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Dream Interpretation Thought Control. Why dream Controlling thoughts in a dream – Dream Interpretation


Dream Interpretation Thought Control dreamed why in a dream Controlling thoughts? To select the interpretation of a dream, enter a keyword from your dream into the search form or click on the initial letter of the image characterizing a dream (if you want to get an online interpretation of dreams by letter for free alphabetically).

Now you can find out what it means to see Controlling thoughts in a dream by reading below for free interpretation of dreams from the best online dream books!

Have you ever had prophetic dreams?

Dream Interpretation – Management of events, transport, actions of others

Feeling your confidence, power.

In a dream, it is tantamount to controlling oneself, waking events and even controlling one’s own destiny.

Dream Interpretation – Management

If in a dream you drove a car, then you may be unfairly condemned for something. It’s just that someone will find your actions frivolous and ridiculous.

A dream in which you drove public transport promises you a thankless job without any hope of career advancement.

Lead the train – look, lest circumstances squeeze you in the grip of poverty.

True, if you were only in the driver’s cab, and someone else was driving the train, then you will get out of a difficult situation using all your knowledge and skills.

For a man, this dream portends a stunning success in women. For a woman – self-confidence in dealing with fans.

Dream Interpretation – Control Panel

Dream interpretation – Sloppy management

Dream Interpretation – Control of the Elements

Normal and good sleep, where controlling the Elements means controlling Yourself (your emotions, desires, feelings).

The roof is in reality the Head, the Reason, which must certainly balance everything human (sensual, bodily), ideally, otherwise the Human end will be the same as at the end of sleep – the absence of Reasonable life as a result of neglect of reason (running and jumping on roofs in a dream, like someone).

Regards Libya.

Dream Interpretation – Control of the Elements

Dream Interpretation – Control of the Elements

Any elements in a dream (Fire, Water, Air) are all Emotions in reality, but the Earth is beyond emotions, which the dream tells the Dreamer – this is a kind of Experience in her piggy bank.

I said that it was easy to control Air, but I didn’t show it – it’s about Words (promises, vows..), but without the Cause, nothing more (for example, "Words in the Air" – famous symbolic expression).

Fire is Anger, anger, and Water is to extinguish Anger, anger, Fire and Water – attracted without Labor – attracting the emotions of others, Friends (such a Phenomenon is called – “ energy hunger ”, pulling Others to emotions – consumption of someone else’s energy – manipulation > Psychology in practice).

Yes, an Earthquake is the loss of a solid mat / Support, but here the earthquake caused by the dreamer is small – these are small losses, temporary difficulties, according to their Initiative, one might say.

Help, with kindness.

Dream Interpretation – Controlling the elements by fire

Let me remind you that Fire – symbolizes the natural and unconscious Energy in a person (kundalini – fire, not always conscious).

In life, the ‘energy of Fire’ is used in such Meanings, for example, as emotional Warmth, burning of Friendship, kindling a Conflict, a kindled Dispute, burning with the fire of Love, burn everything with a blue Flame, emotional Burning out (depression), Burned out from ailment, etc.d.

Using Fire Magic, I save People from Fire or Zombie Apocalypse (what is this?) – hints about Own motives of Use "fire" By the dreamer, where Fire is a Elemental event for the dreamer, and the Zombie Opocalypse is a group Action charged with a Certain energy, bringing symbolic death..

Thus, based on the Dream, the Dreamer in reality is against Emotional manifestations in her Life, in whatever it may be.

Let’s not forget that under-control but unconscious "Fire" – carries the Latent potential, like the Fear of the unknown (since "Fire" always controlled, but did not go "for a good cause", as your own conscious Growth, achievement of Goals, Purpose, global Changes.. – this is the experience of using the internal "fire").

If we say: – "My past has burned to the ground.. " – this does not mean Loss, because in many Cases it speaks of a deep Transformation of a person and his Life, revived from the ashes.

Dream Interpretation – Awareness in a dream, flight control

I will write the main thing – such dreams are in no way connected with Real life (only a symbolic connection), according to this Dream, only the emotional sphere is active – the Body in a dream is astral, Travels are astral, but by the effort of Thought in a dream to Raise your Body is to the Real and conscious wakeful actions when there is a need "to raise" myself from the couch, from my place.. Get rid of bindings.

The effort of thought is a kind of mental Impact, hypnosis, self-hypnosis, which few are capable of (unconscious Hypnosis is the devastation of one’s own energy).

Help, with kindness.

Dream Interpretation – Cockroaches, mermaids, trip, relatives, rush, thoughts

Insects in a dream promise chores and anxiety (cockroaches run in the same direction as you, because. E. Numerous chores accompany you), and you treat them now as a given.

A green lawn and a pond with mermaids are your disappointments and regrets about past love. You don’t want mermaids to notice you – you don’t want to go back in time or repeat some mistakes.

The lack of illumination of the pond is a complete lack of clarity in love (or a lull in heart relations) at the moment, although you are already ready to change the situation by drawing the appropriate conclusions from past relationships – you want to swim and illuminate the pond for this yourself, where light blue water is boiling, glowing from the inside (this is your sensory potential).

You come with your relatives to Moscow for one day, and they want to leave without you – these are your doubts about your new life in another city, worried that your actions will not be approved by your relatives (relatives in the form of a security organization).

And in the end, everything should work out for you – both in your personal life and in your social life, however, not immediately (you wander in the subway with a male companion in search of a staircase-exit to the top and find, but not immediately).

You don’t have time to call your ex-boyfriend in a hurry – subconsciously, you don’t want it yourself.

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