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Dream interpretation greed for what greed dreams in a dream according to Astroscope dream book


By being greedy towards anyone in a dream, you attract numerous problems and troubles with your own hands. According to the dream books, this emotion, as in reality, has a far from positive meaning. Moreover, someone’s greed directed at you in a dream portends that they will try to deceive you with property or intellectual property. In no case do not fall for provocation!

I dreamed of greed in a dream – to material losses; fear for the safety of one’s property.

The dream in which you were greedy indicates, first of all, the fear of losing what you have. You are probably one of those people who are too zealous about their movable and immovable property.

I dreamed that greed is directed at you – you will lose property due to someone’s subtle calculation or deception.

Sleep-warning! You shouldn’t trust anyone in the coming days. It is possible that active steps will be taken in order to lure your intellectual property or property.

To dream of your own greed – attempts on your part to get something from another person in a dishonest way.

Your own greed in a dream indicates that in reality you are very jealous of someone. You would like to possess what does not belong to you. In the near future, you will show attempts with the help of deception and trickery to get what you have dreamed of for so long.

Why does Greed dream in the Modern Dream Book

Had a dream: To be greedy – interpretation of the Esoteric dream book

Miller’s dream book: Curmudgeon

Were a curmudgeon in a dream – to spoiled relationships with others due to your unbearable character and excessive arrogance

I dreamed that one of your friends became a curmudgeon – to trouble from annoying people

Modern dream book: Curmudgeon

A woman in a dream was friends with a curmudgeon – to gain wealth and love thanks to her mind and tact

Were a curmudgeon – to the dislike of others for your arrogance

Your friends were curmudgeons – to trouble due to the importunity of others

Excessiveness in a dream according to Miller’s dream book

Unnecessarily squandered their intellectual potential in a dream – to unsuccessful attempts to gain popularity, which will upset your family

If in a dream they were not refrained in love affection or passion, this is a dream of illness or loss of respect from others; for women – to anger from close friends and to the loss of the location of a beloved man

Immoderation in a dream according to the Modern Dream Book

Excessiveness in love or passion – to troubles and loss of respect; for young women – to the loss of affection of the beloved and to condemnation from friends

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