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Dream interpretation to wear a coat why dream of wearing a coat in a dream


Outerwear in a dream personifies the security of a sleeping person, his character, the ability to make compromises. Dream Interpretations, explaining why they dream of wearing a coat, pay attention to the condition, type and color of the dreamed wardrobe item.

Miller’s explanations

If in a dream you put on a new and beautiful coat, luck awaits you, the fulfillment of everything conceived. However, if it was someone else’s garment, a difficult situation is coming, in which friends will support.

A dream in which you put on torn rags, according to Miller’s dream book, promises great grief. Lost a coat in a dream – get ready to re-arrange your destiny.

About security

The dream book of the witch Medea says that dressing in a dream reflects the desire in reality to disguise and protect from external influences.

If you dream that you are in street clothes indoors, it means that you have some kind of secret that you do not want to tell anyone. Putting on someone else’s coat in a dream means that you are trying to have a presentable appearance with great financial difficulties.

Details: description of outerwear

The interpretation of dreams depends on the details, in this case, on the color and condition of the item of clothing being worn. So the coat was

  • torn – warns of financial failures, losses;
  • old, worn – speaks of big troubles;
  • new – promises profitable business, success in the financial sector;
  • lost – warns of frivolity, negligence in money matters;
  • unusually beautiful, white – broadcasts about the fulfillment of desire.

Interpretation of sleep with an intimate connotation

The coat in a dream, according to Dr. Freud, personifies the phallus. If a girl saw a new short coat on herself, it means that she subconsciously wants to change her current sexual partner or have another.

A torn or dirty coat worn in a dream warns of impotence, diseases of the genitals. Lost – about the need to break off sexual relations with a partner.

They saw that buttons or a strap were torn off on the coat? You are probably looking for intimacy with elements of sadism. Several items of wardrobe hanging in the closet signal the intention to have multiple sexual partners.

Don’t listen to outsiders’ advice

Taking a short coat from someone, according to esotericists, speaks of harmful, extraneous advice that can affect the well-being of a sleeping person. Losing someone else’s thing – try not to trust other persons who will try to give advice in money matters.

Suddenly to find another person’s coat on your shoulders means that in a difficult situation close people will help out and support.

Change is coming

I dreamed that to wear a new coat made in the atelier? You will have a radical change of image. A chic short coat on your shoulders indicates a subconscious need for an assistant or heir.

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