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Dream interpretation stump why dream of stump in a dream according to Astroscope dream book

Dream Interpretations say – if you saw a stump in a dream, take it as a warning. There are probably a lot of problems in your life, and they all have their roots in the events of the past. However, some dream books have prepared completely different forecasts. The dreamed stump is associated with some not young and grumpy person (old man). Perhaps it is he who is the epicenter of all your troubles and misfortunes.

Seeing a stump in a dream – change your lifestyle.

A stump for you is some kind of relic, a rudiment, an echo of a long past. It was no accident that you saw him in a dream. Probably, in the very near future, someone (or something) will appear reminiscent of ancient times. Moreover, this meeting will not end with anything good for you. Take a dream as a sign. If you value your present, don’t let the past get in the way.

Seeing a stump in a dream (many stumps), uprooting stumps is a solution to old problems, getting rid of the oppressive oppression of the past.

Sleep should be seen as something very positive. Although you have to make some efforts, these works are simply necessary! Your real life could be much calmer and better if it were not for these "stumps". If you get rid of them, then you can see the obvious advantages very soon.

To dream that you are sitting on a tree stump – someone will fall in love with you.

Dream omen. He has no logical explanation, so can you believe in him or not believe in him?.

Seeing a stump in a dream, a stump interferes with walking – some old man will interfere with you.

The stump is often attributed to the importance of an elderly and negative person. Think about who we are talking about? What kind of elderly person interferes in your life in every possible way becomes a huge obstacle to your success? When you understand who exactly is in question, you can take specific measures.

Why is Stump dreaming in the Modern Dream Book

A field with many stumps – to the inability to defend against intruders

Uprooting stumps – to the ability to achieve financial prosperity by abandoning sentimentality and by decisively overcoming obstacles

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