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Dream interpretation greenhouse why does a greenhouse dream in a dream according to Astroskop’s dream book


If you saw a greenhouse in a dream, dream books are in a hurry to upset and upset you. A greenhouse is not the best image, such a dream carries a rather gloomy prognosis. Dream professionals associate the greenhouse with isolated, albeit seemingly favorable, conditions. Who was in the greenhouse, what objects did you see in it? You should be especially wary of dreams in which you yourself were in the greenhouse.

Seeing a greenhouse in a dream – deception awaits you; flattering attitude of others.

Someone is very interested in making an impression in front of you too favorable. As you know, the conditions in the greenhouse are very different from the weather conditions outside it. Apparently, it is beneficial for someone to keep you in "greenhouse", without giving you a chance to know how things really are. Think about what the transfer to your real life might be about. Take your dream very seriously. Sooner or later, any deception will be revealed, and the main one who suffers from this will be you.

Seeing a greenhouse in a dream, living in a greenhouse – isolation, refusal to objectively look at the world.

You are currently in "greenhouse" conditions. You yourself decided to fence yourself off from external problems and worries, choosing for yourself a greenhouse as a permanent place of residence. The dream of a person who avoids the struggle for success in life does not set specific goals for himself. However, you forget the main thing – you are not a flower. Imagine how your life will change when you are forced to get out of this "greenhouses"?

Seeing a greenhouse in a dream, building a greenhouse, planting something in it – you will hatch a new idea or project; reverent attitude towards the newly emerged relationship.

What did you plant in the greenhouse? What does this object mean to you?? It may be about some of your personal "brainchild" or a new project to which you devote a lot of time and effort. Be sure to clarify the meaning of the images that were present in this dream. Remember and analyze what you saw. Perhaps an accurate forecast will be given by the symbolism of the plants you planted. Find out in dream books what they mean.

Seeing a ruined, abandoned greenhouse in a dream is the collapse of what you gave a lot of time and energy. Otherwise, a break in a long-term relationship. In another way – a forced encounter with the cruelty of the outside world.

If in a dream the greenhouse symbolized a house for you, it means that the dream is preparing uncomfortable forecasts. In reality, you have to get out of this comfortable isolation and see the world as it is, without embellishment. Often, such dreams accompany immature people or adolescents who have to leave their home for a long time. And the interpretation sounds different for those who are on their own in this "greenhouse" raised something. Alas, your efforts will be in vain – your brainchild or project will never be embodied within the boundaries of reality.

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