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Dream interpretation to catch a fish with a butterfly net 😴 dreamed of why dreaming about catching a fish with a butterfly net in a dream

Dreams that you fish with a net – your work and efforts will be generously rewarded. You will be able to achieve universal respect and respect, ensuring yourself a stable financial position.

Fishing in a dirty pond – you should beware of the intrigues of ill-wishers that can significantly harm your reputation and business.

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

I dreamed of catching a Fish with a butterfly net, but there is no necessary interpretation of sleep in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out why you dream of catching Fish with a butterfly net in a dream, just write your dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

my friends and I were on the river, and I was fishing to order, then &# 171; caught&# 187; some bird. shortly before awakening, she pulled a black rabbit out of the water. I caught live fish, long gray

Hello. I dreamed that my husband and I were going to some pond to fish.I have a big net in my hands.We approach the water, but the fish are not visible, the water is muddy, we peer, try to find it&# 8230; And then, suddenly, the water becomes transparent, clean, like glass, and we see a huge fish, it lies at the bottom (the water in the reservoir is somewhere knee-deep) and around it two small fish swim and try to bite it&# 8230; We were still so surprised that they are not afraid&# 8230; And then my husband suddenly falls into this water, and is right next to this huge fish&# 8230; Then I woke up))) I don’t understand why this dream))) Explain, please))) Thanks in advance.

Hello. I dreamed that I was catching snake fish and one fish in an aquarium with a butterfly net. It’s just that my son is engaged in fish, so I caught it to give him.

Hello. I dreamed that I was catching fish with a butterfly net from an aquarium.caught red, green. and many kids.I took some in my mouth but did not eat.

I dreamed as if I was catching a small river fish in a shallow transparent river with a children’s pink butterfly net. I had many children with me.They had few fish, and I showed them how to fish correctly.And I caught a net of this fish.She was alive, twitching.I have never dreamed such dreams with live fish before!Why is this dream?

today I had a dream that it was as if I was at work, there are many aquariums of different sizes and in each fish of different colors swim, and other marine inhabitants (shrimp, cancer). I fed them and tried to catch them with a net, then I woke up.

I was with my grandfather and little nephew by the stream. The water is clear and clean. Depth about two meters or more. Small fish were seen swimming slowly in the water. I thought to catch one small one with my hands, but the fish seemed sick to me and I did not pull it out of the water. Then I saw fish without heads and without tails and did not touch them. And when I saw a large, beautiful rounded perch (5-7 kilograms), I really wanted to catch it, but I thought I couldn’t. Although he was near the coast, but at a depth (the depth began abruptly like a cliff). Suddenly I saw a catch (net) near my feet and carefully pulled out a perch with it. I took my nephew in my arms and went to my grandfather along the stream. Suddenly, the baby escaped from my hands and I uranil him into the water, but jumped after him and quickly took him in my arms, he almost did not cry.only on the neck, closer to the jaw, a large lump formed. My fish was in a net on the shore. I woke up.

I fish with a net from the river.loach-type fish predominantly black but also red specimens. I collect this fish in a bucket.the mood was good

Walking along the river, I saw a fish swimming in it, the place of the river &# 8212; as if two streams were connected, then I went to my friends for a net, they gave me different tackle, but I caught with a net, immediately, scooping up, pulled out 5 pike perch.

rode in good, sunny weather on a motor
boat and running the net on the move caught several small and one medium fish..I was just surprised that I did it so easily

i dreamed that my relatives were fishing with fishing rods, and they had nets for fish, and I took 2 nets and drove them through the water and drowned one in a pond

Standing on the bridge I was catching fish with a net. These were large carps, I caught three with a net, then the net came off and the hook remained. I hooked the fourth and took out. There was no blood, only a little skin was torn. The water was not clear, but dark green.

a lot of fish swam in the water, mostly small ones, I caught it, and next to the reservoir (its boundaries are not known &# 8212; I have not seen), the dream took place in a confined space. Nearby in a bag, in the same water, there was a half-dead big fish, I decided not to take it.

I dreamed that my daughter was small and that I was visiting my grandmother for her = = I came = I went into the bathroom and there the carps were swimming and began to catch them and put them in a net, I saw my ex-husband in a dream

The dream begins with the fact that, allegedly in the apartment of my deceased grandmother in the hall, I stand near a large aquarium and catch small black fish with a net, while there were also other fish there, but which I do not remember.and it turns out that some of the fish from the net fall to the floor. Then I find myself in the bathroom and there is also an aquarium, but a little smaller in size and its walls are dirty, it feels like it hasn’t been cleaned for a long time and there are also fish, I also kind of catch them with a net, then I lift the fish from the floor and under the running water in the tap I begin to revive her, as it were, she is all shabby, as it were, in pieces, and it seems like she’s starting to move, I put her in this dirty aquarium, and I see her with her open mouth so terrible .muzzle like a perany.and I woke up

I dreamed that I was fishing with a net, the fish were mostly small, I immediately released them. Another thing that threw an elephant ashore, and I went and played with him. I also dreamed of a very cool guy who treated me well. I saw all this in one day, and I don’t understand how it is connected.

pulled the rope to put the bench by the table, and with the rope accidentally pulled a net with fish out of the river.The fish was placed in a pot of water. She gave the net to the man who approached, as it was his.

I was fishing both live and frozen in juicy when I caught as much as I needed, I put it in a box and went

I saw guppy fish swimming in the aquarium, and other fish lay next to the aquarium, I thought that they were dead, I took them with a butterfly net and put them in a jar of water and they came to life and swam in the jar, I was so happy that they grew so big, with these other fish also got into the jar, I caught them with a net and threw them into the aquarium. I had a similar dream before.

My work colleague and I were fishing with a net from the aquarium, first he, and I had the last biggest one, I pull it out and she hurt me

There were a lot of people fishing with a butterfly net, but it seems that no one else caught it, caught a few fish.

there are several small fish in a jar, bright orange in color, I tried to catch them in another jar, when they were caught they were very crowded

I caught fish in a juicer, stood in the water for generations and saw a lot of fish similar to crucian carp

I am on the bank of the river and I see how many fish the water is clear, clean, clean, at first I caught it with juicy water and then I catch the fish with my hands and it is alive.

at first I dreamed that I gave birth to a boy. when we arrived home, it turned out that there was no mixture at home to feed him and I started going to the store. after that I saw how I was fishing in our aquarium with a net. that she ran away and I was catching

I had a dream this morning. A clean, shallow lake, I was standing on the shore with a net, and I saw a lot of fish swam close to the shore, but at the bottom of the lake there was green grass instead of stones. And I just scooped up the fish with a net, and a lot.In general, light colors were present in the dream

i dreamed how I was fishing with a net in my old irrigation ditch behind the house and a large one, somewhere in 2-3 kg in turquoise clear water, there was never such water, there was always muddy clay, 3pcs. like a carp and 1 catfish when someone took it from the net by the gills, he began to squeak&# 8230;. after woke up and dreamed of something completely different

I went fishing with a guy and he was fishing with a fishing rod, and I with a net. I caught a lot of fish, but he didn’t catch much.

I caught fry with a butterfly net in the aquarium, there were a lot of them. they were all the same color

Hello, my name is Alina. My dream. I was fishing with a butterfly net on the lake, but next to me there was some kind of man and my girlfriend. They did not fish, but after I caught, the man asked to get it, since I did not take it in my hands, I was afraid.

We caught the pike with a fishing line, pulled it out of the hole. There was more than one fishing, the fish was medium-sized, about five.

in the morning at 6 o’clock I had a dream about how I was fishing with a net

Hello! I had a dream today &# 8212; I was fishing with my husband in the lake with a net. There were a lot of fish. I saw a fish &# 171; teeming&# 187; in water&# 8230; I wandered around the lake up to my waist in water. I caught it small, then big&# 8230; I caught a lot of fish. The fish was alive, well-fed.

Hello! I dreamed that I was fishing in a clean reservoir with a butterfly net. There were a lot of fish in the water, but I caught one. She was clean, shiny and thick. When I put the fish on the grass, it began to crawl away from me to the water, but I hardly caught it, and left with it, holding it all the time in my hands.

I am a girl, in fact, I am 12 years old, and I fished fish with my grandmother in a dream in the garden where cabbage grows there were a lot of fish 1 the fish was very large, but she plucked and there were many small fish

I dreamed of a shallow, clean body of water. It contains a lot of aquarium fish. I caught with a butterfly net two, multi-colored, well-fed.

Hello.I dreamed that I caught a lot of fish in a juice straight one after another, while I was standing on the shore .there were about 3 of us.I remember exactly that there was a husband

Hello, I was fishing in troubled water, going into the water, I was pulled into the mud .I was pulled out. I caught fish with a butterfly net . Somewhere abroad the fish was big When the fish pulled out for some reason fell apart .And I pulled out one fish without a head and blood in the water Thank you

in a dream, my friend and I were walking along the road and met my friend who was fishing with a fishing rod. I go up, pull out a bag from my pocket and want to catch small fish in a bag

I caught crucians with a net and put them in a bucket. The water was clear and transparent. There were a lot of fish. The crucians were large.Nearby, an acquaintance was catching a pike on spinning, casting the spinning past the crucian carps in the water, and still pulled out a pike. Yakry beautiful dream.

In a dream, I caught aquarium fish with my hands in the lake. The lake was clean and transparent, it was day, but for some reason I was very scared. I went into the lake ankle-deep and small catfish (aquarium sucker fish) began to stick to my feet, I tore them off and threw them out. I woke up with fear, ate calmed down, was afraid to fall asleep

I caught fish with a net and caught several large fish, I really liked them, the water was very clear and I could choose which fish to catch, then I released them back into the river, standing in the river I played with them, the fish swam up to me and I stroked, and my husband was next to me and we laughed together))) I woke up in a good mood)))

I dreamed that I suddenly caught several silvery fish from the aquarium with a net and I was holding the net in my hand. Then I woke up all of a sudden and couldn’t sleep for a long time

stood at the aquarium and caught fish from the beginning one at a time, and then a flock of fry swam up and swam themselves into the net

I caught an aquarium fish catfish with a net. I chose a bitch for more and caught a catfish. And I kind of transplanted it into another container. Although I don’t remember.

I dreamed that I was on the shore of a lake, and the water in it is dirty horror, and near the shore, in a thin strip, the water is clean and there are a lot of fish in it, I took a net and took out 4 pieces at once)) when on the shore I began to examine it, then near it a little in the ground found a mobile phone))) that’s very interesting why all this was dreamed)))

I was fishing in a small pond and as soon as I cast the line there was a bite and I pulled out big fish there were friends, but no one believed then I once again threw the line and I looked through the water as a big fish pecked on the hook and I pulled it out

ocean a lot of fish, clear water. I caught 2 fish with a net.I can’t shake one out of the net, this fish that doesn’t shake out, catfish.

I have a dream that I fish with a net, there are snakes in the net in a place with fish. I jump over them so that they don’t bite me. Why this dream?.

I dream that I fish with juicy fish. And every time this juice sank into the water, it constantly pulls out the fish
Small first.and then a big one in revenge with a living cancer.

good day.I don’t remember the whole dream.but I remember well a pond with muddy water, my knee-deep and waist-deep&# 8230;.someone was fishing, it didn’t work out, but I come up and say &# 171; that you are tormented, what is the same here difficult &# 187; and in my hands I have a huge race, I dip it and pull it out right away, and there are 3 big bumps (like guppy-colored ones), I take them in this sash and throw them into some kind of container like an aquarium but with a very narrow right (straight strip like aquariums for ants)&# 8230;..
A strange dream

not a large aquarium with bright algae, but full of fish, the fish were of different colors and sizes, I scooped them up with a net from above, held them with my hand and carried them to another aquarium

Hello, I was fishing with a net from a huge aquarium, the water was very muddy, I caught shoals with small fish and sometimes large fish and put everything in a jar of water, but then I saw that they disappeared from the jar and there was no water in it, I thought that the jar was cracked and woke up. I had a dream from Saturday to Sunday.

I’m near the pond. I hear a fish splash. I look into the water, and the depth is immediately there, and the fish is playing in the water near the shore. I look around where the fishermen have gone?! I grab a net and run along the shore with a fish. At some point I catch her with a net. It turns out a big fish. It seems to be a pity, I want to let go, then I leave it and brag to someone and show who I caught))

I caught two small fish with a butterfly net.I admired how the fish glisten in the net.i dreamed that as if the river spilled more water

I caught a nipple with a Soma fish, but apparently he itself is not yet a spy, the size is about the size of a mongrel
In the same catch, there was more than one catfish, there was also a fish, but I don’t remember its name, probably powder. I wanted to know why this is a dream?, the water was similar in this reservoir.

I caught fish from the shore in the dark, then went into the water and ended up in the middle of the river divided by large stones, going to swim across the river to the shore, I saw a crocodile swimming on me began to climb the stones and woke up

Hello. I had a dream like this. I caught and Caught with a net three live fish, a small pot-bellied sturgeon, and two small red fish. Explain?

Very often I dream of fish, always alive, once I dreamed of carps, but most often aquarium fish and I constantly catch them, I always caught one at a time, but today I dreamed that I was opening the aquarium and they were clustered in one place, I caught them with a net at a time. and boasted to her husband that she pulled out all the fish at one time

I flocked on the dam near the lake and saw that there was a fish swimming there, took a net and the head fished, he understood that the net was full

I dreamed that I was catching a decorative beautiful fish from a small aquarium with a butterfly net and transfer it to a large one, I looked at it and it was growing. Beautiful fish have grown

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