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The subordinate closes his energy structure: for this you need to connect the hands or forearms of the hands, as well as the feet or lower legs of the legs.

This technique will allow you to protect yourself from harmful bioenergetic influences (evil eye) – accidental or deliberate. The same kind of technique can be successfully applied for bioenergetic treatment.

The elimination of the evil eye from the biofield can be carried out not only with face-to-face contact.

For this purpose, you can use various techniques associated with treatment at a distance: building a phantom from a photograph, pictogram, mental image, etc. d. However, face-to-face interaction, as in other cases, turns out to be the most effective.

Technically, the creation of an energy shell can be carried out, for example, as follows. To "wrap yourself in an energy cocoon" you should sit in a comfortable position, put your right foot on your left and join your hands at any level. Within 20-30 seconds, you need to relax and concentrate on your body.

After that, you need to create around yourself rotating circular flows of your own coded energy, which provides protection from external negative influences. They begin to create an energy shell from the feet of the feet and gradually raise it upward in a spiral, narrowing the turns above the head to a complete "closing the cocoon".

There should be no gaps in energy flows. At the end of the exercise, it is advisable to check the density and integrity of the protective energy shell. To do this, you need to take a mental gaze from the bottom up from all four sides of the body surface.

If necessary, you can add energy loops in the right places. During the creation of the shell, it is useful to help yourself with synchronous circular movements of the head and eyes and the rhythm of breathing. The release of the flow of energy spontaneously goes on exhalation.

The movement of the flow of energy during "wrapping" should be directed counterclockwise if we assume that the person is on an imaginary dial. In this case, the movement of energy along the front surface of the body goes in the direction from right to left, and along the back surface of the body – from left to right. It should be emphasized that the idea of ​​a person on the dial and the corresponding counterclockwise movement serves only for the convenience of memorization.

In fact, winding into a cocoon goes from below, that is, clockwise, when viewed from the side of the feet. Thus, the principle of movement of positive energy clockwise remains the same.

After completing the exercise, consolidate the result by imagining yourself in a closed cocoon created from your own specially encoded bioenergy. Once again, focus on the fact that this cocoon serves to protect against any negative energetic aggression, both accidental and deliberate.

A beginner usually spends 5-7 minutes on this exercise. At the beginning, it is advisable to repeat it at least once every ten days. In the future, you can resort to it as needed.

The above technique can be used to remove any evil eye from oneself or from another person. To this end, the first coils of moving bioenergy are applied directly to the surface of the body, as if wrapping themselves with an elastic bandage. Gradually, the thickness of the continuous dense layer of bioenergy should be increased. At the same time, the legs should be tightly pressed to each other, and the hands – to the body.

It is necessary to mentally imagine how other people’s bioenergy information "pendants" with negative programs (this is what is called the evil eye) are gradually pushed aside by a dense protective shell farther and farther from your body. The thickness of the layer of energy moving around the body is increased to 10-20 meters. All inclusions of someone else’s negative bioenergy move away from themselves at the same distance.

Then mentally pushed into "cocoon" the corridor, helping themselves with the passes of the hands, and through the created free lane they simply leave, without looking back, from this place, leaving all the negative burden of the past. Spent "cocoon" after that it would be good "burn".

This method of removing the evil eye is best used outside of any premises. Let it be a distant and unfamiliar place, where it is unlikely to happen in the future

In those cases when it is difficult for a novice healer at first to perform the creation of an energy shell in one way or another, a teacher can help him. The teacher transmits additional energy with circular passes of the hands above the head of the seated student. The general scheme for creating a protective shell remains the same.


Conventionally, this method of passive bioenergetic protection can be called "calm the brute".

Let us explain the application of this method using the example of the simplest conflict situation between a boss and a subordinate. This refers to the collision of a subordinate with a boss who is uncultured, rude in communication. Maybe he is right in the essence of his demands, but the subordinate does not want to suffer at the same time because of the boss’s bad mood and hear rudeness in his address. Imagine a picture like this. The boss calls the subordinate into the office.

He enters, greets and stands indecisively not far from the door. The boss sits, does not answer the greeting, does not offer to go and sit down. He pretends to be very busy and continues to sort the papers on the table. Without raising his head, he begins to rudely scold the subordinate. In such a situation, a person has the moral right to use the method of protection described below.

The behavior of a person who decides to defend himself must be strictly consistent. After entering the office, after 2-3 minutes you should calmly walk and sit down. Such self-will will surely cause an outburst of anger, even if the boss is in good control of himself and outwardly remains unperturbed.

The subordinate closes his energy structure: for this you need to connect the hands or forearms of the hands, as well as the feet or lower legs of the legs. In this position, a person goes into a deaf bioenergetic defense, when his field is completely closed for exit. At the same time, favorable conditions are created for the free absorption of someone else’s energy.

After that, the subordinate tries to catch the eye of his boss and looks directly into his eyes, preferably with a calm and defiant look. Unusual and rebellious behavior of the subordinate increases the boss’s hostility. This leads to increased arousal and, consequently, to an increase in the volume of the aura.

At the same time, the subordinate must mobilize all his strength and will in order to maintain calmness and maximum concentration.

Further, the subordinate must mentally realize his fault, if any. If not, he may recall any of his previous service mistakes. This feeling must be maximized and reduced to a merciless inner self-flagellation. This mental monologue might look like this: "Yes, I am a lazy and careless worker; I do not follow the instructions of the management and, in general, I am the main culprit for the fact that our institution does not work well; all my workmates suffer because of me".

Then you need to relax internally and evoke, as far as possible, positive emotions for your boss. Having filled the look with devotion, the inner monologue needs to be channeled along something like this: "You are an intelligent and knowledgeable leader, you alone bear the brunt of the work on your shoulders; you are a cultured and polite person, you are always courteous with others and especially with subordinates; you are absolutely fair and not inclined to apply punishments even for serious office shortcomings; you just scold me, although people like me should be beaten with a stick, kicked out of the office and fired in disgrace".

It is not enough just to speak this kind of text. You need to try to evoke the appropriate emotions in yourself and as much as possible enter a suitable state. If you mentally engage in self-flagellation, you will more and more regret that you brought your boss out of balance, that you caused him mental pain and even harm to his health, continue to lament that you deserve more punishment than a verbal reprimand, etc. d., then, depending on the psychophysical state of the boss, such an outcome can lead him to a prolonged deterioration in health or even, for example, to a heart attack.

In any case, this option for ending the conflict never goes unnoticed for "brute chef". In the future, he intuitively feels that it was this situation that caused harm to his well-being.

It should be noted that age, gender, nationality, religion and other individual characteristics do not play a special role in carrying out the described bioenergetic counteraction.

Of course, this method cannot be recommended to everyone. There are different situations, different temperaments. Here this technique is described in order to show how the concept of the biofield is related to the practical life of a person.

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