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Dream Interpretation Hotel. Why does the Hotel dream of seeing in a dream – Dream Interpretation


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Now you can find out what it means to see a Hotel in a dream by reading below for free interpretation of dreams from the best online dream books!

Have you ever had prophetic dreams?

Dream interpretation – Hotel

The dreamed hotel foreshadows that in real life you will soon have to go on a long and dangerous journey. If the hotel is fashionable and its interior is fully consistent with the specified category – such a dream marks the onset of a life full of pleasures.

A postcard with a view of such a hotel promises fun travel and entertainment.

A second-rate hotel with an unprecedented exterior and interior decoration foreshadows that you will learn a lesson from your failure.

Looking for a hotel in an unfamiliar city in a dream, not being able to communicate with people who speak a language that you do not know – such a dream promises in reality obstacles that will have to be overcome on the way to the goal.

A dream in which you dream that you are working in a hotel – in reality, do not miss a happy chance to use a favorable combination of circumstances.

Dream interpretation – Hotel

Check in to the hotel – for an adventure.

If the hotel is luxurious and you have been assigned a suite, well-being and exquisite pleasures await you.

Seen from the side of an old, dilapidated hotel – you will be surprised.

Being in a dilapidated hotel – a dangerous adventure awaits you that could end badly. Imagine relaxing in a hotel suite. You have a swimming pool right in your room, the apartments are decorated with expensive fabrics and rare wood species.

Dream interpretation – Hotel

Dream interpretation – Hotel

Dream interpretation – Five-star hotel and the number five

If in a dream you are staying in a five-star hotel and you like the comfortable conditions that are offered to you, then in reality you will languish from boredom and idleness. If your hotel room amazes you with its luxury, then in reality you will be fired from your job.

Leaving a five-star hotel in a dream – for discharge from the hospital or getting rid of bad habits or bad company. For drug addicts, this dream promises a complete cure for drug addiction within 5 weeks.

Dream interpretation – Hotel

I can’t get past this Dream, with a very complete meaning (from the point of view of Philology and Psychology).

The dreamer found herself in this Dream in the beautiful world of her dreams and dreams, which rightfully belong to her (Luxurious fabulous Hotel – the Dreamer’s mental harmony, the balance of all life factors), but they did not become Reality, since all her energy and all her High potential (Yang – potential) she is now wasting-using for completely earthly purposes (Yin-orientation) to put her three children on her Feet (on the 5th floor, some Woman – Yin potential turns to face the Dreamer, but the Dreamer automatically, with the thought of the fact that it is already late, leaves for the 3rd, leaving the Woman on the 5th floor of the Hotel).

The dreamer arrives on the 3rd floor with the scent of the East and again turns to some Woman (Yin potential) with a question about Her Number (Yang potential), which is still unknown to the beautiful Dreamer (this is Yang – abilities that contribute to the all-round realization of a person in the external world-society, characterizing him as an independent and wealthy person, balanced and independent of external factors, such as now in the Dreamer’s life).

The huge Tsunami waves overtaking the Dreamer are the Dreamer’s huge Yang potential, which will regularly serve her if she studies and realizes it (this is determination, action, influence, realization, not humility), and better later than never.

In real life, such a dream suggests an accumulated internal Yin potential that can be transformed into an external one (these are love, kindness, service, extensive pedagogical experience, emotional experience that only remains to be formed and realized).

This is a dream about this, I really wanted to help the Dreamer find Herself in this World.

Regards Libya.

Dream interpretation – Hotel

The dream shows the social aspirations of the Dreamer, not completely "constructed", unpromising and not corresponding to its capabilities, partial readiness for cardinal changes in social terms.

To come to full readiness, the Dreamer needs to study the existing extraneous experience and turn to it.

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