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Dream interpretation to dance Tango 😴 dreamed of why dreaming to dance Tango in a dream to see

If in a dream you saw that someone was dancing tango – this is a warning that you carefully weigh your every step, otherwise its consequences will be very dire for you.

The ability to interpret dreams is a valuable gift, because sometimes it is in a dream that consciousness gives us the deepest and most important clues.

I dreamed of dancing Tango, but the necessary interpretation of sleep is not in the dream book?

Our experts will help you find out why you dream of dancing Tango in a dream, just write your dream in the form below and they will explain to you what it means if you saw this symbol in a dream. Try it!

&# 8230; dance hall somewhere in a remote city, very few dancing&# 8230; I sit and wait to be invited&# 8230; suddenly comes OH – a person with whom we parted a few months ago (in real life we ​​were tango partners and we had a rather long personal relationship)&# 8230; he timidly invites, and I’m like a child, contrary to etiquette, without waiting for the end of the phrase, I run to him and hug him&# 8230; we start to dance&# 8230; but for some reason he does not lead me as usual – he circles me so that my legs are off the ground and I feel like flying&# 8230; then some very nice guy comes (in a dream I know him very well, but in real life I have never met) and takes me away by car, but not at all the way I expected to see – this one looks much more spacious – flower beds , green trees on the sides&# 8230; he gave me a lift to the bus stop and I’m waiting for a bus to my city&# 8230; I’m trying to call the one with whom I danced, but for some reason instead of calling I get into a video with people dancing and I see myself among them, but vaguely&# 8230; it starts to rain&# 8230; bus arrives&# 8230; suddenly I remember that my heavy bag is on the lower steps of the stairs (in a dream it was meant by itself and looked like an ordinary staircase at the entrance) – I go down after it in the dark and go back up&# 8230;.I don’t remember anything further&# 8230;

i dreamed that I was dancing tango with a man, and around the crowd of dancing people stopped and looked at us. In the dance, I felt lightness and delight (while learning to dance tango is my dream)

At first I walked through some unknown city with very beautiful architecture. There were brick buildings, stone of a warm color. The streets were narrow. We walked with my brother and looked for our grandmother’s house. In a dream, it was a beautiful two-story estate of a gentle green color. In fact, my grandmother’s house was really that color. I did some minor cosmetic repairs to the facade of the building. Then the brother disappeared from the dream.It seems that this city was near the sea.Then the action moved to some square, where I learned to dance tango. The partner was a handsome man of the type similar to the actor Rob. Downey ml.There were some other people there. Then the action was transferred to the car. There were three of us, we raced. In a dream, I knew that this is the same city where the estate is located, which I saw at the beginning, but the streets along which we drove &# 8212; these were the streets of my hometown. I recognized them. While we were driving, the drivers got tired hands, he dropped the steering wheel, and I reached out from the back seat and took it (it was some kind of tight little car), and began to steer. Then I woke up

Overcame various obstacles, climbed up a steep mountain, saw a friend herding small sheep, and when I was upstairs I danced tango with a little girl in stature for me and weak in dance terms

I was at a party with my beloved and went to the toilet when I came back, another girl took me by the hand and dragged me to dance tango, I didn’t want to, but it happened, we danced, I returned and my beloved looked at me with an offended face, I said let’s go dance and her girlfriend said you just danced well with another, and my beloved was offended

I’m at my boss’s wedding. Dance competition and I dance with a man I don’t know, tango. I dance very beautifully, passionately. Everyone is looking at us.

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