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Napkins come in different sizes. Large napkins are served for breakfast, lunch, dinner (35×35 cm – 45×45 cm), and for the coffee tea table – smaller ones (25×25 cm – 35×35 cm). The same size napkins go to the dessert table, table "a la buffet" and to the cocktail table.

Colored napkins, both with and without fringe, are served only at tea and coffee tables. In all other cases, napkins should be hemmed.

Napkins should be suitable for tablecloths, dishes. They can be the same color as the tablecloth, but differ in tone (for example, bright green tablecloth, light green napkins), or have a different color (blue tablecloth, yellow napkins; burgundy tablecloth, scarlet napkins). If the table is covered with a double tablecloth, then the napkins should be the same color as the main tablecloth. Complex napkins are placed on or to the left of snack plates. If napkins are placed to the left of the plates, then they can be inserted into a metal or braided ring. Of course, if the table will be served with ceramic dishes, then it is better to take a ceramic napkin ring.

When folding napkins, you should try to touch them with your hands as little as possible. Before eating, the napkin should be spread on your lap so that it can be easily used if necessary. Only the corners of the mouth are slightly soaked with this napkin. After the meal, the napkin is folded and placed to the right of the plate.

If paper napkins are placed on the table, for example, to a cocktail table or when there are many guests, and they cannot all be provided with cloth napkins, then they are folded and placed in special holders or large glasses.

The place of the napkin now varies – in some countries both men and women continue to put it on their knees, in some Western countries men sometimes tuck it over the side of their jacket. At the end of the meal, when leaving the table, it is placed to the left of the plate, without straightening or folding. Pay attention to this; in some Western European countries, it is believed that if a guest neatly folded or folded a napkin, then by this he expressed a desire to be once again invited to this table, and this, firstly, can be regarded as indelicacy, and secondly, you are absolutely not are set for a return visit, and then your refusal of the invitation may cause resentment. It is not customary to wipe your lips with a napkin. It is only lightly applied to them before drinking wine, water, so as not to leave greasy traces on the glass.

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