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If you sincerely wish to develop contemplation and achieve vision-as-is (vipassana) in your present life, you need to give up mundane thoughts and actions during the training. This course of action is intended to purify behavior, an important preliminary step in the correct development of contemplation.

In addition, you need to follow the rules of discipline for lay people (or perhaps for monks) because they are important for gaining the vision-as-is. The rules for laymen include.

Breathing exercises

The cleansing breath of yogis
Yogis have a favorite form of breathing that they practice when they feel the need to ventilate and cleanse their lungs. As we said, they end other breathing exercises with this breath, and we recommend our readers to do the same.

Cleansing breath ventilates and cleanses the lungs, energizes all their cells and increases the overall health of the entire body, refreshing the entire system. Speakers, singers, teachers, actors and people of other professions who.

Raja Yoga Exercise

RATIONALE: This exercise is entirely related to Raja Yoga. It can be considered as an introduction to the further improvement of the knowledge of one’s true "I AM", control of the psyche and reaching the level of cosmic consciousness.

Despite the simplicity of execution, this exercise is very effective. The main postulate of Raja Yoga is non-identity "I AM" body (with many of its physiological functions, brain and senses).The task of cleansing the true "I AM" in practice it is implemented when.

Exercise the mind

There are many Teachings – Buddhist, Hindu, etc., each of which offers different methods of practice. We believe that one method is better and more interesting than the other, just as when buying clothes, we choose the one that is more comfortable – light in summer and warm and dense in winter.

But what is really important is not to get carried away with methods, but to try to understand the deep meaning of the Teaching.

In Sarnath, Buddha Shakyamuni preached the Four Noble Truths, which formed the basis of the Sutra Path. The fourth of these.

Chakra Exercise

Exercise of abstinence

The lion’s share of the free energy of an ordinary human being, the colonel explained, is represented by sexual energy – the energy of the sphere of reproduction. The vast majority of people frivolously waste it in sex for the sake of pleasure.

Therefore, often, when it is necessary to use free energy for protection or struggle for survival, it is not in the body. And where, with a more reasonable attitude of a person to vitality, the body would easily defeat the disease, it loses.

Activity: Smile of love

Various approaches are being developed to relieve stress. Some emphasize the power of positive thinking without transforming negative energy, others simply try to free themselves from negative emotions by suppressing them or splashing them out on others.

Ayurveda offers fundamental principles that can be used to transform negative stress energy into positive energy of creation.

How to make every day filled with goodness, peace and.

Exercises buttocks

This technique has been used for centuries in China by the Taoists, and it is a wonderful technique and one of the easiest. Try This: Without arm and leg support, sit on your buttocks only. Suddenly centering.

What do we have to do? You will need two things. First, a very sensitive body that you don’t really have.

You have a dead body; it is just a burden to be carried it is not sensitive. First of all, you have to make your body sensitive; otherwise this.

Yoga for the face: exercises for a youthful face

These four exercises only take a few minutes to complete. But if you make them a daily ritual, they are able to tighten the skin and restore a beautiful face contour without surgery.

The idea of ​​this set of exercises came to the mind of the Japanese woman Fumiko Takatsu. “If I train my body muscles every day in yoga classes, why don’t I train my facial muscles??"- says Takatsu.

You do not need a rug, special clothing or knowledge of difficult asanas to perform these exercises. All it takes.

Breathing exercises

The following is a description of seven favorite yoga exercises for the development of the muscles of the chest, their ligaments, air cells, etc. These exercises are very simple and their effect is extraordinarily powerful. Even if the simplicity of these exercises does not make readers consider them of little interest.

Because they are the results of a very long experience and practice on the part of yogis and represent the essence of numerous, serious and intricate exercises, from which all non-essential parts and.

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