white light appears. I lie and everything is white everywhere. I see angels in white. A girl in her 20s who showed something with her hands and it looked like the letter z. And yes she is very similar to my great-grandmother, and I to her. And around this girl, 4 little angel children run and laugh, and another boy with curly hair stood away from them, as if he had been punished. After I wake up from a coma in intensive care and a sharp sigh and it became easier. And then she herself woke up, my whole forehead is wet. Tell me why is this dreaming? I don’t even watch such films

At the prom, I was in a white and blue wedding dress. The graduation ceremony itself took place on the street and when we danced the waltz, pigeons dumped on us. I was sitting with an unfamiliar boy from our school who was very friendly to me. At the end of the evening, he and I went to the sea to swim

Dream celebration of graduation, I tried to take apart packages of food and also ran after the specified alcohol, bought 2 bottles of wine and one bottle of vodka when I took out all the food, it turned out that there is more of it on our table than others and it is more ready for others, I also danced with my classmate Seogey who is higher than me but who is like a friend to me.

I dreamed that I was constantly driving on trolleybuses and buses on the day of graduation, before graduation. I try to make myself more beautiful, like decorate, and all the time I think about only one thing, about a boy I like in real life during school time, who did not want to have anything to do with me, who later even joined the class and mocked me. So the whole dream was thinking whether he would invite me to dance, whether we wake up together, then thoughts went &# 171; he never invited me fool&# 187; we could be happy.
For your information, I happily married, I love my husband very much. But this boy haunts me and sometimes dreams of making me regret something.

I had such a dream.
I’m at home with my girlfriend. She panics something, runs, tries to collect something, but I’m all right. I’m not going to prom.
So something goes off in my head and I start twisting my curls. It doesn’t work out very well. I remember that there is no dress and I begin to think which one of my own to wear.
Cho this means? Why did I absolutely not want to go, and then suddenly began to twist my hair.

I had a dream about prom, I had no hair or makeup, I completely forgot about everything, the dress clung to everything and seemed big, my late mother was present at the prom and she took me the wrong shoes in which I was supposed to dance, for this I was very offended at her

I dreamed about my graduation, at first I was in a usual dark blue sundress, but then I ended up in a bright red dress that was tight and with a beautiful hairstyle on me, that when I went on stage, everyone held their breath from how good I looked

My graduation dress but a different dress is white. Relatives classmates.

I dreamed about prom, but not mine, but my boyfriend (both are still schoolchildren), as if from grade 4, but he was the same as now in appearance. I was present nm him, in my opinion I even performed. Tell me why this may be dreaming.

I dreamed of graduation for the second day in a row, but now I met my brother there, whom I never even knew, there was a graduation party, contests, and at the end of the memories of school and I cried

I stood in the hall at the prom. My classmate who is more or less sympathetic to me came up to me, and offered to dance, to which I agreed.

I dreamed about the graduation of my classmates, who are now in grade 11, and I’m in college. I also had a fight with the first teacher, allegedly I didn’t say hello to her and she yelled at me for it, but I answered her to this, before I rarely answered teachers in a rude manner

I am a student in grade 10, in a dream I saw myself as an 11 classics and we are preparing for graduation there were golden balls, and we started dancing, I went up to my couple, but my best friend took her to him and they started dancing together, I went up to the girl without couples but she turned out to be not free, she danced with a girl, and I became lost and a friend from nowhere appeared an unknown girl and offered to dance, I agreed.

A rehearsal for the graduation party, where there were people I did not know, supposedly classmates, but my classmates were there too, there was a girl on crutches who turned out to be a quick beetle

I remembered the dream in parts. But you can put it together.
At first we (me, my dad and my younger brother) walked through the woods, found my sister’s graduation party in a neighboring village (I don’t know how we found it), decided that we didn’t need to interfere with her and went home, but the way home was through the swamp, I assure you, 3 hours it wasn’t there yet. My brother and I went first.To. the bridge was old and flimsy, we passed step 4 with my brother and the bridge under us broke down and the rest of us swam away from us, at that moment some boat passed, but it did not stop, I somehow flew into the air holding my brother, but it seemed heavy to me and I began to fall down, struggling to fly up. And yet I lowered it alive and unharmed, took it on some grass and took it to my dad.

Prom rehearsal, girls in white dresses, a music teacher gave us gifts, I somehow saw myself from the outside, and was beautiful

I was on vacation with my parents and there I met a guy, there we became a couple and then we went to my graduation and celebrated it

In this dream, I was at school and was in a hurry to graduation to the assembly hall. But on the way I met my ex (he lives in another city), and we began to communicate and rejoice. When we entered the assembly hall, the ex suddenly announced that he needed to leave. And then I saw some acquaintances in the crowd and went to them, leaving me alone. A stranger began to pester me, saying nonsense. I went to my ex and his company, asked if I could sit next to them, but no one responded, and they just kept on talking. I had to go back and sit down alone. I tried to call my classmate friends, but they did not answer. I don’t remember anything else from this dream.

I dreamed of getting ready for graduation, buying a bouquet for a couple (like for a wedding), then school, a solemn line, a feast and so on (nothing unusual), at the event I was, as always, well dressed and sociable, I was surprised that my couple was prom was my current girlfriend&# 8230;

I dreamed that I was going to waltz at some school prom, but not on my. It was as if I was taken as a couple for someone. And I don’t know the dance. I was wearing a blue dress

I transferred to another school at the beginning of the year, I’m in 5th grade. Today (26.02.2019) I had a dream about how I was participating in graduation at my last school. Then I go to the dacha.

Hello. I have already graduated from school for 3 years, but from time to time I dream about my graduation&# 8230; and I’m always in the same dress &# 8230; and the plot and place of the prom in a dream is constantly changing &# 8230; for the most part, everything goes well, but sometimes I was late for him, then I do not have time to collect my image to the end, this time I did not like how our photo session went in a dream .

For two nights in a row, I dream about my graduation, I graduate this year, I dreamed of a school line where the guys and I release balloons into the sky

I dreamed about my 11th grade graduation, in real life it was already last year. I chose a light blue dress. I decided first to go to the kindergarten where my grandmother works and show how beautiful I am, but I was there for a very long time. I saw in a dream how a person was going to be burned alive. I saw on instagram from graduates that the graduation was almost over and I quickly began to get ready. I woke up

I dreamed about graduation, there were my former classmates and classmates. We were all in dresses with different colors. Before graduation, I was looking for money and soon they borrowed it . I didn’t like my dress at all, it was birch color . When we went to celebrate graduation, I didn’t go with them, but decided to go with a girl to just have a beer. I don’t know why, I had no money again

I had a dream where my class is dancing a waltz at the prom . All the girls were in dark dresses . We were spinning in circles

In our club, renovation, but we are given the stage and I am the main character, but everything is led by the conductor, as there should have been another student, but it seemed that he was worried that everything would fail, begged me to agree to lead the holiday, I reluctantly agreed and was pleased

I dream that I have a graduation from school, although there are people with whom I work and people whom I have not seen for a long time, we had to get on the bus and go somewhere, but I wanted to go to the toilet and went there, although I decided to do it around the corner , in general, I went to the toilet and noticed that I had a snake on my dress in front, t.e dressed backwards, I changed my dress and went to the bus, while bumping into a girl who was also from prom, and when we got to the bus stop, ours was no longer there, I said call the boss, for some reason he was in charge of the prom in a dream , and asked us to wait&# 8230; I woke up&# 8230; in general, in a dream there are images from the past and present, and my hair was darker and longer there)))

It was graduation. I was wearing a beautiful, fluffy, satin pink dress, and to my back, as if 3 or 4 graves with crosses were attached, which I always corrected, they fell. I was very happy in my dream.

Hello. I dreamed about my graduation at school. The thing is, I like the guy we studied with in the same class. In this dream, we were together and kissed almost the entire dream. It was magical

There was the last call at school, I finished 6th grade. I walk along the corridor and my mother and sister are behind me. Mom asks &# 8216; how are you&# 8217; i started crying.

I dreamed how we walk and talk and joke cheerfully, laugh a lot, the event does not take place at school, but in another place, soon I should be smart at school

in my dream I attended prom.It was a large room like an assembly hall.There was a big stage.The most amazing thing is that I was paired with my idol.
I have a favorite group of 7 people.Here is one of them was paired with me.And the rest were also present only with people I did not know.

I dreamed that my class and I celebrated graduation in Chernobyl. But what is most interesting, it was our area, but in a dream it was Chernobyl. I sat ate all the prom

We went for a walk at the bar, drank a bottle of wine and a lot of bulo cheerfully. Ale walked only two of my classmates and shche memory&# 8217; yata cholovik my sister, yaku piti not bazhano. For the people were gone: must go. Mabut, behind the mountain, the yaka ended.. Then I lost my sister from the head of my sister and my sleep mood, re-doing it from the fun of the summaries and the trochas of strobings..

My teacher made me a beautiful hairstyle for graduation, I was in a black dress with an open back, I went down the stairs to the street where there were tables and some classmates were sitting, when I went downstairs I saw that my hairstyle had become shabby, and I decided again go up to the teacher, what he would do again, but he said that it would not rain on the snake (I saw a disheveled hairstyle 5 minutes before the celebration at the table), I went downstairs to the table, almost cried, sat down at the table , he stood in one row, they wanted to photograph us, a classmate in a green dress was sitting next to me, and the leader said: &# 171; And the two of them will sit in green dresses&# 187; (this was said about me and the classmate sitting next to me) and I look at myself, and I was already in some kind of green dress, we were never photographed, I freaked out, let my hair down and started combing, then we stood in front of the table and started chatting with the girls, one of them says that I have very beautiful sandals, they were black with tractor soles, I say:&# 187; yes, they are comfortable, this heel is very comfortable&# 187;, then we went to a class at some souvenir market, and there were plates, different magnets, and then with the girls we found a salon where we made styling and sold different cakes right there, I realized that I needed to go and take money to table and return to do the styling, I ran and took 200 UAH, ran, remembered that I had forgotten my phone, decided not to return, then I went to the master who was doing something with the hair of a girl from the parallel class, I asked how much the styling cost, that said that she would not come out on my hair, I was upset but decided that I would spend it on a cake, until it came to me all the cakes were taken apart, there were straws that were sold by the piece, I decided that this was a senseless purchase, and while I was sitting I waited for the girls I saw that I was in different sandals, one with heels, and the second with a low speed, and I did not notice the difference in walking, we returned to the table, I noticed that I was again in a black dress and was already pregnant, for about a week 25, then the tummy is already visible (I have been dreaming of my pregnancy for the 8th time, what does this mean?) And I wanted to take a picture so that the tummy was visible, they say memories, and then I woke up, the dream was colored, I saw a green dress, yellow cakes, raisins of natural color, colored magnets

I would have a prom, I was in my pink dress. I took a beautiful photo that was commented on by many people and commented on good things about me. But I had a problem. At first I forgot my lipstick, which my mother refused to bring me. And then I smeared the dress, but I washed it.

My dream began with the fact that I started dating a guy with whom in reality we do not even communicate, and I do not like him. Next, he wanted to arrange a date for me in a restaurant, after which this dream seemed to end, there was no continuation of it. But it started completely different. I had to prepare for graduation (although I already graduated from high school almost a year ago). In general, then I was already with the guy with whom I met in reality, but that was a very long time ago. There, this guy gave me a very beautiful red dress, and in it I decided to go to the event. In a dream, I had beautiful large wings, blue, but I seemed to have lost them. In general, before the ball, my sister and I decided to go to one place so that they would give me new wings (this place was like a circle where they taught to fly). The new wings were yellow, I didn’t like them. When I tried to flutter, I fell and decided not to go to prom. My sister and I decided to take the bus home. On our way to the bus stop, we passed someone’s funeral. In general, we got on the bus, and drove past the place where I was supposed to have a release. My classmates also got on this bus (from different schools)
There was just my supposedly boyfriend, but for some reason we were in a quarrel. Further on the bus, classmates saw an announcement:&# 187; for sale wings&# 187; and a photo of my blue wings, in general most of them went to buy them. At this moment I woke up.

I have a dream, my valedictorian not once, but three, i’m a skin dream, i’m not disliked, in the first dream, not so long ago, i’m standing in the center of the village and my classmate is going to go. And I’m not ready, I went to the fathers to buy the pay, I bought a non-pay, I didn’t deserve it. Others may have dreamed that it is unpleasant. In the third dream, I dreamed of this year, I dreamed that I bought a dress so well, I’m not going to stand up, I don’t get up to anything. I didn’t buy any apartment, but daddy took two bouquets of flowers here, I want a good bulo, well, so ni, well robiti?

I dreamed of a prom, all in different beautiful dresses, it was me who was wearing a lush, white color. Then I cried, at the same time happy and sad, I didn’t want to say goodbye to school.

I had a dream in which graduation was presented at school, there was a lineup and there were a lot of people, we danced a waltz in beautiful dresses, but for some reason I danced it with my former classmate who graduated from 9 and in a dream we were absolutely not ready for it we did not know the dance and improvised and repeated after the girl who graduated a long time ago.

I had my graduation at the university, but for some reason I had to come to school, and when I went down to the exit, my classmates were standing

Hello, unfortunately I do not remember all the details of the dream, but in it I was a high school graduate, everything was in cold colors and there was some kind of tension.(I’m still in high school at the moment) What worries me the most is that I spent my graduation without my parents..

I woke up in the morning and realized that today I have both a wedding and a graduation ceremony on the same day, but I left everything, as in ordinary life, for the last day and did not buy shoes and a clutch bag for dresses . I started running barefoot in the bustle, looking for a clutch and shoes, woke up and saw that I had broken a nail on the middle finger of my right hand, even when the enlarged one came off at midnight, I saw some kind of inscription on the plate.began to write to her master what urgently needs to be done, she says that I have registration in 40 minutes.
What does this wedding have to do with my former classmate, for the sake of money, so to speak?,
The wedding was attended only by the girl, and the current girl of the classmate including.
It all ended with the fact that I woke up because this running around in a dream depressed me

I had a dream about graduation. My high school graduation due in two months. But he was unlucky. I don’t remember exactly what went wrong, or a waltz, or something else that our ped came up with. organizer. I ran away in tears to the 4th floor (the school has only 4 floors). My young man was running after me and already on the last steps on the 4th floor I met my English teacher and she called me daughter. At this the dream ended.

I danced a waltz on stage at the prom with the man I love, but it was not my husband. I don’t know him at all in Java. I was very beautiful in a red dress. Then I went to the rest of the graduates and told the girl that I did not have a ribbon. But I still didn’t understand where the graduation was, but it’s not school. Then I went outside. My sister was there with some friend of hers . She said something to her friend and looked at me. I asked again because I didn’t hear. And she barked at me:&# 187; to your business&# 187;. I fell silent. Then I still talked to her a little. Then I dreamed that I was running around the city. Like the leader of some gang . One of the guys in my gang falls in love with a girl named Olivia. Then she gives birth to a boy from him and I call him Lei. And wake up.

I dreamed about college graduation and the emergence of a new love. Graduation took place in the college where I study and in my last year. It went well. Everyone was happy. Even the enemies have become kinder to me. There was also a guy who reciprocated me. He kissed me and danced with me at prom. But then disappeared&# 8230;

It was prom, I was in a dress that I didn’t like, it was short and blue in itself beautiful
I didn’t like prom because I wasn’t ready for anyone
There were no hairstyles

I dreamed that I did not have time for my graduation (it had already passed in my life).
I forgot my things several times

Hello, I had a dream as a graduation in full in all details, but I did not have a graduation in real life and I graduated from school 5 years ago. But at the prom, which I dreamed of, at the end I spoke a speech about what happened in my 5 years after graduation and completely everything I said was true. The dream is sooo realistic. Please tell me what this dream means, thanks in advance)

At first I dreamed that my left arm was broken, but I don’t remember how I broke it, then I dreamed that my classmates and I were rehearsing a prom dance near the House of Culture. We lined up in a column, scattered, and jumped off the steps so that we flew, making an airplane. Then we got on the asphalt, and just started making an airplane, leaning to the right and left. Then they broke into columns and began to dance, and then again it appeared as if I had broken my left arm. Was in some hospital, then somewhere else

Together with the guys I walked in the restaurant, then in the streets. We had a lot of fun, we were constantly photographed by a photographer, and we walked with the class teacher, and our parents were always in the restaurant. Alone in the beginning I was in a bright blue dress, maybe there was a moment where I was in a beige dress.

My family and I went to the neighboring city where I studied at the university to celebrate my graduation. For some reason, we stopped to spend the night with a classmate, although it was not necessary to go nearby and it was not necessary. But she did not behave hospitably towards me, did not allow me to sleep normally, put me to sleep on the very edge of the bed. In the morning, when she had enough money for graduation, she did not have a hair straightener, but only an old hairdryer. I no longer wanted to go to the prom, as my mood was ruined, I couldn’t do my hair, and I didn’t like the dress either. I told my parents about this, but without hysteria and lumps and then woke up.

School graduation, everyone was going to the line, but I and a few other girls were late and were getting ready for the very last, then somehow my younger sister turned out to be with me, who also had a graduation in my class, after we still did not come to the line at my sister started swearing.

I graduated from school a year ago, I had a dream in which I was rehearsing for prom. I remember the dream itself in fragments, I remembered only how we danced a common dance, something like a flash mob.

As if I were going to prom in a prom dress. And somewhere in the middle of the prom, the color of the dress changed. Was blue and turned red

Prom. The teachers who taught me for 9 years were in ball gowns, except for the chemistry teacher. She wore heels and a bright yellow dress with small shoulder straps

I’m 15. I think it was my future prom. I was in an incredibly beautiful, dark red, fluffy dress. I had a huge, silver crown on my head . There was some young teacher I hadn’t seen before. He constantly looked at me, trying to come up to me.

It seems to me ? Or is it some kind of garbage, not a dream?

Hello, I had a dream in which I went to my prom in a school dress and my friend and several other classmates were in school dresses!

Hello. I dreamed of a school graduation that was not yet there, I arrived at school and saw all my classmates smartly dressed, but they looked at me as if they were someone else, why is this?

I had a dream where I was not invited to prom. That is, neither classmates nor teachers warned that he would be. And I looked out the window and looked at the cars passing by and there were classmates, all in beautiful dresses. And I just sat at home in shabby pants and looked at all this, realizing that they were going to have fun now. And I can’t do anything about it.

I graduated from the university, although I am still in school, my mother and brother were next to me, in a dream we rode the elevator and looked for the right floor

I dreamed about graduation, although now I’m in grade 10 and still don’t think about it. All the girls wore dresses, but I could not find mine, and it turned out that my mother did not buy it and I was alone
was without a dress

There were a lot of people, they were all my acquaintances, but I had already stopped communicating with them. We were in the park and were about to go out. There were no special prom details in the dream, but I understood that now we would be leaving for the last time &# 171; schools&# 187;. At one point we all got out and started walking. I felt pain, pain because I understand that I will not return here again. Just like the last time you leave school. It seems that I was the only one who even had tears. We didn’t stop walking and I woke up

Hello, I dreamed that at the school graduation, due to the fact that the music on the phone was playing in my hands, the director left me for the second year, when everyone was preparing to celebrate it, and then also those who were late began to leave because I began to make excuses, then I got upset and lay down I covered myself on the couch with a blanket or something, I felt responsible for other classmates and a little resentment.then I was going to leave and saw either celebrities, then a strange descent down the floors, as if without legs, clinging with my hands (a bit of an escalating situation) but I quickly went down to the first floor 2 girls next to me were remembered, they also went down with them about something

I dreamed about my prom for 2 nights. One prom was very modest, the other was like a ball. Today I dreamed of my graduation sister.

We lived in a new house and I was invited to graduation at school, I graduated from school 2 years ago and now I’m in college . I was at school and then the sons had to go to a restaurant, but I ended up at home

Hello! I also dreamed of the last bell and the graduation, but it was as if it did not reach the very prom, only preparation for it and I was present at all this at my mature age (I am 30 years old), instead of myself as seventeen.

Vipusknoy, evening, maliy circle vipusknikom, 7 people, they danced, sang, laughed, were sad, presented one more diploma, or some kind of card

I don’t remember the details. But I was in a different dress, as for my real prom. I really liked myself.

good day!
I dreamed that I was going to prom. Although I already had it about 3 years ago. But the bottom line is that I came to this prom from another country and the mer did not have any smart clothes at all. No clothes, no hair, no makeup. And I was very upset about this. Why this could be? The dream was very realistic.

Hello, the dream was about graduation. It took place in a large building, more like a castle. The time was late. Everything inside was in gold tones: ceiling, walls, etc.d. The men were in strict dark suits and the girls were in beautiful dresses.
A girl was walking to my left at hand and I was calm to go with her.
Next we came to a very large hall where everyone danced a waltz. I told my girlfriend to wait, and he walked away and was distracted by something and after a few seconds everything disappeared and I was at home, but the room I was in was in gray tones. Here’s a dream.

We were standing at the prom and suddenly a song sounded all gone somewhere, and I burst into tears and the teacher hugged me and cried too

I was at my prom, with the guys from school, but the teachers were from college.
My friends were there.
And I hugged one of my friends for a very long time.
And another boy, with whom I do not communicate, told me that he loved me
The dream was cheerful, bright
Like a real graduation

Good day. I dream my vipuskny . But it’s not just a grandiose, but a grandiose one, a bunch of people came to marvel at the new one, just a thousand, there’s a gorgeous hall, all the graduates are smartly dressed. Lots of people, check all of them. І everything is so cool, so take emotsії. Well, even a good dream.

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