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Dream interpretation plate


Dream interpretation plate dreams Interpretation of sleep. Plates in a dream mean a reception, arrival of guests or a friendly meeting. By their appearance and fullness of food, one can judge the mood of such an event.

Also the symbol of the plate on the home table &# 8212; it is a sign of prosperity, prosperity. And, very importantly, the quality of the relationship. It is the state and quality of relations between people. The principle is important here &# 8212; where exactly is the plate in a dream? Since this additional symbolism determines the area of ​​relations.

Dreamed of a plate in a dream Interpretation of a dream

All that is at home &# 8212; concerns family relationships between household members. If in a dream there is some kind of holiday at home, other people are at the table, then the dream indicates a relationship with those who enter your house. By the way, they will also be dream characters.

If the plate is in a restaurant, bar, cafe, a dream will show events &# 171; on the road&# 187;. That is, somewhere in a public place.

Dirty dishes &# 8212; it is a sign of bad news, news and unpleasant communication that you will have to endure as a host.

Dreamed of a plate of a plate in a dream

Broken plates &# 8212; breakup symbol. According to the plot of the dream and the acting characters, you can determine who exactly this event concerns. The one who breaks a plate in a dream will be the cause or initiator of the breakup.

Washing dishes means an attempt or desire to improve relationships after a quarrel or unpleasant clarifications, conflicts.

New plates can indicate new friends or relatives, for example after marriage.

Empty plate &# 8212; to change plans, cancel a meeting.

If a plate of delicious food &# 8212; to good news, good news.

Look for food by names of dishes or products.

If someone ate from your plate in a dream, you will have to share &# 171; daily bread&# 187; with this person.

Dreams Come True Empty Plates Dirty Plates

ahatake6: I dreamed of plates on the table several times and a man at the table. Empty. Clean empty &# 8212; relationship did not work out with the person.




But the last time about plates, I poured cabbage salad and potatoes into my plate. But as soon as I fill it, it becomes empty and so several times. And then she got dirty altogether. My regular plate I eat from.

I went to wash her for a long time, I tried to wash it, it became clean. And instantly it became greasy and dirty again and generally turned into a sieve of fine wire in dirty grease. Such a disgusting dream was. However, like a relationship with a person. Just throw it away.

Seeing a flying saucer in a dream

means that you are able to perceive information that is inaccessible to most people on the planet.

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