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Folk omens and rituals for November 14, 2021, name day and popular name


Kuzma and Demyan, smoking holiday, Father Kozmodemyan, blacksmiths, handicraftsmen.


There is a long tradition to pray on this day to Saints Kuzma and Demyan, asking them for health for themselves and their families. Girls who are about to get married can ask for their marriage to be as strong as ice on a river. By the way, it is the brides on November 14 who are considered the main ones in the family, so it is their responsibility to cook so much chicken noodle soup so that they can feed all the household. If the youngest member of the family eats a chicken heart, then according to legends, he will be healthy all year.

According to folk signs, a domestic cat, which suddenly began to meow at night, predicts luck and happiness for its owner.

Some strange and ridiculous thought came to your mind, which means that in the near future dramatic changes will take place in your life.

When giving alms to a beggar, it is forbidden to look into his eyes. He can bring damage or great disaster on you.

In no case should the water left after bathing the baby be poured out onto the street, otherwise he will suffer from insomnia.


  • If frost has hit, but by the evening it has weakened, then the next day the weather will be cloudy.
  • It has snowed, which means spring floods are expected.
  • Have noticed that the rivers are already covered with ice – frosts will last until spring.
  • If the foliage has not fallen from the trees so far, then frosty winter months are expected next year.
  • It was a fine day, which means that the whole winter will be soft and warm.
  • If there is a lot of dirt on the roads, then the real cold will come only in the middle of winter.

Name days are celebrated on this day:

Interpretation of dreams on November 14

A dreamed bow portends the dreamer great sadness and tears. If in a dream you ate it, then in reality someone will offend you very much.


If you were born on this date, then you should get a coral talisman. Jewelry made from this mineral are able to protect their wearer from the evil eye and damage. Pregnant women are advised to wear coral charms without taking off, as they reduce the risk of miscarriages, and the children born will subsequently have good health.

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