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Dream Interpretation Hook 😴 dreamed of what Hook dreams about in a dream


Why is the hook dreaming – someone is preparing insidious plans.

What hook dreamed?

What did you do with the crochet in a dream?

In a dream, pricked with a crochet ▼

You pricked with a crochet – other people’s evil intentions can harm you, you will bother a lot through someone else’s fault.

How other dream books interpret?

Interpretations of similar dreams:

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

I dreamed of a Hook, but the necessary interpretation of sleep is not in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out what the Hook is about in a dream, just write the dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

while fishing, my wife caught a hook with her lip. I took it out.

Sergey, you will probably get rid of some kind of trouble.

I dreamed that I caught a cat with a fishing rod . Although the hook was the best, I did not rush to pull it out of the cat’s mouth, but cut off the line with a knife.

Konstantin, perhaps a dream in which you see a cat caught on a hook, suggests that in reality you can run into trouble.

I took a lot of small fishhooks in my mouth, and then began to spit it out, but one caught on the palate and I pulled it out. thanks.

yerzhan, most likely such a dream warns you that in reality it is better for you not to perform actions potentially dangerous to your health in the near future.

Spasibo Julija, ja ni ne nadejalsia na otwet i prijatno udiwlen, a chto jesche udiwitelnej sizhu so slomannym kolenom, ja igral w futbol (professional) i dla menia teper&# 8217; chempionat zakonchilsia w etom godu.Etogo wse rawno nel&# 8217; zia bylo izbezhat&# 8217;, ja dumaju eto k lucshemu, menia zhdut kakieto peremeny kardinalnye.Spasibo ogromnoe Julia, udachi Wam.

I dreamed that I was collecting hooks in the palm of my hand. A lot and different sizes. Some were very large &# 8212; about 5cm.

Natasha, the fact that you collected hooks probably means that you will fight habits.

good day. I dreamed (vomiting) that he was vomiting with hooks. and that I pull them out of my mouth but did not panic, but on the contrary it became easier.

There were a lot of hooks of various sizes in the dream. They didn’t hurt me in any way, but I freed people from them.

Hello!I dreamed that after being bitten by a dog, the staff terrier breed, I pulled out small hooks and metal spikes from my hand!thanks!

&# 8230; and in the sequel, this dog’s teeth were just made of metal spikes, and the claws were hooks!

Hello, I dreamed that my husband, whom I am divorcing now, hooked me three times on a hook, I pulled them out twice, and on the third I got very stuck in my finger, bleeding, and could not pull them out.What is it for?thanks.

During fishing, several small hooks at once dug deeply into the left hand. There was no strong pain, it was more unpleasant. There was no blood. I pulled the hooks all myself.

Please tell me what a dream can mean: While fishing, I saw that I was pecking on an elastic band, such a tackle, I hooked up and drove two hooks into my right palm. It turned out that the tackle was pulled ashore and just dangled in the wind, along with the hooks!
It hurt hurt, we pulled them out, and then there was blood. What does it mean?

pricked then I look and there is a big toe in blood and there is a big fish hook
for what .

I dreamed that I was in some kind of shed and I want to wash my hands, I see a single hook hanging on the wall and I think that I will need to hang a towel on it, and then I pay attention and see another triple hook, I leave the barn and wake up

Can I describe the whole dream, or just those moments when I saw hooks? This is not a dream, but some kind of mysticism.

I was on the shore of the lake, I threw a fishing rod with 2 hooks under the reeds, it caught on, I pulled with all my might, the hooks came off. Then the whole dream was looking for hooks, with such a feeling that this should be done according to any. At the end, I found a couple of pieces, took it in my hand. They became a completely different shape and one became gold, the other &# 8212; silver, there was a feeling of relief and surprise, t.To. I’ve never seen such hooks. I saw a lot of fish that were swarming, similar to piglets, but the feeling was that they were fish

I stepped on many hooks of different large and small and began to pull them out, they came out so well and to awakening I pulled them all out

I dreamed that I was swimming in the transparent sea, and when I went ashore, I found two triple hooks on the shore, with one being rusty and the other as if they had just made it, with a double eye for a fishing line, even more interesting that they were apparently on a huge fish like on a killer whale or on a white ocula. I took it and began to consider it with interest.

in a dream I was suspended by the skin on a huge number of hooks to which strong ropes were attached and for these ropes they controlled me all my movements, I felt fear and a desire to escape from this nightmare and get rid of the hooks.I knew that the hooks must hurt, but I didn’t feel one point I decided to get rid of all this and run away from those people who controlled me by the ropes and did so&# 8230; what is it for?

Hello!i dreamed that first I went to wash myself in the bath .the bath was in a terrible state, it feels like I was washing in the street.I came home and began to gather for a visit with my friends. Suddenly I found myself in a fishing shop.and there it started first I got caught on the hooks with my body, then I pulled it all out.I went back to the store and at the exit I got caught again, now in my mouth, a lot of hooks .and not just hooks, but they were already equipped on the fishing rods!this is how one held the fishing rods and the other took the hooks out of my mouth.I even remember a little blood.oh, it seems that everyone got it .and i woke up.what does it all mean.

At first I dreamed that I was cleaning with a crochet between my teeth and it got stuck, I could not pull it out, but then I pulled it out anyway. Then, in general, I dreamed that I had a mouthful of large and thick hooks, I pulled them out one by one, pulled out everything, I didn’t even get hurt, it’s just strange why this dream.

I drive a white road car across the bridge, there is a lot of snow around, there are fishermen. One has a hook from a fishing rod raised above his head and bites into my hand, but I take it out (not without effort) and move on.

Hello! In a dream, I dream that I am sleeping, and something hurts me, waking up (in a dream) I see a fishing hook stuck in my leg, it is tied to a fishing line, it hurts me, I want to pull it out and I understand that it will hurt&# 8230;..From this I immediately woke up&# 8230; Everything&# 8230;.thanks!

fishhooks stuck in my feet and my friends.. I pulled them out with my hands. woke up they were not there but then they reappeared&# 8230; and so 3 times

I dreamed that I was covered in fishing hooks . About twenty before
stuck in me but I took them out and held them in my mouth and then swallowed.

traveled with her beloved, my exchange had butterfly tattoos, bright. we got to a village, there was a bozarchik, not rich, feathers like earrings, but they were fishhooks on the counter, then . a disgusting creature that, if it bites, infected with a terrible disease, I killed him, boy, and his boots were on me, they rubbed my legs to mazol, I took them off and returned them to him, and people began to attack me as if they were brutal

I dreamed that some stranger held out a toe to me. I was very hurt ..with great effort I pulled the hook and told about it to another stranger.

On my left hand there was a fishing hook on my finger, but still with a thread I tried to pull it out, it succeeded, but it turned out that the thread was wrapped in such a way, as if on a knot, that I could not immediately get rid of it. I went to look for scissors to hook the thread. As a result, I removed a needle with a thread and some other gills or tentacles. At the end of the dream, it was all lying on the floor.

I dreamed that I was going fishing, take a fishing rod, put a worm on the hook and put the hook with a worm in my mouth so as not to lose

good day!
I dreamed that three fishing hooks were driven into my left hand. The man who drove, my old friend, Armenian. At the end of the dream I took off the hooks. I didn’t see blood in a dream. The hooks were metallic, not rusty.

I dreamed, just in the morning, that a hook was stuck in my index finger, on my right hand. Put your finger right through. The hook is quite strong, like for a fish, only thicker than the metal. It didn’t hurt&# 8230; although I felt his presence well and in a dream I understood that I needed to somehow get him out, because there could be an infection. I was going to seek help from a loved one and told him how to act in order to bite a hook.

Good morning! That night I dreamed that I was caught in nets (large) and on very large hooks&# 8230; hooks pierced both arms and both legs&# 8230;.entangled in water in nets&# 8230;.but floated out&# 8230; a lot of blood&# 8230; someone (man) took out my hooks&# 8230; and before our eyes (very quickly) the wounds healed&# 8230; thanks.

I dreamed that cows were hanging on hooks large, like carcasses. Nearby lies a horse exhausted.They hum and I understand their speech.&# 187; As if they said that again she came and would hang us&# 187;.There was also a bull with sawed horns, like a calf, and tried to drive me away, I got scared and left.

fishing in the lake.I didn’t eat anything myself.but she held a live fish in her hands.then crochet accidentally caught my hand

I dreamed about how I swam in the lake, threw fishing rods and the hook hit my finger twice, then I swam far away and began to choke, but I swam and swam to the shore and got a hook in the frog and I screamed strongly and then woke up.

dreamed that he helped a little girl to untangle a fishing rod.and then it turned out that he drove the hook into the big toe of his left foot and she was jerking me

Hello. I was standing near a river in the village, it was pretty much spilled, there was a boy with a bad student with me, with whom I did not really communicate at school, but greeted. And so he climbed into the water and began to fish. Once I pulled the hook out of the water – empty. On the second, there was a very small fish, and maybe I was not in the water, but at the top – he handed the hook with the prey to me. I took my hands, but before giving the hook, it caught on my finger and he did not immediately grin the line. As if not heard. And so 3 times, 3 times I shouted obscenities at him and let go of the fucking hook. I looked at the wound – just a piece of meat without blood. I woke up

my husband and I are riding a motorcycle in Minsk and he seems to fall asleep I woke him up we stopped and a man comes up to us and shows us a fishing rod says that we have lost it and then I step on the hook right at the bend I unbend my finger and it (the hook) goes under the skin I cut the skin on my finger, but I can’t see him and I ask my husband with a crochet, he can live, he answers, well, the fish live neither pain nor anything did not feel and woke up

swallowed a fishing line with a hook caught my throat could not pull out then ate bread and seemed to push through it, I was worried that the fishing line would not be digested

I had a dream in which I was supposedly sitting at school, and I had my father’s fishing rod in my hands, there were a lot of hooks on it, and it so happened that they managed to catch hold of a tulle or curtain, the whole dream pulled them out of there, then asked a classmate to pull the fishing rod , I climbed upstairs myself and after some effort I unhooked these many hooks from the curtain (tulle)

I dreamed today that I scattered fishhooks, then lay down on them.And then with pain he pulled them out from all over the body.

I was fishing. I caught a live fish on the hook. Then she began to dig worms for fishing, dug out a large one, but it was a pity to plant it on the hook myself, asked a friend, he planted. What is it for?

Hello! I dreamed that my cheek along with the gum was pierced with a fish hook and I could not pull it out.

In my dream it was winter, two classmates, there were other people I knew with whom we talked indoors, but when we went out into the street and walked one after another, I walked in front of my deceased brother, followed by 2 of my classmates and then mine familiar. The lantern was shining, we were walking along the alley, it was in the dark, and suddenly a sports car appears and flies down the alley, it drifts, it flies by, stops near the classmates, makes a maneuver back and turns next to them and starts spinning around pushing the girls , as a result, the girls fly off into the snow, the car stops and two guys get out, who are heading in our direction, where my brother and I appeared, and another guy who was standing next to us appeared, he stepped aside and I see that these thugs are going in the direction of me , one has some kind of device on his neck with a sheath from which a knife sticks out, and the second pulls out a hook that is tied to a long thick rope or tight rope, he winds this rope around his hand holding the hook in his hand. Brother stands between me and this scumbag, he comes, brother grabs his hand and asks&# 8230; What he needs, there are no answers, they have a squabble, everyone is looking, and the second begins to advance in my direction and then his friend somehow called out to him and asked for help, when I saw that he was holding his hands and no longer a hook in his hands , and two daggers with a cross at the throat, then that scumbag who approached me came up to them, pulled out his knife from the scabbard, gave a friend helped to hold those two daggers, and he began to cut his brother in the throat, blood flowed&# 8230;. I screamed, called for help and woke up from screams in a dream&# 8230;. I am in shock, why such dreams, from Sunday to Monday, especially since I practically do not dream? I am Aquarius by sign, if that also matters.

yesterday I dreamed of fishing rods, with tangled fishing line and a rusty hook, which I untangled. Today I dreamed of fish in an aquarium that flew out of it and flew like butterflies. And then there was a flood.


I sat on the carpet and collected small fishhooks on one long line. And I was only in my underwear.

Somehow a hook got into my eye, and my friends tried to pull it out, but they couldn’t do anything, but then I pulled it out with difficulty and with a crack in my eye, it was with a piece of cape and was covered in blood

Hello, I dreamed of fishing hooks, how I spit them out of my mouth, my mouth was clogged, I spat them out without damaging myself)))

swam with a friend next to a fisherman in a boat with a fishing rod. suddenly a fishing hook dug into my leg and the fisherman began to pull, I managed to cut the line and the fisherman disappeared

I dreamed of hooks that caught on the skin of my fingers, and I try to pull them out and pull them out, this is where the dream ends.

Hello! Today I had strange dreams like everything before. I dreamed that I saw a white cat hanging on a hook. His body was pierced with these hooks and there was blood on them. I also dream of the same place, not in every dream, but after a while. And the water, in many dreams, I noticed that either I am swimming in the water, or it begins to rise and fall unexpectedly. Please explain the meaning of these dreams!

I dreamed of how many hooks dig into my skin, a lot of pain, how metal rods pierced my flesh, especially my right leg and I could not pull them out, how I tear my left hand with a hook, how it breaks, and then it turned out to be whole, and I dream that it fell out rotten a tooth, sharp as a fang and disgusting, but without blood, I don’t remember it hurting

for three months in a row the same dream has been dreamed, slightly changing, but the meaning is the same! FISHERMAN I’m in the water with him, 1st dream, I just see a fisherman, we catch a lot of fish with our hands! 2nd dream. the fisherman again together a lot of fish, only he catches a fishing rod and the fish easily catches the hook itself ! 3rd dream is a fisherman, a fisherman catches a big fish, shows it to me, I have a big hook in my leg, it hurts, but I endure, and the fish swims on me, a lot, I’m like bait! then suddenly I look at the chicken as the carcass is floating in the store, I look at the expiration date very ancient, as if from the war 45g!! three meat in numbers almost equally coincide these dreams!! and also the very first dream!! I bought fish at the bazaar from my grandmother, my sister says that she gives me a little money, I have no money, but I reached into my wallet and found it, came back to buy, and she gave it to me like that!!

Didn’t go fishing! But (for the first time) he threw a fishing rod into the sea and hooked the blue (as it turned out on the cheek), then pulled him out of the sea with a fishing rod, unhooked and that’s it&# 8230;

I had a dream in which my whole mouth was pierced with hooks and eyes but my eyes were on the sides, and the whole dream I went to the mirror and tried to take them all one at a time, but every time someone bothers me, and now it turns out that through pain and a lot of torment I take off the hooks, but one remains and not everything is about that all the hooks are connected to each other and tied to the stone and through the stone goes to my daughter, and I this is All our whole dream with me, and now, lying on the floor, exhausted people pass by, I ask everyone give me a mirror to remove the last hook and a passing grandmother 5 times taller than a human takes a fishing rod and begins to wind the line, I start to rise with moans and so that my lip does not tear, I inserted a finger between the hook and lips, my jaw was fixed, I began to lose consciousness and she laughing let go of the line and I collapsed and woke up .

I had a dream in which my whole mouth was pierced with hooks and eyes but my eyes were on the sides, and the whole dream I went to the mirror and tried to take them all one by one, but every time someone bothers me, and now it turns out that through pain and a lot of torment I take off the hooks, but one remains and not everything is about that all the hooks are connected to each other and tied to the stone and through the stone goes to my daughter, and I this is All our whole dream with me, and now, lying on the floor, exhausted people pass by, I ask everyone give me a mirror to remove the last hook and a passing grandmother 5 times taller than a human takes a fishing rod and begins to wind the line, I start to rise with moans and so that my lip does not tear, I inserted a finger between the hook and lips, my jaw was fixed, I began to lose consciousness and she laughing let go of the line and I collapsed and woke up

Fishing hooks, both small and large, dug into my legs, there was no blood, but it hurt, I pulled them out and they helped me.

In a dream, I came to school, passing by the mirror I saw myself in full growth in my new skirt and blouse, which I really liked, but did not see my face. Then I went into the office, there was my new class, I greeted and stood at the blackboard, began to communicate with the teacher. Then he took out some kind of fishing rod, but I saw only its hook, hooked up my lip with a hook and began to pull from side to side, then I asked to take it off, they removed it to me. I don’t remember further

Me and something else next to me were eating a sandwich and in the sandwich there were a lot of hooks that we almost swallowed. We ate and then pulled out of my mouth. There were a lot of hooks and were tied into one bundle.

my nephew and I are going on a fishing trip, he cuts the fishing line with weights with a float and hooks from the fishing rod, then on the second fishing rod the fishing line with knots, he cut the fishing line, I dressed so as not to freeze when fishing, I remember very warmly that I put on a turtleneck two pairs of pants – that’s all what do I remember

I didn’t understandably swallow a fish hook. My mother took me to the doctor to get him out, which I was very much afraid of.

In a dream, I pierced my index finger with a crochet, and the pain was terrible that I woke up from it right away


i dreamed that I was sitting and crocheting a baby hat and it works out for me, it seemed to be loose and I was collecting and knitting.

Hello! I dreamed today that I was walking barefoot with friends unknown to me through the village along the rails. One of my companions really wanted to use the toilet but could not find a place to do it. Since she could no longer endure, she signed up and was very upset, so that somehow to help her, I took them to the river. To get to the river I had to go down a sandy hill and I went down and ran from acceleration into the river. We ran in and I immediately bent down on the yellow mattress and the current began to carry me to the opposite bank to the reeds where the fishermen put their nets. short of swimming to the reeds, I fell into the net, but without wasting time, so as not to get confused, I quickly tore it and freed myself, after which, after swimming a couple of meters, I caught my hand on the fishing hook again and since I could not pull it out, I pulled it out. After that, I nevertheless reached the shore I needed, but then they began to drag me to the bottom. thanks!

hello, I dreamed of a banknote and on the back in a row there were fishhooks with red small worms

I dreamed now in the evening I go down from the footbridge into the water, and we have a lot of big hooks, with strung fish for catching supposedly large fish. I ask to remove, but they are all intertwined and slowly move past me without stopping . Two hooks hurt me, which is why I woke up.

I dreamed of how fishhooks dug into my body with some kind of black thread. And through my sleep I felt this pain from the hooks. When I cut this thread, it tightened even more.what is it for?

While busting the rods into the left palm, it seems that the index finger stuck a fish hook, which pierced the skin through and through, did not feel pain

I climbed into the mushroom. then my friend also wanted to, but she was told that there was no need for flattery because the hook and rope were broken and it would not be possible to pull it out, and I drew attention to the hook .there was a big gray hook and near it even on it lay a rope, seemingly old, seemingly light.

i dreamed that several hooks stuck into my palm, I try to pull them out, but I can’t, and because of this, my blood starts to flow.

Fishing hooks in two fingers of the hand and some man with his hand pressed them deeper

I dreamed that I was eating soup after which I found 3 hooks with a fishing line pulling out of my mouth

I took fish hooks in my hand and put them in my mouth, and then I could not get rid of them, spit it out, pulled out an unpleasant feeling on one of the teeth.

I had a dream, I don’t remember the essence of the dream, but I remember that it seems like the second time I have taken off the hook earrings, and the second time they are not mine and I am not trying to put them on.

with whom I do not remember, we threw fishing rods into the river. then I see myself in the guise of a leopard. I am sitting on the shore, holding a large oval stone in my hands. a man walks by as if he doesn’t notice me. and then turns around abruptly and says: &# 171; Think I can’t see you?&# 187; and hit me in the solar plexus. I woke up

Hello. Today in the morning I dreamed of fishing hooks. they stuck in my fingers. I took out some, there was blood, but then they stuck into other fingers. then I realized that I couldn’t do without someone else’s help and began to ask for help. I see this dream for the first time, and even on the day of a very important decision

took a toy fishing rod from a stranger’s boy and wanted to take him home from my house, I don’t understand how he got to us. I reel in a fishing rod and there are many hooks more than 10, they painfully dig into my palms, I take them out and sometimes even tear my skin. Slight pain but no blood

I dreamed that my girlfriend and I wanted to go somewhere, but my father (the deceased) would not let go, we tied him up and I stabbed him in the legs with a boot hook.

i dreamed that I was pulling the rope out of my mouth at one end of her small fishing hook at the other end there was a beautiful small cross

I dreamed that I was removing fishhooks from my clothes, but not mine, and I took off everything.

I dream that I am fishing (small carp) and suddenly Dink’s cat catches the hook by the lip (this cat lived with us for 15 years and then died). I retrieve the hook safely. (I never liked fishing). I had this dream from Monday to Tuesday, this week.

I dreamed of hooks on a fishing line and one got stuck in my throat, I sort of pulled it out and woke up, the phone rang why such a dream

Hello.I caught a big fish with a homemade zakidushka (in real life I made it as a child) while on the pier during the a dream I was sure that the pike.but it looks more carp.the first time fell through, but the second time it was she who got caught.the water was clear.and small fish around.I was embarrassed by the fact that there were two hooks at the same time very different in size, one of which, after I removed the fish and put it in some kind of basket, I pierced my finger through.there was no pain.pulled it out or not I don’t remember.someone was near .I didn’t see my face.

Hello!I see a classmate in a dream.who treats me with marshmallows in a box and some other sweets!Then I see him by the water with a fishing rod .which has several empty hooks!Then the classmate lies down at the edge of the road with his head on a pillow and almost his head on the road!I remove the pillow and put it under his head .so that the car does not run over!I didn’t eat marshmallows.only seen in boxes!One box was opened .and the other three are closed!Marshmallow white and pink!At the end of the dream, a classmate hugged me.what pleased me!He lives in real life on the same street with me!But I’m not his type.he can’t like me! thanks.

I dreamed of many hooks in the sea. They swam on the surface and I scattered them with my hands and swore that it was all floating in the sea.

went from fishing, with a fishing rod on it, a hook hooked on it
like for the pants in the backside, there was a worm on the hook, pulled out the hook, the worm dried up on it, then woke up

We went fishing in a crowd.
But all the lines were tangled, I sat untangling.
There were still people, they looked at me blankly and did not help
The terrain was strange, the rivers were half dry, but there was fish in the muddy water. Big.
Olya got hurt like always.
But this time she severely scratched the scar on her left leg (above the ankle)
There is no scar in life.
She sobbed, came to complain. I calmed down, licked my finger and smeared the wound with saliva. Said not to touch. She calmed down
Then I untangle the fishing line further, and golden hooks begin to come across
On one line there are already two of them!
Two hooks on one rod. I could smell that area. Dry grass scorched by the sun. Musty bodies of water. Tin.

In a dream, I ate ice cream or cake (I don’t remember exactly) and felt that something other than sweetness began to spit out a lot of fishing hooks. What can such a dream mean, please tell me?!

I dreamed about how I had a lesson at school, I don’t understand such a Russian teacher, gave out books in English, and began to conduct a chemistry lesson, I took some forceps in my mouth for convenience, then I understand that I have a mouthful of hooks and start to get them, after why i woke up, help me understand what this means, thanks for the early,

I dreamed that I was going out to the staircase, and I saw that on the upper floor, parallel to the usual railings, they put iron, rusty railings, with large Hooks hanging along their entire length, similar to meat. I thought in a dream that the hooks were probably for hanging bags or old things. And in the middle of the stairs there was a whole bunch of hooks.

I was standing next to a fishing net, I touched it and hooks were hooked on my finger and hand, and then I pulled them out

Good day Tatyana, today I had a new dream from 1 to 2 nights.Dream lake is calm, quiet .We are on a boat with our beloved friend, rubber quietly, calmly sailing.Stars, frogs croak in my opinion, I cast my rod and I understand that I caught something .I’ll think about the top and there are blue panties and behind them a man in a mask (as if he is engaged in spearfishing) yelled at us (not out of malice) – they say you hooked me on my panties.I decide how to fix the situation now We swim to his boat there a little girl is waiting for him (probably a daughter) I still hold a fishing rod.He climbs on his boat and tells his Friend, jump into his boat and remove the hook.She takes off.Tell me and decipher what it can be?!))thank you

Several hooks from the bra hooked to each other and I unhooked them and remembered that I was looking for clips for them so that the straps would not fall off

I am sailing on a motor boat in the distance I see friends but they are far away, I swim and wave away the fishing rods and the lines stretched from them. One hook from a fishing rod thrown by someone falls into my mouth, I swim further and understand that it is already shallow, I see such a big fish&# 8230; and then a friend pulls me out of this shallow water by this fishing line that sticks out of my mouth. I try to pull it out, but I can’t, I was very scared and woke up.

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