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Dream Interpretation Roof 😴 dreamed of why the Roof dreams in a dream


The roof, according to Felomena’s dream book, is a symbol of reason, logic, mind, as well as the mental state of the individual. This is the mind that guides us when making decisions. The dream also speaks of interest in the arrangement of the surrounding world.

What did you do in your dream?

Why dream of sitting on the roof ▼

If you dreamed that you were sitting on the roof, the people around you will probably recognize your authority, they will consider you an intellectually developed person. The likelihood of great success in professional activity is high.

Climbing the roof in a dream ▼

The dream interpretation warns: climbing on the roof is not the best omen. You are probably in danger. However, if you did not experience fear in a dream, everything will work out, troubles will pass by.

Climb onto the roof in a dream ▼

If you dreamed about how you climb onto the roof, such a plot can portend success at work: an increase or increase in the fee. Try not to lose the confidence of your superiors and do not embark on adventures.

What happened to the roof in a dream?

I dreamed of a roof collapsing ▼

Why dream of how the roof is crumbling? Possible career troubles. People who patronize you will find themselves in a difficult position and lose the opportunity to provide further patronage.

What kind of roof did you dream about??

How other dream books interpret?

Interpretations of similar dreams:

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

I dreamed about the Roof, but there is no necessary interpretation of sleep in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out what the Roof is dreaming of in a dream, just write the dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

I dreamed that I woke up on the roof, and my sister was taking pictures of me.I was afraid all the time that she would fall.what does it mean?=)

Masha, being on the roof in a dream is a huge success.

Dear Julia, from time to time I dream that I am on the roof (I am 19 years old), but in real life nothing grandiose happens to me.. and the last time I dreamed that I was already standing on the 17th floor&# 8230; what can this mean?

Victoria, most likely such dreams reflect some of your subconscious fears of someone or something.

Dear Julia. In a dream, I was in the village, organized and myself participated in clearing all the roofs of the village from snow and ice, and icicles. I walked on the roofs with completely different. I clearly saw myself standing on the roof. What does it mean?

Natasha, the fact that you cleaned the roof most likely means that you will try to find new ways of self-defense in life.

Hello! I dreamed that the roof of our parent’s house was on fire. We have not lived there for a long time, but I dreamed that this was just our house, I saw a calm flame, without smoke. thanks!

I periodically have a dream, the actions of which unfold on the roof of the same skyscraper.
Its roof has a very large angle of inclination and I am always afraid to fall from there. On this roof I have a bed made in which I sometimes try to lie down, but this rarely happens due to the large slope of the roof and I am always on the verge of falling from it, but I have never fallen.
Sometimes my relatives (son, father, wife, etc.) join me on this roof.d.)
Maybe see a psychologist.

The dream in which you were on the roof most likely suggests that it will be difficult for you to maintain your position at your current level.

Hello.I dreamed that I was at my beloved man’s house.Suddenly I see a staircase leading to the second floor.I go upstairs and find myself in a spacious room with a huge window.I stand admiring the view from the window.The sea, the mountains sticking out of the water, small boats and resting people.Then looking back I see that there is no roof.I go up a couple more steps and understand that the roof still needs to be completed, building another floor.I see started walls and mountains of bricks.(with this man we recently started dating) Thanks in advance.

Most likely, such a dream, in which the roof was not completed, indicates that you can make sure that the relationship with this person is not yet able to fully satisfy you.

Hello, I dreamed that I was standing under a leaky roof, I see the holes clearly, I see the sky through them, I call on the phone in search of a system.materials for its repair.Thank you in advance.

Hello, I dreamed of a flood, a huge stream of (clean) water, I float in it – rushes towards me, but does not cover me, but everything around takes away everything in its path. I am on a wooden covered roof with an outsider young man who runs on it. And then this house is uprooted by the power of water and the house floats and I stand and look around, I’m not scared, very beautiful and interesting. Help me to understand. Regards, thanks

The fact that in this dream you were surrounded by such water, most likely, promises you success and health in the near future..

I dreamed about a huge red roof. and then I see a boy and he gives from her. It is very important to know what it is for. Thank you in advance

I dreamed that I was standing on the roof of my 9-story building.And it seems like there are figures on this roof, I seem to know that some teenage girl makes these figures, like a workshop.I look at the figures and I remember the lion well &# 8212; he was bigger than all other figures.
And next to the house I see a tower &# 8212; a beautiful tower (in reality it is not there), I see this standing on the roof.For what?

A dream of such content most likely indicates that you can achieve a lot, take a place at the top.

in a dream, I went into a house that is connected to other houses by a long corridor and saw my drunken husband raised her head and saw a glass roof in places and shifted to the side

Good afternoon, Alina. Today I dreamed that my ex-husband and I were quickly rushing, it seems, on some kind of motorcycle. There is a cliff ahead and we fall into it. While we fall I think &# 8212; well, that’s it, end. But, approaching the ground, I see the river below, we fall into it &# 8212; safe and sound. We look, and we, it turns out, did not fall into the river, but broke through the roof of someone else’s house, and fell on someone else’s bed. Looking up &# 8212; upstairs a huge hole in the roof from our fall. We walk around someone else’s house, look into someone else’s refrigerator, there, in addition to all other food, there is a huge started box of chocolates. The owners of this house appear &# 8212; woman, girl, men &# 8212; they see the whole situation, but they treat us kindly, they put me at the table, they feed me, the hostess sits next to me, offers me more food &# 8212; meat, potatoes. I want to say that in reality my ex-husband and I are forced to live in the same apartment until there is no way to leave.

Your dream, in which there was such a race, most likely suggests that you can take risks within the framework of this relationship.

Hello. I dreamed that part of the roof of my house caved in due to broken pillars. I was scared and unpleasant.

I dreamed that I was sitting with my beloved girl at home and that we had a quarrel due to some ridiculous circumstances, then I found myself on the roof for a long time thinking, walking on it and decided to jump down, I saw how I was flying, there was some kind of excited state of euphoria without hitting the ground I woke up. Why a dream, tell me

Today I dreamed that I was standing on the roof of a very high building (house), below the lights of the shops and my husband was standing.In tears I beg him to bring me down.He said that there was a huge pole next to me, I had to go down on it, but I was scared-high.Then the wind blew and carried me to the pole, and instantly I safely went down.I woke up from fright.Then my dream continued. My husband and I went to the supermarket, bought milk, kefir, etc.d. What does it mean.

Such a dream most likely indicates that you can achieve the desired success soon.

I live in a country (and not a city, as in reality) house.Leaving my house on the street, I suddenly noticed that on the roof of my house several pairs of cranes were making nests..

Hello.I dreamed that my friend and I were standing on the roof, but after a while, my friend was jumping off the roof, and I could not even approach the edge, I was afraid that the roof would collapse and I would fall.The house on the roof of which we stood was abandoned.I don’t remember how many floors there were, I only remember that it was very high.What does it mean?thanks!

I dreamed as if I was on the roof of a high residential building (about 16 floors), for some reason I know that in Moscow, although I myself am from Samara. The roof is flat, several levels. There is a room on the roof, presumably for a technical purpose. First, my second cousin and her grandmother and I sit on a ledge near this room. The place is safe, but in front you can still see how high and I am filled with the fear of accidentally tripping and falling. After a while I get up and offer to leave here. We walk along this room from the outside. It becomes noticeable that it is spring on the street and snow and ice on the roof. On the way there is a woman in years with a crowbar in her hands … then my companions go forward, I am left alone. I look towards the cornice, the cliff. Then for some reason I stumble and fall through the nearest cornice, but there is still a ledge on which there is snow, along which I slide, I try to climb up but still slide. I break down, fly down, the floors do not end, but I know that the height is great. I wake up gradually ..
I have a dream of this kind for the 3rd or 4th time.

The roof of my parents’ house is on fire, and I’m trying to put it out

Our barn dreamed. Only he got a little taller. the roof was all wooden and in general the upper side of the shed seemed to be covered with wooden planks. And on the roof there is another small wooden booth&# 8230; I saw a barn from the side. Then I ended up on the roof. The roof was shaky. And then I kept looking for ways to get out of there.

I walk on a very beautiful roof, it glistens and seems slippery. I’m really scared that I might slip. From it you can get to the attraction (slide). many from the roof (people unfamiliar to me) merrily rolled down and I also rolled down.

I submitted an advertisement for the sale of my house, as I have no strength to live with an adult son, an alcoholic, but I doubt if I am doing the right thing. Today I dreamed that buyers came to my parent’s house, which had been sold long ago, but the roof caved in there, I also saw my late grandmother, it turned out that there were many good sheds, with chickens and rabbits, cleanliness everywhere, and there was also a new big house with a hole in the roof. We began to bargain, buyers indicated that the roof was bent, I had a dream from Saturday to Sunday, January 13.

I climbed the stairs from the outside of the building to a 17-storey building, to the very roof. Climbed stubbornly and climbed. I press to the middle of the roof, it’s safe there, I’m afraid to approach the edge. I see there are two slopes, one of which I climbed. Thinking how to get off back. I choose a tried-and-true staircase, underneath it even seems to be some kind of platform and people appeared on it. I think if I get off, they will hedge. But no tears.

Hello! I had a strange dream today, as if my sister and I were standing on the highest roof and I had to go down, she was jumping with her daughter, who was not there at first and everything is fine, but I look down and see a huge height, and I’m so scared, I I ask for help from them. With fear I begin to jump and a roof appears under my feet, I jump further and again one more roof and so on the roofs I went down to the bottom, it turns out there was dirty water under the roofs and now I am already on the ground and I have to bypass this dirty water, but suddenly I’m not alone, but with my daughter, but only she is small in a dream, I go around with her, holding hands, and next to it is clear clear water, and we are heading towards her to wash our feet, I see clean baby heels, but I know and I say that this water with radiation.
Please explain the meaning of this dream. Galina.

Together with my husband and the builders, we are repairing the roof of the sanatorium that we rented (in life, this sanatorium belongs to the enemy of my family) . The roof there needs a lot of repair. Together with the builders, we disassemble it, plan what to replace on it . Then the husband’s son from his first marriage appears on the roof, joyful shows what things are from school . And my husband and his son are leaving . I go down from the roof and go in construction clothes to have a bite to eat in our real boarding house . I go to the second floor and there suddenly turns out to be a very bright and beautiful cafe of my friend . We find a table to chat with her. I show her how much it is necessary to replace the supporting structures on the roof of that sanatorium and show a photo in which these places are marked . But for some reason they are in the form of teeth turned upside down, with blood . Please decipher my dream

What does a dream mean in which I am driving in the back seat of a car. It’s dark in the car and I doze and admire the road. Passing, I see, as it were from above, that below there are very beautiful, like fairy-tale houses and I admire their beautiful roofs. From this contemplation, a state of comfort and tranquility arises.
thanks for the answer.

Hello.I dreamed that I was standing at the edge of the roof of a skyscraper or some kind of high house.There were also my mother and sister, then my mother gave me 3D glasses, I put them on and it seemed to me that the edge of the roof was far from me, I stepped and fell.But it turned out that next to this house on which I stood there was another house, but between them there was a connector, and into this connector I fell.My toes barely felt the edge of the roof and my fingers wrapped around the other edge of the house.I could calmly get up and leave this place, but the 3D glasses prevented me from letting them go.Somehow I got up and with these 3D glasses crawled away from the edge.And the most interesting thing is that when I almost fell, I realized that this was a dream, but I still didn’t want to fall.

good day! I’m 05 today.12.13 I dreamed that I was standing on a high staircase and my roof of my director’s house, and the staircase swayed and I felt the fear that I would fall, but it turned out that I remained firm and continued to wash the roof like a cone. Please tell me what it could mean. Thank you in advance.

I see from the side in the village, workers are doing repairs on the roof of the house in good weather, and I also saw white grapes behind the fence, there was a little of it

Hello. I dreamed that I returned to my father’s house – to open the gates, there was no one at home, in search of relatives I climbed the stairs to the roof, but I saw a small child near whom there were snakes. Saved the child and woke up

I dreamed about how my friend jumped from a great height (as if deliberately, but not for the purpose of suicide). Then I saw her lying downstairs trying to move a little&# 8230; we were waiting for an ambulance&# 8230; then I woke up. What can this mean?

Hello, I dreamed that my girlfriend fell from the roof of my house ..she wanted to jump to me but she didn’t succeed &# 8230; when she fell I went down she was alive &# 8230; what is it for ?

Hello!Today in a dream I saw the smoking roofs of multi-storey buildings, please tell me what this means?

I dreamed that my daughter and I, she is small in a dream, (although now she is already 30 years old), we go along the roof. And my daughter jumps off her, I felt scared for her. I went up and looked down, and my daughter below in the snow laughs and plays with the snow.

I was on the roof of not a tall building, and not alone, but with some people. We were looking for a place on the roof where it would be more comfortable to sleep. The roof of the house was uneven and it was uncomfortable for me to be on the roof

Scraps of sleep: I climbed onto some roof where children were playing, then I found myself on the ground in the garden, green grass, I began to run away from something, there were cockroaches on the way under my feet, different, small snakes wriggling in the form of a ring, large black two-tails, one of them bit my heel, for some reason I was without shoes. I got out of the garden, sat down, looked like something like a bicycle and drove along the road&# 8230;&# 8230;&# 8230;&# 8230;.

I ran from some organization, in my head there was an idea that I needed to get my feet out of there, opened the door, and then there was an exit to the crash and ran along the ledge of the house, then jumped down and woke up

dream of the roof of my house, it is ruined, it feels like after a hurricane. Somewhere it is not covered at all, but somewhere the sheets are raised. I am worried that it may start to rain and everything will leak into the house, the repairs and furniture will deteriorate.I’m trying to get on the roof and fix. I don’t remember further..

In a dream I calmly walked on the roof) Arm with my sister) Not noticing that she is not reliable in all places&# 8230; almost fell)) But stepped over and everything worked out 🙂 What could this mean?)

I always dream of one meaning of a dream, as if in our apartment clear water is pouring through the roof, clean clean, sometimes in a small volume, then in a large one

I was walking with a girl from our class and the weather was very nice. When we were walking down the street we saw our friend Masha. We took a walk with her and then parted. The city looked strange. We started walking and looking for some kind of building. We searched for a very long time and walked in some kind of different curls. We saw a very tall building and in order to find the place we were looking for, we decided to climb this building and look down. We climbed this roof. We didn’t even notice which building it was. We looked at the city on the roof and this girl wanted to jump off the roof. Not to die, but just to get down quickly. The bag with my things was on the other end of the roof and I ran to the hatch to open it. I opened the hatch, there was a ladder and I slipped off it. The girl who was with me began to throw my things to me so that they would not be blown away by the wind, and the wind was very very strong. Then I opened the bag and saw that there was a blue toy horse, which I did not even take with me. Then the hatch slammed shut and I didn’t see that girl, but she was most likely blown away by the wind. I started walking up the stairs and collecting my things. Only then did I notice that this building was a hospital and its walls were green. The building was very dark. Going down the stairs, I saw that Masha was being taken out in a wheelchair. She was all in bandages and only part of her face and light brown hair were visible. I ran up to her and started crying. I asked her:
-Masha, what’s wrong with you? What’s happened?
-There was a strong wind and I fell from this building.
-What did you break?
-5 ribs, legs, arms, knocked out teeth, and muscle strain.
I wanted to feel sorry for her, but the doctors began to take her to the floor. But out of nowhere all the Machines’ friends and acquaintances came running and began to feel sorry for her
and console.
-Don’t come up to me and feel sorry for me! Everything is fine! &# 8212; she said.
She was taken away. All her friends and acquaintances ran to that ward and knocked on her, and I looked at all this from afar and sat in a corner.

Hello, today I had a dream that I was sleeping on the roof with an unprecedented fear that I might fall, while this was a normal phenomenon for other people, everyone slept on the roofs, many even had beds, and what is most interesting, I also had it, I I was terribly afraid to fall down, the wind blew very coldly and the feeling of fear did not leave me.

with someone I climbed onto the roof of someone else’s house, someone successfully hooked me up and then we entered the room apparently through the attic and the hostess comes up to us without any indignation or fear.I don’t remember further.

I dream that I calmly sit in the house, but not in my own, in which I now live, watch TV, put milk rice porridge in my plate for some reason, and sit there, watch TV, for some reason it seems to me that the wind has blown and it has started to rain , as soon as I paid attention to these phenomena, the roof collapsed on me and I was crushed, but it didn’t hurt me, but I could not move and I woke up in some kind of fear.

there was sparkling white snow on the roof .I climbed onto the roof and began to trample the snow and climb. when I got up I saw the unfinished roof I stood and looked at how it was made and saw the blue clear sky

I climb onto the roof with my sister I hold on to the roof she chicks off and I fall with her then my sister cries at me, you are no longer my sister if I see you, then I cry and wake up.

At first I was standing on the canopy of the roof, the wind was afraid to fall, the height was about 30 floors, then someone gave me a rope, but it was thin, I took this rope and began to hold on to it and leave, and a strong wind suddenly began to shake me and I flew to the bottom, the rope broke and I fell on the car at the moment when I was flying down I kind of watched myself from the side behind the glass in the same house when I fell I woke up almost immediately did not break anything the ambulance came and put me a dropper, there was a drop of blood near the needle

I was on a building under construction, some kind of animal farm. The roof was unfinished without slate, and was covered only with paralon, about 2-3 cm. thick.I sat on the krachki on this krish on the paralon closer to the edge of the krish, and I held on to this paralon, but it began to break in the places where I held on with my hands, and little by little I began to slide down the roof to the edge, I was afraid that I would fall.There were people downstairs, in my opinion, also workers, I wanted to call them for help, but I could not utter a single word so that they could hear me, I could only hiss.Then I almost fell, then I sort of somehow ended up already higher, almost at the very top.This is how I had a dream.Thank you very much in advance for the interpretation.

Climbed onto the roof as a manager, supervised the repair of the roof, as a result of the completion of the work, we went downstairs, I was the very last. Repairs were carried out along the railway tracks at an enterprise where I have never been in my life

I go into the house (in a dream, as if I should become mine), I look at the roof, and it is all in gaps (full of holes), and through these gaps the sun shines strongly (rays). In a dream, I think:&# 187; It’s good that the weather is sunny, but when it will rain?&# 187; The walls are also in the gaps

I dreamed that I was standing on the doorsteps of the school (in which I am currently studying), and a girl was walking to its roof, which I just hate in real life! She walks on the roof, and suddenly in a dream I understand that she can fall and it becomes unclear to me how she got there at all. She went somewhere on the roof and suddenly she was gone&# 8230; and abruptly I ended up on the roof. I was very afraid to move, because it was very high. I walked and wondered how beautiful it was and why I hadn’t gone there before. Then I met another girl on the same roof, whom I also dislike and she was spinning around me all the time. Then I saw a huge tree growing very close to the roof of the school and, in order to no longer stand next to this girl, I jumped on it. I held on tightly to his branches and looked at the roof from which I left. Mom came up to this girl and they disappeared somewhere. Before they left, I looked down and realized that I was very high, then I looked to the sides and it turned out that the tree was no longer as close to the roof as it seemed to me before. I asked this girl to help me get back to the roof, but she pointed me to another tree, and then to the roof and left. I jumped to another tree, then to the roof. And the dream is over! what does it all mean?

I dreamed that I went out onto the balcony, and it turned out to be a roof, at work, I took a hat and a scarf with me to the roof so that I could throw it all off to the client!I ran after her, but she was afraid to get to the roof and take what she needed!but I risked falling and I managed to give her her things, everything ended well, but before that I dreamed that I had very beautiful long hair and I cut them myself, I even out the ends

And I dreamed that my sister and her husband bought a new car (black). But I could not climb into it because the roof was very low (what does this mean?

in a dream I saw that I was standing on the roof and I was afraid, I was thinking how to get down. Suddenly the fear disappeared and jumped to half and found a ladder and went down the stairs.

The roof of a skyscraper – 120 floors, probably on the roof of a restaurant, while there is nothing, no fences or fences that could prevent a fall from there. It’s just a roof, in the shape of an equal-bladed cross, from there, at my request, a person jumps, and as if nothing had happened I sit down at the table with friends and we continue to communicate

I see the severed head of my beloved Doberman and I think that since there is no best friend there is no need to live on&# 8230;..I go up to the high roof&# 8230; standing on the edge&# 8230;..I’m going to jump, I remember only one man, I would like to say something goodbye&# 8230;.I send him an SMS but then a man appears&# 8230;.and discourages me&# 8230;.I’m leaving&# 8230;.thinking that it might not be worth it&# 8230;.(doberman died 7 years ago)

There is a house that crashes above the ground and everything else is underground, and next to it is my friend with her husband and her husband says:&# 187; I bought a nice house ?&# 187;

There is a house whose roof is above the ground and everything else is underground, and next to me is my friend with her husband and her husband says:&# 187; I bought a nice house ?&# 187;

I dreamed that the top of the roof was broken, presumably by the wind, and two people were walking on the roof. His wife writes

My friend and I were driving a car not fastened, we were stopped by traffic police, and we ran from them through private areas, and there we missed in different directions, I jumped onto the fence and then along the red roof, which was soft, like water, from there I jumped on a pole and went down

on the roof of an old building there are dead swans with white wings, and above them the kites are eating them, I stand and look, a filthy kitten is rubbing near my feet.

i walked in paradise krishi on ni bulo my mom is tato brother, the yak’s car was rolling to the brim and from small to small, alas, I was alone, the whole as bulo was also going to be.ale zavzhdi trimala rivnovagu

Hello.I dreamed that I was traveling on rooftops: like an excursion.The roofs were all in excellent condition: new, bright.Very high.Some even provided sledges to go down – these roofs were so slippery not to fall.I took a sled in a dream and rode along the roof like a slide.Other people-employees of the office-also took the sled and moved with their help.On other roofs I moved on special soft mattresses, they could also be taken, they were new and soft, bright.I even wanted to take home one as a souvenir.The trip over the rooftops was long, I was already tired and wanted to get off.But the roofs did not end, they were covered with laminate – new and smooth / I already began to worry that I would not go down to the ground, each roof was higher than the previous one, and I could not go down, I already began to go down the stairs.Never made it to the ground.

I dreamed about roof repair, in the house in which I live, the tiles were beautiful bright, but at the beginning of the house the roof was dismantled, and above my apartment, on the contrary, they were already covered with metal tiles of red or even burgundy color

I went to the roof and I was scared that I might fall. Began to quietly move away from the edge. It became very scary! And so several times. But!! I slept on Friday afternoon from 16.00 to 17.thirty. Thank you, Vlada

The second night I have a dream that I am sitting on the roofs, and on opposite me, someone is also sitting on the roofs, and here I am sitting firmly, but little things always fall on me, then some rags from my hands, today here dreamed that the cell phone fell

Hello, I dreamed that my friend and I climbed onto the roof of someone’s building, we climbed easily, we sat easily, then a girl with whom I study, but I don’t communicate, climbed onto the same roof, she said until we sculpt we climb up higher, we climbed sitting sitting, my friend and I did not notice how my classmate left, we saw her current on the ground . Well, we finally decided to get off, when we got off we saw the police, I said at that moment of walking, they did not see us, but this did not happen, one of the cops dug in on the roof, did not say anything and began to write something on the wall with a bolon. When we got off, I sat down on the junk and the police asked what happened why we were on the roof and my friend lied and said that we were almost killed but the police didn’t care and they left then we saw our friends (boys) and they were offended at us for the fact that we are not so simple and are looking for adventure: 3 and when we went down, for some reason we had a pillow on our back and it almost fell down and we always straightened it

I’m building a house and this is not a dream.
In a dream I saw my home.
I decided to do the filing of the anemone on the roof.
I noticed that two unfamiliar uncles at this time on the other side of the house were removing my roof.
Climbed up to them, piled a lulla, literally dropped from a five-meter height.
Unfortunately I found out that part of the roof was removed.
Got off the roof and looked at her again.
Instead of an unremoved roof, there were idols in the form of clay cats, wolves of different birds, maybe someone else.
It all looked beautiful.
These two have replaced almost the entire roof and it attracts me.
Figures or idols no clarity ambivalent feelings.
Beautifully painted.
The composition is amazing and mesmerizing.

As if dad and I are sitting on the roof of our house, dad fixed something, then goes down to the edge of the roof, then rises, and so on several times. Then I tell him, sit still, because you will fall, as I said, he could not resist, slipped and fell. But at the same time, I did not feel fear in him.

I sat on the roof with a good friend and talked. It was warm and sunny, yellow (and its shades) predominated. When we went down (a few more people joined me, I don’t remember who, but friends, everyone had a weapon, I somehow &# 171; macarom&# 187; turned out to be an AK-74 and a disposable grenade launcher) there were a lot of bandits who wanted to kill me. I blew up one car and killed several people in a shootout. The bandits were with ordinary people, who for some reason were opposed to me. After the shootout, I was walking with another friend, and some old woman gave me a coin.(new 10 rubles in the color of gilding – it was written from January 1, 2015 on them and the entry in Latin – I don’t remember)

I dreamed how the roof rolled off our old house, where no one lives anymore. No injured.There really is a roof leaking and should soon fall.

My friend dreamed that I was standing on the roof and screaming for help.When he climbed onto the roof, he saw a man standing next to me.

I dreamed that I was standing on the edge of Krishna with a head with a head only after I knew it, I was written. At the same time, I am afraid to stand on the tower of the tower, that I am running for the walker, I do not appear to be wondrously aware of the fall when I walk.

I enter some old abandoned courtyard, go up to an old wooden house and see many cats lying in dense rows under the roof of the house, and crows and jackdaws are circling on the right near the corner of the roof.

well, we walked with our girlfriend, then we ended up in the city where I used to live, well, then she climbed onto the roof with her friend and jumped off

i dreamed of a broken roof of my house, relatives and the dead made themselves a new roof and destroyed ours

climbed onto the roof, wanted to drive away the ill-wisher. I don’t remember how I got in.I wanted to get off, but the house, like an inflatable, is shaking. And the roof is as soft as a trampoline. I look down, everything is very small. High. I am very afraid.

The dream is like this: I sit on the edge of the roof on a chair, not even on the roof, but on the ledge, I get up, I try to get off, grab the corner of the house, but then I sit down on the chair again, and so three times, and a little lower on the same ledge my friends stand.

Hello, I have never had a dream before, and recently several times in a row and all from Thursday to Friday. I dream of a man next to me all the time, but I can’t understand who, if I forget everything about him, I don’t remember a person in any relationship with him, but he constantly participates with me in everything that happens&# 8230;.in this dream we walked around the trading center and chose the matrials, then we arrived at our house supposedly and put the slate that we bought on the roof, it was a great sunny day and the slate was a beautiful dark brown-red color&# 8230; what does this dream mean.

Hello ? my young man had a dream that he and I were standing on some kind of high building and then I jumped off it, then my boyfriend ended up in some other place and again with me, but then he would jump off and that’s it . Please tell me what it means? What is it for? the room me, my girlfriend, girl friend and my mom.we made love threesome, mom was sleeping.suddenly I notice that water began to drip from the ceiling and it began to felt like it would fall right on us.I tell everyone, run.we run out into the street, and there, since I live in a dorm of a 2-storey housing estate, they changed the roof.I swear at them.what kind of &# 8230;&# 8230; you are a creature, my ceiling will collapse.checkmate.I don’t remember further

The essence of my dream was as follows:
My friends and I somehow ended up in a decrepit wooden building . It was as if we were on torture or a torture table, they mocked us and did more and more knife wounds, My friends die from blood loss and with severe and painful torture, but I can get out &# 8230;. And then I got out through the roof . But the roof was full of holes, there were only beams at a distance, and there were ropes on the beams. I begin to descend the ropes, but then one of these ropes breaks and&# 8230;&# 8230;..
my dream is interrupted..

I dreamed that in a dream I was on the roof and it was broken and it was flowing gloomily from above and some kind of mucus was smeared with thick green in the floor and, to be honest, it was so scary &# 8230;&# 8230;. That’s all, my whole dream, what can he mean, I don’t know


I was on the roof with strangers, then something happened and I almost fell off the roof, a girl held my hand when I was on the roof again, there was a quarrel between her and her friends or family, for me .Her relatives said that you shouldn’t hold me, you had to let me in.I felt real fear in my sleep

Hello!I dreamed how I climbed onto the roof of a high house with some kind of worker guy supposedly to do something there later my younger brother climbs in and I warn him to be careful and look under his feet so as not to fall!I was very scared because I am afraid of heights!

Behind the house we have a field, and it was as if a large soft roof was pulled, made of fabric, and I walked under it, there was a construction site like, a large wooden canopy, long and there was sand on it, running under it I was afraid that the sand would be poured, there were two large houses built.

I’m standing on the roof of a nine-story building, everyone climbs there and jump and are not afraid even my mother jumped, and I climbed in and I’m afraid to jump off I’m lying there crying, but you can’t get off another. there is a lot of snow around the snow, in reality I am pregnant, what could this mean?

I am in an apartment (like my own, but on the other hand someone else’s) I plan to make a partition in one room and rearrange .I put away children’s shoes that are lying around on the go.I find myself sort of like in a barn and hold my husband’s dick in my hands and start jerking off until he cums .husband left I went to the veranda and looked out the window. there on the lawn near the puddle three huge swans are sitting (they are more at home) and then they take off and I understand that from the air flow sent by their wing our house can be demolished, I run to my daughter in horror and then demolishes the roof of the house but not quite she sags and go out difficult from home .I see that they are running to help us, I help to get the child out and then I get out myself.

I dreamed of a man I like and he sat on the roof and called me to his place to kiss, and before that we walked with him all over the city
I remember very well how we also crossed the bridge before that, maybe this means something?

I was standing on the roof of a high-rise building. The roof area was small. No fences. I was afraid to fall.

Hello. From Saturday to Sunday I dreamed that I went to the house, it was high and on the first floor there was a stroller with some mentally unhealthy and it was black, then I climbed the stairs to the roof and walked there, and the roof was brick, red.

I dreamed that my bosses came to visit officially, asked how to help, blocked the house and built a utility room. Wife is pregnant.

I dream 2 houses. One of them I know for sure (My grandparents’ house) They stand close to each other. The first is a red-brick multi-storey building of a point type (there are a lot of such, according to Peter, usually dormitories) The second 10-storey building is long, angular. Aqua (striped with white). I find myself immediately at the exit from the attic on the roof of the Dormitory (red) From it there is a staircase down, metal and reliable, to the roof of the blue house. But she is very close to the edge of the house. I go to the edge and look at the roof of the blue house, high but not scary, I want to go down. I look down, then up the stairs&# 8230; I think about what I need to go down and make the first movements to the stairs, but then I get scared, I imagine how I can go down, but I’m afraid to break off and give up this thought. Then I go back to the attic, turn around with the thought that I’m not really a coward and should probably try to get off&# 8230; and wake up. The first time I had a similar dream 5-7 years ago. The same houses and almost the same conditions. Only I was at home (red) and knew that I needed to go to the roof to help my friends. There were other people on the roof, enemies, they laughed and teased. Then I went down the roof, and I was not afraid to do it. When I was on the blue building, I jumped for joy with friends. Enemies were also jubilant and congratulated on the fact that I coped.

I spent the night in a hotel. I dreamed that I was looking out of the hotel window at the neighboring hotel building, and I saw how actively black smoke was pouring from the roof.
I didn’t see the fire. The roof has not yet burned out all, as if there is a fire inside, but only black smoke is visible. thanks.

Hello Tatiana! I dreamed of how I see from my window as from the roof of a neighboring house &# 171; slides&# 187; all slate (roof top). All that was remembered.

I had a dream in my new house in which I live with my husband and children for the third year they blocked the roof it was made lower t.To. she is very tall.

hello Tatyana I dreamed that I was at school with my son and why I had to climb to the top of the roof it was scary to climb onto the roof, well, I coped very easily and was glad that I climbed so easily

Hello, my name is Irina. In a dream, I climbed onto the roof through some kind of hole. At first it seemed to me that I would not get through, the hole was small, but I got through. And I got out of the apartment, it was a nice apartment.

Hello Tatiana! I had a dream that I was running somewhere, overcoming obstacles all the time, and did not notice how I ran onto some roof of a high house, grabbed the stove pipe and was afraid to fall, I looked down, and there it was so high, and I ask my friend to help me , and she puts a ladder for me so that I would go down and reinforce the ladder with red bows. Here is such a strange dream,

Roof broke in parents’ house from a fallen tree. No harm done. The house was home to my mother and my deceased father and grandmother.

I dreamed that I was on the roof with classmates. A classmate pushed me and I almost fell 1 classmate saved me.


I had a dream that night, very interesting why.
day! there was a shootout between American cops and ordinary people, I do not know who these people are, I was under an arch with two female men, and one and the second were shot in the chest, one of the girls’ ethics covered me when shooting with her back and fell on me, into me they also tried to shoot, but I held this girl and the shots hit her, I shouted &# 171; help, etc.d.&# 187; then I heard them screaming, &# 171; throw the bomb&# 187; and at that moment I saw a door, went in, there was some kind of building, I went down the stairs and for some reason ended up on the roof, the roof seemed to be covered with earth, I saw a friend from the roof and shouted to him &# 171; help&# 187;, but he grinned and walked on, I tried to go down from the roof myself, but in total my hand slipped and I fell off the roof. then woke up.

Hello, it merged to me that I was in someone’s big house with friends and strangers, I drank a lot of alcohol and cried, and then I went up to the roof and wanted to jump from it, it was night

I saw that when we were married we covered the roof with slate and built a chimney smoke was coming out of it.the slate was broken pieces and I covered it up and my husband laughed at me that there wasn’t.the pipe was set one by one and the smoke went out but my husband did not like it and he took it and turned it to the east so that the smoke would come out.husband died a year ago.

sitting on the roof with the girl it was very high, they looked into the distance, there was a river at the bottom, the roof was big, solid, even

I dreamed how the roof supports began to fall in front of my eyes. There were people with me and no one was hurt. They fell without noise of any kind. Then she fell completely and I cried a lot, worrying about my children.

I built a very high building on the roof with my colleague, I can’t go down, I’m afraid to break

I saw myself on the roof of a row of dos Dmitry Medvedev was standing and I was talking with a friend I was very pleased with the realization that I was talking with Dmitry Medvedev

well, I ended up on the roof of a high-rise building, I wanted to go down, but when I looked down, it was high and scary there were ropes from top to bottom, I began to go down, grabbed the rope but it broke off and I woke up

My roof is really leaky. And today I dreamed that part of the roof was damaged, and part was completely without slate.

Hello, my name is Irina! I dreamed that I was walking along a ledge on the wall of a house under the very roof.I move very carefully, holding on to the eaves of the roof. At the same time, I am not at all scared, but I understand well that I can fall down, and at the same time I am confident in my abilities.

snachala ya besedovala s neznakomoy staruxoy i ona bila priyatna mne, potom prishla vest chto ona umerla, zatem ya stoyala na krishe i videla pered sobot snejniye vershini qor, av konce sna ya videza sheyzan sheyzan porean no ya bila jiva,

We stood together on the roof, he hugged me&# 8230; and we seemed to be kissing (I don’t remember very well). The roof was pitched, but the angle was not large and there was no feeling of falling.

I dreamed of a crush at my mother’s neighbor that after the storm their roof was demolished from their house, I still tell my mother, she’s like that with them, ceramics, and demolished. and I woke up,

I dreamed that chaos began on the ground, it was night a cold breeze was blowing, it was scary, people were in a panic, I was in a shopping center, I got scared and I took the elevator to the roof, I stood and looked down, I was on the cliff itself, I looked like I was in horror people were running and I thought what would happen next .I thought to jump, but I changed my mind, because there is no point, I didn’t want to become a suicide, I decided to live to the end, whether I would survive or not

Hello, help half of the dreams I can’t solve one of them I climbed onto the roof I could not get down and asked for the help of a stranger the wind on the roof was strong I could hardly hold on but he took me off. but the roof was narrow and flat .What is it for?

Every day I dream that I am on the roof of a multi-storey building, by the way, I am very afraid of heights in life, and so, I cannot get off this roof. Trees grow around the roof, every time I look for a suitable one to go down it, but I can’t&# 8230;


I was asleep, but in a dream I woke up from which I don’t remember, and I go out into another room and see that it is snowing into the room from the ceiling and I go out into the street there, too, and there was such a thought in my head, it’s good that I have good shoes (in the morning I go to work it is necessary), and I am upset that no one congratulated me on my birthday, that everyone forgot about me (January 22 is my birthday)

We stand in three on the roof of a high-rise building, me, a friend and my beloved girl, she went to the edge of the roof to pretend and fell down, I ran to the elevator, went down, and everything is fine with her, she fell on the car and then on the snow and already got up and goes to a meeting

I had a dream, I spoke with the ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend, she told me about their relationship, then we went to a large site, and she jumped abruptly from the 15th floor, she fell down, there was such a crackling in her ears, which means.

why dream of falling from the roof of a tall building to the ground and stay alive?
without blood and bruises.

It was the roof of a still non-existent skyscraper that is being built now in Astana. Abudabi 88 floors. I remember the roof, incomprehensible tasks, some huge nuts that I should screw in&# 8230; or I have already invented them myself in a dream in order to understand why I am here&# 8230; fear&# 8230; the sofa on which he sat on the roof.. fear of heights and, for some reason, the only way to go down on a belay and climbing ropes&# 8230; had no previous experience. Then woke up&# 8230; but feelings experienced and a clear memory of sleep does not let go&# 8230;.explain please

Hello!My husband dreamed today that we were on the roof with him, talking.I was in a white sports jacket and with a package, he sat down on the side, I was rummaging in the package, then he turned around and I jumped off the roof without saying anything!

Dreaming of a dream is the same apartment on the top floor, a spacious skyscraper with its own exit to the roof, stands with the letter g

sat on the edge of the roof feeling that I was about to fall.I asked someone to give me a ladder.but then somehow I was able to crawl to the attic and there was a staircase.i was saved.

I saw a tall, beautiful house all white, the roof is not ordinary, as if golden, but very beautiful

I fled from the robbers, climbed onto the roof and I knew in a dream what kind of roof it was and knew how to go down kobudto I had already descended from it once.. but I could not go down evenly, I was very afraid.. and woke up

At first there was confusion. Then some people were on the roof of a small house. And there were two children, a girl and a boy, they looked like they were four or five years old, but very brave and by nature adults, as if. Downstairs where I was, there were several people nearby, they were familiar to me, but their eyes seemed crazy, then I started screaming for them to move, it was important that they come with me and they reach out for me. At this time, I climbed onto the roof. On it stood a beautiful girl in a multicolored floor-length dress and it developed in a light breeze. Little children, the very ones, were standing next to her, by the way, she had something like a high crown on her head, the girl wanted to climb further, but it didn’t work out and she fell off and fell into the hole, and I heard a sound similar to the sound of a glass bottle, but for some reason in a dream I understood that everything is fine with the girl. And I continued to go to that woman, but carefully, but at the same time I doubted and looked around as if I wanted to return.

Hello! And thanks for the earlier! I dreamed of my parents’ house, it was staggering a little, I also saw in a dream that the house was held by the gate of the backyard ! A six old car drove through the backyard straight into the gate, people from our village, I screamed and tried to shout, that drove this car through the votorota straight, could destroy the house because it was already staggering, shouted to the old sister who lives in this house with her mother and daughter, In a dream, as if she would let these people in the car into the backyard, the roof collapsed, I ran into the backyard, and started screaming and swearing both with these people and with my sister very loudly, and said now let them build a new one, she said I will say, but then looking at the house I don’t want to cheat, it seemed to me I saw the roof in place.

Hello, my name is Dinara. I remember well, I saw in a dream my former beloved husband in a relationship with a friend who is actually happily married. and climbed a tree, watching them, then climbed a tree, climbed onto the roof of a one-story private house, was barefoot, felt everything with skin, bark, slate, then walked on the roof, jumped into cow dung))) husband eventually, at the end of sleep returned to me. the feeling of sleep is pleasant, warm)) thanks

escaping from the chase to jump on the roof of the trees and not be caught and it was so happy in a dream

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